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How I: Clip in Extensions (Luxy Hair Update)

by Nicole Guerriero • 206,231 views

OPEN ME!!!! [ HAIR EXTENSIONS ] I am wearing Luxy Hair in #2 Dark Brown 160 grams. Luxy Hair Youtube: What I'm wearing: [ MAKE-UP ] BH...

@ 4:49 the sound that the extensions make when you throw them over your head is hilarious, lol. I learned how to wear my hair extensions watching your videos and I continue to watch your videos. Love your tutorials; You're awesome. xoxo
are Luxy hair extensions nice?
yes.. but the clips does hurt your head when u wear them a long time.. I just feel luxy hair ask too much for their extensions they only last 5 months.
love your earrings!!!..... Awesome video, will most def. try some extensions, they make such a big difference.... :)
What kind of layers do u have
I hate thing new comment system
did you only use one pack?
I like your idea of putting the 4 clipped wefts closer to the face on each side (:
yeah i just got mine...I am NO NUBIE to the hair extension world and these are crap. They are DEF party syntheitc..there were little balls of burned plastic all over mine AND one of the wefts came out of the package with a broken clip. PLUS there is no way they are 160 way at all
Do Foxy Locks!! They are crazy good and great service...I ordered them Friday and got them yesterday(Monday) and they are in UK and I am in Oklahoma and they will work with you on color and everything extremely reliable:)
can you do an update in a couple of months to show how they hold up please?
You look a lot like KHLOE Kardashian :)
Thanks to you i am now in the process of saving for my luxy hair extensions in the exact color yours are in. I LOVE THESE VIDEOS!!!!! THE BEST!
i just found ur channel and i like it.. one question i have luxy hair extension also and i need help i feel they tangle to much and i just cant blend them and my hair s as long as ur natural one and i actually had to changed some clips cause they werent closing in the 4 clips weft
@SugaryGlam I actually decided on Luxy hair a few days ago and now im just waiting for them to come in the mail.:) but thanks. i really liked how thick headkandy was but i decided i may as well buy luxy cause there cheaper and only 20 grams less than headkandy
@nguerriero19 oh ok i'm glad its not just me . thanks love . :)
Check my channel out and subscribe me alright because i'm gonna come up with some new videos
Would you still recomend buying them?
My extensions don't have that thick band yours have?! Mine are also shedding like crazy :(
does anyone know if these can be dyed? I have dark brown as thats what colour my hair is but theyre sooo much lighter than my hair should have got black but my hair is definately not black x
Ugh! those noises you make are really irritating! But I still love you giiiiiiiiirl!
i know you wear them alot but do they ever start giving you a headache. i notice by the middle of the day or so i start to get a bad headache i guess from the weight
hey girl <3 do u ever have any problems with the clip ins actually hurting your head at the end of the day or is it just me and my type of extensions?
If ti is from Pakistan it's from dead body there is show that people steal or take hair from greaves the name of the show is
why some reviews are really bad lol ? it's kinda scary to buy it XD
I need an honest opinion. I can't choose between Luxy or Headkandy extensions. WHich one would you recommend more?
I am a bit concerned that this review is for the luxys u got for free. the question is would u pay for them? may be they just made a really nice one especially for u! I know it sounds crazy n the luxy sisters are too nice to not care about their customers . I would really like to try them. How is the hair holding up now please reply as I might just purchase luxy. thx love ur channel
@samslayerr ya ive thought the same thing. I baught luxies and was extremly dissapointed. nguerriero19 are super think and i think tis only because the sisters personally sent them to her. I get so upset watching these vids because mine were so thin!!!!!!!!
Hey Nicole! I was just wondering but do you cut your extensions to match the layers in your hair? Because I got the Hello Gorgeous Extensions this summer and they were really long and one length and my hair is medium length and you can tell where my natural hair ends. like you can definitely tell that I am wearing extensions. Any suggestions!? -Sienna
I got my luxys 5mouths ago n I take very good care of them..! N Am still in love with it the clips, very soft n there perfect length not long nor short it's Jzt perfect..! N with the luxys sisters hairstyle videos makes it perfect
the funny thing is that even though i actually purchased them from someone else and not the company itself i LOVED my luxies. some of you really just dont know how to take care of them.
@MrRoland1216 are you serious!! i was just looking to buy a pair and your comment is changing my mind. i absolutely hate when extensions get matted in the back
just curious, why do you put so many extentions in? ive never worn extensions, weaves, wigs, etc so im just tryna figure out. thanks!
I just bought a set from Luxy, the 160 grams set. I have to say that I was concerned about them after I placed my order because im Puerto Rican and have medium to thick hair. I blow dry my hair straight but I do have naturally curly hair. I received them yersterday and put them in. I fell in love! The texture matched my natural hair soo well. All i have to do now is go to my stylist and have layers cut into them so they blend better with my shorter hair but I love, love them! Thanks Nicole.
did you get the white dressor from ikea bc i have the same one !! =)
@katieb195 i had to make that decision 2 days ago :( the reason i chose luxy was because when i get my hair professionally starightend it goes from THICK to thin, and think about it, if you have thin hair and have headkandy (considerring headkandy has thick wefts) it will bilk out, so when my luxys get damaged ima buy headkandy to see if thats true
so do you like luxy hair better than hello gorgeous now?
i got mine like 3 months ago and they matt like CRAZY
@MrRoland1216 i think i'm gona buy clipfancy hair extensions! i own them right now but fucked them up while dying them, really wish i never dyed them cause now i need another set lol, check them out tho. the owner is such a sweetheart too
I wish I could use extensions.. or maybe it's just my hair or size of my head. But I feel like my hair is thin so everytime I try to put extensions in, they're all bumpy and you can see them D:
Don't know what everyones still complaining about. i love my Luxy's!
these look great! did you have to cut or dye them at all??
Your way seems soo much better then the way they say you should do! Thank you <3 subscribed!
I have had luxy extensions in the blonde 160 grams set and I absolutely love them. Mine barely tangle, they're easy to work with, and I LOVE THE CLIPS.
Which ones do u perfer luxys or skr .I want your opinion before I choose :) thanks
Was it hard to do this the 1st time yu put yur hair extions in or was it easy?
Are hair extensions durable??.. like can u go swimming in them or work out at the gym with them?
it was funny when you turned around and ur hair extensions hit the camera or so mething there was like a thud
Lol u kept hitting the camera or something close to it , it was loud when i turned my volume up lol ;D
@samslayerr i thought the same thing at the end of this video.. Mimi and Leyla seem too nice to be dishonest but maybe they put more pieces in? or because they're usually curled it makes them look thicker?? who knows, i thought i was totally convinced i'm getting these when my hair colour is done going from dark to blonde but now i'm not so sure :( also wondered if i should consider Foxy Locks, hers seem pretty nice too but now i don't know for sure LOL
You have the cutest personality in all your vids :) Thanks for this vid too! Very interesting to see! I have been wondering about luxy extensions more. I research a lot of those companies because I really want to try a pair when I am able. Who knows when that will be haha. Watching your vids about hair extensions makes me want to try them even more! :)
@hunniBear33 Actually they do hurt a little by the end of the day! Nothing to unbearable but my head will feel a little sore when I take them out!
im getting these in two weeks!:) ive been watching the videos on these for a while , i currently have euronext and they tangle so much i really am disappointed because i only had these for 4 months , i hope luxies are 100% better !
i've noticed in alot of videos on how to put extensions in that they clip them at the parts also you clip yours in the middle. does this make a difference on the way it looks or no
Have you tried the Foxy Locks extensions? I wanna know your opinion! Thanks xoxo
ii love this song by the wayy hahah
what do you prefer luxy, headkandy, or hello gorgeous? please honest opinion.
Hi :) which hair extensions are the thickest that you have bought and lasted the longest?:)
@daloo3a I bought some luxy's in july and they lasted for about 6 months, if you take reeeallly good care of them. You have to keep them in a good place like a box just for them. Brush them before putting them in your compartment each night and wash them every 2 weeks (maximum) and use a really good conditioner. If not I bet they would probably not last that long.
i dont trust alot of youtubers because they get sponsors if they ask for sponsors i dont really watch their videos, cause if your being paid to try something your obvi gna be biased.
Thx! The color is spot on!
@hoofgirl31 it is strang,e but ill will see because i ordered mine 3 days ago so i will post a video when they come in. you can check out my results on my channel if you like to see how they turn out. i think that the luxy sisters have thick hair naturally so maybe thats why it looks more voluminous!
i only got my luxys 3 weeks ago and they matt like crazy :(
i dont trust luxy. so many people on youtube have had problems with them. those girls are sketchy.
So refreshing to see this video for a second time. I just posted my review on the extensions (I purchased them in the summer) and I experienced the same matting. The extensions tangle so easily and since day 1 have felt like some slimy residue on them. People are giving me so much crap thinking that it's MY fault... hope you don't mind, but I mentioned your video to hopefully give them some insight that I'm not crazy.
@lalisamarie exactly! im trying to buy headkandy but theyre out of stock of the color i want. but when i do i hope theyre better than luxys.
i bought luxy and they get very tangled and mine started shedding really bad has it happend to you
Luxy sisters pretty much copied foxy locks
@daloo3a i actually paid for them. and i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them. they hold a curl almost too well. i curled them the first day i got them and didnt wear them for a week and the curl was still exactly the same as it had been. they are SO soft and so shiny. I would definetly get them again. you wont regret spending the money.
@jenbunny00 OMGGG REALLYY??? what type of extensions did u buy from amazon? cuz i bought some extensions from ebay and they are hellaa ugly and tangled and the appreciate it if you can send me the link for the extensions you've purchased...and btw r the extensions good that u bought from amzon
i bought some luxy hair extensions awhile ago but it seems to thin for my hair. i have very curly thick Mexican hair and i was wondering if u had any tips or any ideas about a new hairstyle i could try to actually wear them. please respond!!! i have short hair and really wishing i could have long
hey nicole! i just wanted to say i love you and your gorggggg. but anywhoooo... i was just wondering.. what are your favorite extensions, or the best type of extensions you've ever had
wow i had no idea your hair is that short lol u look so different with it...o like the long hair on u thou :)
hi! im planning on getting hair extensions, which brand do u think is the best? I was looking into bellmihair since you did a review about them, but now that ive been doing some research idk which one to get and since Ive never wore extensions before I wanted to see if you could help :) thank you
hey id REAAAALLLLY APPRECIATE IT if you reply back to me...i was just wondering how many inches are u wearing in this video? because i wanted to purchase their extensions and im guessing they only have up to 20'' but im trying to get 24'' id really really REEAAAALLLLY APPRECIATE IT IF YOU TELL ME THANKS DOLL :)
@xoKDD mannnn i hope they arent thin bc i paid so much for them :( but ill tease my hair and see how it turns out im sure they will look ok
just buy remy hair and sew on the clips yourself, it saves tons of money and ur hair can last u over a year
question&in desperate need of help: i have the Sallys hair extensions in dark brown and want luxy extensions and they blend in soo well with my hair now. I just dont know what color to get in the luxy that would look good. bc my hair is lighter at the top &a little bit darker at the bottom., could you help me out??!! : )
I have luxys for a little over a year they are complete shit.
ive been doing alot of research on extensions and since i saw your videos first (because i love your videos) i started looking into luxy hair extensions. ive noticed that people either absolutely LOVE them or loathe them entirely lol. have you had any problems with matting or tangling since you got your new set?
Looks great! But im still ifffyyy about them. Too many bad comments .
@cupcake14ist I have a pair of Luxy's that are almost a year old and around maybe the 7 month mark they started to tangle and shed like crazy! They told me I need to deep condition them more often, but that just made them greasy. It's so annoying :/
can you do a hair routine videoo !? your hairs super healthy looking and you always use heat tools on your hair , !
i had the luxy and i died them like 4 times... they are ok just too thin for me
You're all pro! Lol I'm going to get these soon but I'm kind of scared because they're $140 & I've read a lot of mixed reviews..
How do you cut your hair? Who cuts it for you? I like the long layers
have your extentins ever fellnn out during the day????
Would anyone say that the luxy hair extensions are better than the foxy locks? i have the foxy locks and they've been pretty good considering the i'm thinking whether i should re-purchase foxy or try the luxy ones.
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