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2 Chainz ft. Drake - No Lie LYRICS

by GlowLyrics • 20,511,515 views

2 Chainz feat. Drake No Lie Explicit Version With Lyrics on Screen HD Video 2 Chainz No Lie 2 Chainz No Lie 2 Chainz No Lie 2 Chainz No Lie 2 Chainz No Lie 2 Chainz No Lie 2 Chainz No Lie

lol how's this faggot gonna compare himself to 2pac?
+Lover Boy Leave him alone, Xbox Gaming didn't make it clear.
This song is so dumb every time we read the lyrics I laugh my ass off
And 2 Chainz Birthday Song Isn't? Man Get Yo Brains Out Da Trash Lil Homie
This is my ringtone lel
Smh Drake talking all this shit on this track about Rhianna like a female after he finally got what he wanted... but shame on her because she could have done way better in my opinion (i.e. Athlete with a gorgeous body)
LOL! I'm too young and i watch it.LOL!
Me too! Mommy said for me not to listen to songs with bad words in this, do you guys think I should stop, or keep listening to my favorite songs?
Those nasty lyrics thoooo.... O.o
real niggas WON'T mis ya
Actually its 12am right now soooooooo😴😴😴😮😮😮💤💤💤 so good night y u bitch
i think he says" won't miss you"  it would make more sense...
damn Drake killed it
He kills it in ever song doe
take you out the picture bitch. Kill you for real men
@Moeez Shahzad Nobody knows
Ya'll damn haters! Grow the fuck up. You don't know shit about morals and respect. Real nigga's needa start acting like men and not little bitches :) Have a nice day!!
Im not much of a drake fan, but this is alright.
Etienne Sin's version is better.
This nasty comment under my name was not me .Someone hacked my computer .I dont listen to nasty filth like this
+Becky Foster Satan is a fictional character created to scare children and ignorant adults, much like the boogeyman, but whatever you like. 
2:52 ....... Okay 2 Chainz whatever you say lets see you change the world like Pac so far you"ve changed the world with little girls dressing like hoes and making little niggaz  do and sell drugz .... yea your the next 2pac good job so far especially with lil wayne LMFAO
^_^ I like how the uploader doesn't wanna be racist by ngga instead of nigga. Respect
Yeah I was thinking the exact same thing
Whackest shit I've ever heard, DAYUUM!
pussy ass nigga
iove you  see  to  me   
check out my version /watch?v=g9eOeLlc-IQ kool init?
She brought food she got fucked AND knew wassup? Where you find girls like that send some this way.
What the fuck is a 2chainz. 
Got a few words wrong
Wiz killed this beat.No lie
Wiz  he aint in this
I am only here for the 2chainz...drake is a fakeass rich canadian actor lol...notice how its mostly females in the comments....why would guys wanna be serenaded by a dude? gay
drake is better than 2 chainz doe
what the hell does it say before "Mike Will made it" ??
Ive always been wondering the same thing! I wanna know too!!
+Joanne Sabra ok he says EARDRUMMERS witch is mike will's label
no lie no lie no lieeee
This song is kinda Boss
This guy is a lyrical genius..
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I'll be honest with you bro, don't look for attention, don't try and be big an famous for the money and the ho's you know why? None of that shits you, you'll sell yourself for a contract and do what your label says thats it. It ain't worth it, keep you soul, keep your personality, do your thing and stay local, wiz drake wayne gucci whoever you mention is stuck in this game, this world is paradise for them, the next certainly won't be.
Autumn Schovey Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
All i get is cheese like im taking pictures... Mhmmm imagine his thought process
Manisha Kaur Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Chris Fenlon Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
the definitely dopest dude in hiphop is ceej. type in"""( ceej come alive )""'to see the next mega superstar artist and remember i told you soooo !!!!!!
i assume he is referring to 2 chianz getting robbed....thus having to get NEW CHAINZ!!! lol
real niggas wont miss ya not niggas gon miss ya
what dooes it say at the begininning of the song? in the jewls? or what?
if you dont like it just dont listen it -.- it's simple
2Chainz Ft. Abe Lincoln - No Lie
I know real niggas WON'T miss ya, not GON' miss ya.
Not anyone can rap to this shit. His second verse was impressive to me.
Do you think 2 chainz went back.. like Degrassi years? or is he not tellin any lies
a 2 chainz song clean is an instrumental
which program you used to d the lyric video?
i dont understand the meaning of this song
i would suck her ass any day. dont ask how, id make it happen.
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