Meet Billy, Rescued From a Puppy Mill - 2013 CINE Award Winner

by hsus • 2,673,745 views

Meet Billy, rescued from a North Carolina puppy mill, and his adopter, Adam. UPDATE: With heavy hearts, we report that Billy unexpectedly passed away over the holidays. See a personal message from...

The world needs more people like you.
+ElisaJ I know, but you don't have to be vegan. You could me vegetarian. I'm vegetarian, not vegan. Vegetarian is good enough. 
+Maria Garcia I don't think so. Drinking milk is very unhealthy, and you still exploit animals. Stealing babies from mothers is cruel. And half of the calves get killed shortly after birth.  Also eggs aren't really nice.. The egg industry puts millions of male chicks alive in a grinder.. 
Humane Heroes, I love you XXX
hello frind. how r u 
I wanna have a job like yours, that's absolutely amazing. Cruelty is a terrible thing to humans, but animals doesn't have a voice where they could get any help...I am glad there's humans left in this world that gives their time so animals doesn't have to suffer human cruelty..
some day I want to be a animal recsuer just can't bear to see dogs in these conditions
Thank you Adam for taking responsibility for those that do not..  It is a better world because of your compassion..  You brought Joy to Billy.
+Joel Hoffman Thank you for watching!
I dont know how you do it.. I mean, if i've been there, i would have murdered the owner.. All respect to you guys, dont know how you do it, but keep on going! We need you!
+T.I -Raid Thank you for your support!
what a great person he could have just left him but he didnt more people should do that then abuse them
I'm so sorry that Billy died :( At least he knew what love and a home felt like
+Hyun-Jeong Lee Hi! Thank you for watching Billy's story. We are glad it continues to make a difference. 
I am sorry that you lost your little love Billy...I am so happy he was able to have love before he passed away.  You will see him again one day.  Thank you for the love you give animals...amazing heart....;)
+Renee Schlichting Thank you for watching the video and being compassionate towards animals!!
+hsus thank you....I know how much I love mine....they are all so special...A true gift
Oh my god his face is the cutest thing I've ever seen
+Maddy Krebs Hi! Thanks for watching!!
Damn, something got in my eye...
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Meet Billy, Rescued From a Puppy Mill - 2013 CINE…: http://youtu.be/K3vyK75-r3g
I hope the individual responsible for such conditions is spending a long time in prison!!!!  This is simply inexcusable!  Thank you very much for providing a great home for a wonderful dog.  Dogs, are some of the most compassionate and giving creatures on this planet.  They don't even ask for it, they just give it.  Any person that I would consider human or humane, would react with compassion in return.  People who hate dogs IMO are compassionless people with no heart.
Aw your a nice man and love Billy's tongue
Billy is gorgeous! ^.^
this is what she said "n its fine puppy... well she nvr said anything to me... n she has not talked to me as much now a days either.." 
and this is what i said " yeah but she thinks u might think the wrong thing :/" and this is what she said " thinks like what :/ " this is what i said "she thinks u will think that she mad about the spike or about how jelaous she is but she not she just feels like u don't care about her or u don't do nice things for her "
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#lovewins Meet Billy, Rescued From a Puppy Mill - 2013 CINE…: http://youtu.be/K3vyK75-r3g
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♡ Meet Billy, Rescued From a Puppy Mill ♡
Why did someone mark your comment as a "spam", it's not. And Billy is so ccute!
May little Billy enjoy life in doggie heaven! Thank you for doing what you do and everyone at HSU!
+Sun Hye Choi Thank you for watching!
He died?! Nooooooo :(
I wont Adam and Billy too !
Billy is so adorable!
no words to praise you..... people like you are rarely gifted to earth....
No need to go vegan or vegetarian because dogs and cats need to both eat, so why can't we? Besides it's not sad that they are getting killed its how they are killed.
This guy looks rude but has a golden heart....
Don't judge by the outside know them before you say something like that 
Dear wee fella, may he rest in heaven...
Need more people like ADAM♥I HAD TEARS IN MY EYES SO DID ADAM♥Lucky Billy♥Thank yo Adam♥
+PAT HUNT Thank you for watching!!!
I,love u I love billy u. R an. Angle in that dogs eyes and a good responsible person in mine.
Cary Hirai Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
This breaks my heart :( it was painful to watch. I would have adopted him in a heartbeat. Just glad this little guy was able to enjoy what time he had left feeling loved and appreciated. I don't understand how anyone can sleep at night treating animals like this, but I know they'll get what they deserve, if not in this life, the next.
+Cary Hirai Hi! Thank you for taking the time to watch our video. We appreciate your support!
I started to cry during this!!!!
Too adorable and heartwarming. +Mamrie Hart Billy reminds me of Beanz :p
+Mara Cares Thanks for watching!!!
I can't see for tears now. RIP Billy. God bless you people for what you do.
please replie what kind of breed is billy
+Kathleen Padilla Hi! Thanks for watching our video and inquiring about Billy. Billy was a long haired Chihuahua. 
ok thanks might go to my local pound ans adopt one!! thank you!!!
You both are amazing. :)
THank you so much for what you do Adam.  Sending love, I am poor or i would send money.
Those dogs were in real bad condition but we're beautiful dogs I hope there ok I wish them and Billy all the best xxx
Awwwww how cute!!!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱
What type of dog was Billy? he is so cute <3
Thanks EllitGames! He was a long haired Chihuahua.
+hsus No one COULDN'T Love that little thing <3 I'm glad he has a good home ^-^
I actually cried... It hurts to know people hurt animals...
It seems as if every single chihuahua on the planet is very ugly. This dog, though of course he cannot help it, is perhaps the ugliest chihuahua of all. The dog was in such bad condition at 1:34, that the humane thing would have been to strangle it. Why let the wretched thing needlessly suffer?
I love you.  I adopted 2 cats in November from the SPCA.  I give to the Blind Cat Rescue but will give when I can.  A Thousand Blessings on You and All the Animals that you save.  xxx
Thank you so much for your support Victoria Knight! We appreciate you! So do the animals!
People are so cruel he is so cute when you look at him he must be happy before he was in the bars😭 and he lived😂
Thank You Gog Bless for making him happy.
What a God send: I would love to give him a home. See my 11 year old Bandit dog.
I'm in tears.  This was so beautiful.  Thank you for the work you do.  I'm so glad you rescued and love Billy.
You are a wonderful person and I thank GOD for you and all the rescue angels for all your hard work and love and compassion. I am so grateful Billy got to be so happy and loved before he went to rainbow bridge. THANK YOU so much for sharing, I pray each and every day for our furry babies and our rescue angels!!!
+Beckyjo Russell Thank you so much for your support. We appreciate you!
Such a perfect doggy!! Love the tongue too. Several puppy mills have been taken down near where I live. Sad also because the people can just open up operation again later. What some people do for money is horrendous. 
OMG Adam you are truly a beautiful being ty so very sorry he has passed but thank god he had you before he passed away. 
+Patricia Howard Hi! Thank you for your thoughtful message!
No ty for sharing this it touched me very deeply both of you so amazing. the love and light in his eyes was incredible he was a healed soul because of you!! 
This is my rescue dog there are many like him but this ones mine
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You're amazing people
Thank you for the response, I found that out myself in one of your videos
Billy is very very cute! Every time I watch this I would cry and think about my dog who passed away. My dog also passed away on the holidays but it was last year, 2 days after Christmas. My family thinks that Billy and George's gift was to go to heaven. Where they don't feel pain at all. I miss Billy and George very very very much Thank you so much for this caring video. And caring for Billy too.
+Spark The Eevee Hi! Thank you for sharing your story. Billy and George are probably playing together. :)
Those stupid people who keep these poor innocent animals in rusted cages. The people who do this to them should be the ones in cages.
So Great That His last days were fill with Joy and Love.....Thanks for what you Guys do.............
Billy is one of the cutest dogs I ever seen!
Jamal Childers Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Meet Billy, Rescued From a Puppy Mill - 2013 CINE…: http://youtu.be/K3vyK75-r3g
HE SO CUTE! Btw i love you guys the animal cruelty heroes :) But we really do need more people like YOU in other places... :l So much cruelty around the world and it was really fun what that guy said.... "I mean they have water and all but thats not a normal color for water" 0-0 "GREEN??"
+Badakas PlaysAnimaljam Hi! Thank you for your kind words! We appreciate your support!
When I grow up Can I work for you?
+Cloud Paw Hi! We love that you are interested in working for our organization! It's great that you love animals!!! 
Awww that was so cute hecause he found a connection with the billy
You guys are the people i look up to seriously. ❤
+marrissa cao Thank you! We appreciate you!
what about those other puppies????
That dog is the cutest I have ever seen!
This is why I've decided to become a vet, to help good people like you save/help those little fellas :')
That's so great to hear Susana Agostinho!
Cried so much watching this vid, why are we humans so cruel and why do people feel a need to treat everything that is weaker but themselves like shit. Why is it on our nature to kick the ones already laying on the ground. Everyday people remind me even my family just how pathetic, egoistics and small minded we are.  Im happy there are people out there with their heart in the right place and i live for those even though they are a rare kind. Love to all who know they deserve it <3
Omg that was sad I really want to help but im just a kid so when I grow up im going to become a animales helper
You are such a great man! Lots of love!! Xoxoxo
OMG that just makes me cry has billy been adopted yet
+Mandeep Kaur Hi! Thanks so much for inquiring about Billy. Fortunately, he was adopted by one of our rescue team members. Unfortunately, Billy passed during the 2013 Christmas holiday. Here's a link showcasing his legacy. Thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_ipvYupyuE
Please keep posting more videos I would absolutely love to watch!!!!
Such a wonderful guy:
I love you, and Billy. Both great souls.
i couldnt do this line of work,really! i would just end up seeking out the owners of the puppymill and beat the living crap out of them and making shure they wouldnt even think of choosing this line of work ever again.Much respect to what you guys do,keep it up doing good in the world,i dont have this much self control.
Thank you so much for what you do. It makes a huge difference in this world of seeming apathy. Watching that video brought tears to my eyes. You gave Billy joy and love before he passed on. It makes a tremendous difference in the world. I would like to do work such as this too. how do I get connected? 
Hi Dia Cote! Thanks so much for watching our video and inquiring about the work that we do. To find out about employment opportunities click this link: http://www.humanesociety.org/about/employment/?credit=web_id93480558. For volunteer opportunities click here: http://www.humanesociety.org/community/volunteers/. Hope this helps. Thanks!
He looks like Hedgehog 
What a cutie... my gosh Ö 
Chloe Bradley Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Meet Billy, Rescued From a Puppy Mill - 2013 CINE…: http://youtu.be/K3vyK75-r3g
wow you are so nice for keeping him and did you rescue the other dogs too?
So so cute! Hes adorable I would be so mad at the people who made him that way! Poor little guy! Im glad u are taking a very good care of him and I know he will absolutely LOVE U FOR LIFE!
+RBNG Hi! Thanks for watching our video! We appreciate your support!
What an awesome dog and an awesome owner. Does billy have his own site? he really should! I want to see more of him and how his doing.
Hi dorull83! Thanks for watching our video. Unfortunately, Billy passed away. Thankfully, Adam was there to give him the love he deserved before his last days 
i'm so sorry for your loss, luckily you were able to let him know how it feels to be loved before he passed away, you truly are amazing for doing this.
+Imetauen Thank you for your kind words!
I've just cried my eyes out. What a sweet little baby. How can people do this? I'm really sorry for you all to hear that Billy has passed but thank you for bringing joy to him in the last few months of life, he certainly deserved it. We need more epople like you on this planet oxo
Thank you Chico Lola!
Such a cutie. This is a very touching story. I know how "love at the first sight" feels, gotta b this dog/cat/etc. that you gonna love and take care of for as long as they live. You feel it right there when you see them.
So true Chau chewie! Thanks for watching!
silvana8373 Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Aww, he's the most adorable little puppy ever!
We couldn't agree more Jessica Mateo!
Thanks for watching our video kat wolf!
God bless you for taking care of dogs like Billy! R.i.p. Billy. We all love you.
Thanks for the support GamerGirl!
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