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WFW 38 - Last day at the Office

by Wong Fu Productions • 510,636 views

In this week's Wong Fu Weekends Wes, Ted and Phil go on an office hunt to find the perfect new office, looks through some fan art and pack up the entire office for the move. Check out our new...

Aww I like the office they showed us first
I got my eyes on Wesley <3 I'm 18 and I really like him. I don't care if he's 30 he looks young. 
@5.43 What did Wes say "this place seems a bit of a ...."?? I'm learning english from them. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. If Wes himself answers, that's the best!!
Ryan higa was there!!!!!
2 years and still can't get over the fact that my art is featured in your video. You're welcome @ 4:07 :-D :-D
My parents are Asian. They won't let me sent things to your PO(o) box.
LOL! Philthy desk! PHILthy! XD
When are you guys going to come back to Australia ?? 👍
someone should draw 3 identical stick figures with no faces and label the names and send it to WFP lol
i liked that office..they got a lot of visitors too T.T
The one at 3:23 looked like keyrings!
how much does's it cost to get an office?
Element 115 research lab Lolz......
awww awsome possum is being abandoned:'(
Phil awkward Ted just old lol Wes curiously awesome
Like if you were looking for the but, but then realised it was agents of secret stuff lol :)
but but they left the possum T.T soo sad
who the fuck holds the camera???!
Omg in the openin the guy with the giant ball and phil trying to get on it we have one of those in oklahoma.
I'm on my iPad but @LupeGEEGEE Ted's desk is black, not white, color difference.
@HigaFever99 Actually you should go to thier website, go to "contact us", tgen scroll down and it should be there...
Wong Fu productions why don't u have a Nerf war in your office?
I'm so sad. It was a really nice office. I love how the stangers again was shoot there. But I'm also happy that wongfu's growing.
what is that really your office if it is I am so sorry
higa u are the cutest kid i have ever scene can i adopt u lol :)
hehe new office new opportunities :)
What's the name of the guy who speaks at 6.35?
Doesnt it seem like Wes wears a lot of dark clothing...
aWESone desk, PHILthy desk, and ted's desk
@70ctran ... R u srs???? THIS is their job
.... now im reeeally confused... so if we want 2 send fan art we send it 2 the alhambra P.O? cuz on FB it says pasadena... (・・?)
@clarinetwhite i soo agree with you! <3 wes
Wes' desk-aWESome desk Phil's desk-PHILthy desk Ted's desk-wasTED desk
Wes's aWESome desk Phils PHILthy desk & Teds TEDy bear
If you guys are getting bigger, will you take interns... I'll do it unpaid
Are u guys a company like directors if people want u to direct movies do they go to u?
No they forgot the awesome possum
@clarinetwhite nope but you could goa nad see him personally where he lives or send him a request. but wes is cool hes like the macho man of wongfuproductions phil is the drama guy ted is the tech guy
ALHAMBRA CALI?!!!! no wayyyy, when i went to california to visit thats the city i stayed in!! >.< i wish i knew about wong fu back then, which was like a year ago
WHATS THE NAME OF THIS JINGLE ^^ its nice! lol! but i lovelovelove wfw !! :D just decided to rewatch some
i wonder if they kept the inflated chair
PHILthy desk...haha :) i love wes...and ted...and phil
You guys need more subs by a lot you deserve it !!
aww XD Ryan and Kevin are almost always together! B.E.S.T crew 4ever!!! :3
I wish I can have your old office
1:39 ...lolz he's about to cry .. XD
photoshop.You can download a picture of him and do photoshop -_-...
The word "awesome" has Wes in it:D
is it just me or did ted have white hair on the side of his head at 0:24
i actually thought that was their new office
4:31 typically phil hugging everything :P
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