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Highest Paying Jobs in America

by SourceFed • 360,286 views

Description: The US Bureau of Labor Statistics & just released the top 15 highest paying jobs in America. Order your SourceFed Posters here: Our Source:...

Wanted to be a loser... Living the dream
I wanna become a plastic surgeon. My dad is surgeon so i just wanna follow his footsteps.
number one pewdiepie 2mill 2013
it bothers me how hard these guys are trying to be funny
Politicians make tons of money too. Senetors make 174k Majority & minority leaders 193k President pro temo 223k President of senate 230k
The key word here is "manager" who some of top people in the rankings in the company don't expect to get that much by being a intern or something.
I've met pipeline welders who make $150 an hour and pipe fitters no experience making 90 an our money threw Friday 10 hour days so those are not the highest paying jobs in America
My grandpa and two of my uncles are anesthesiologists.
A pornstar oh wait that can still happen 😂😂😂😂😂
If I am a guy, is it ok to be registered nurse?
When my mom gave birth she had a male nurse
This was so entertaining, it was distracting.
A pilot or co-pilot orrrr a doctor
And petroleum engineers make more then that I'm sure because there is no way in hell a driller makes more then the engineer
I think the fat one is most likely the guy that keeps insisting I'm "wrong" on reddit.
Please do Highest paying jobs that nobody wants.
i wanted to be a pussy slayer ...Living the dream
Are they all starting salaries?!
Think about what you just said...
Professional skateboarder!
Drillers in Texas make 29.50 an hour 84 hours a week
wanted to be a player XD that turned out so well
I been saying that too about the lottery!! LOL but I need some advice I'm 30 years old bearly going to community college just taking general courses to get it going. What career should I choose that's fast and pays well??
Your goals are all wrong
Get a Bachelors in Petroleum Engineering. If you have a college diploma you can even fast track the degree and make very good money (so you can retire at whatever age you want)
I was wanting to become Nikola Tesla...
I wanna work on something that has to do with cars... cars cars cars, love em! Also animals are awesomely cool and all sorts of technology.
I also wanted to be a baseball player, but now im in the military :(, but soon to get out and go back to school to major in political science or administration of justice. Which is a better degree to pursue?
Yo... I'm an ice cream man and i make 100k euros in 3 months :) 
Mechanical engineer :)
Their is a job called being a Jew
Interesting. I don't know what you actually mean . Anyway .I said interesting because I have never seen any jewish people in my small life so far .I hope I can make some good jewish friends in near future .
bachelors in petroleum engineering or master in petroleum engineering after doing bachelors in chemical engineering? which way do we get paid well enough ?
I want to be a brain surgeon
In other words, a neurosurgeon. This is what I want to become as well. Good luck for your future.
These jobs are only for people that have been in that industry for quiet a bit.You're talking about managers and executives. Pilots don't start off as a captain , you start from the bottom of the whale shit.
irrelevantly shown without the cycle relationship.:(
well thats good cuz right now im in college for a medical degree! atleast my lifetime dream career will pay off!
Get a 30 year mortgage and you can afford a million dollar house!
I wanted to be a puppy.... no one told me it wasn't possible. And then I hear something about not being able to change species, but the animorphs did it so why can't I?
i want to be a vetrinarian when i grow up... good to know ill be payed
I wanted to be a butterfly 🐝🐨🐝🐟🐨
1,000,000 air so frican bad
I'm really passionate about becoming a carrot. I spend about 2 hours a day laying a my bathtub in carrot juice. Its...its tough.
Hah these guys r funny
What about pro and semi pro-sports coaches?  
could you rip off ray william johnson any harder?
Wow...Steve definitely lost a lot weight 
bank ceo's make multimillion dollars a year plus.. this survey is bs!
I knew my dad made more than 100,000, but almost 130,00 OMG!
if u work at google as a software enginer u get payed $147,948
CALLED anesthesiologist...I just KNEW it
Veterinarians??? How much do they get a year?
It's called an average, of course some CEOs make more than the average
didn't even crack a smile during this video
Whoah guys. You talk way too fast.
the landscape industry is high paying and very high demand
computer system manger 
its a surgeons life for me
I got accepted to both campuses of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, in the field of Engineering Physics. I now have two art degrees. Teenagers are stupid...
You where once a why say that?
i know that i am probably not as smart as you guys.....but i have done research of my own. scene i want to become a NEUROSURGEONS (brain surgeon)   i have done my fare share of money research and these guys... wow let me tell you they can make up to $550,000-$750,000 A YEAR. damn anesthesiologist can kiss my (soon to be) rich white ass
+Teh Rizen there are more than 13 years of school. 13!!!!!
are you unaware of all this Let me tell great stuff its panxcash the best
Either air traffic controller or Pilot and/or Co-Pilot
You forgot to mention software/hardware engineers, psychiatrists, lawyers, judges and surgeons.
I'm pretty sure they mentioned lawyers and surgeons/doctors.
Yes! I wanted to be a surgeon even before I saw this! Now I'm definitely want to be one!
A firefighter p.s I'm a firefighter now:)
What about people that make video games they get paid at least 5 million dollars when they make a game
And that get's split among the 100k-1M who made it....
OMG Steve wore fedoras 😂😂
What about president $400,000 plus "campaign" contributions from international corporations
A lawyer but I'm settled for phlebotomist.
Ive Always wanted to be a Astronaut when I was a kid but now that im grown 16 years old I figured you gotta be smarter then Einstein to do that
We'll think about it, going into space. We don't want to send anyone but the smartest to space.
You need to know how to save not how to make a big salary every year
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