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The Minestream - Capture the flag

by CraftedBonus • 84,385 views

So yea, just me killing some people! :D

Why were people cheating(my answer) because you guys are winning
First comment in a year?!
Nice Salted. You have achieved PVP God-Like Status.
I thought that all these guys were swedish or german or something i guess not
i thought Salted would kill like 6 people XD
Damn I suck at PvP wish I was better.
fearless salted is fearless. xD
Wich plugin do u use for this??
nice comment (.Y.) if you are intelligent try to know what this
Everyone in this video was... (⌐■_■) A-Salted. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!
You forgot about avengeuiwill and TheTrickyCrafta.
salted,both creative godcraft and PVP godcraft
Ou est ce qu'il fau demander pour être withelister sur le serveur craftedmovie?
what is that cft (capture the flag) server ip's? plz tell me
Lol everyone is just like "salted beasting- salted up here- salted salted salted
Did YouTube detect this video as "shaky"? I know the filter when I see it.
Sweider was an awesome commentator for this live stream!
salted u are BAWS i cant believe that u killed a guy diamond stuff only with a bow and leather armor u are most epic killer i have ever seen
AHHHHH robot butt Folowing me! D:
Salted's family died by Team red killing cows for meat so Salted is getting revenge!
You know your a good pvper when the other team starts to call you a hacker.
I also hate it when i glitch on the opponents POV and they call it hacking.
WOW, Salted is good a pvp. I would love to see AntVenom VS. Salted PVP
Wait. If hes the owner of the server.. IF And they call him a hacker.. AND THEY PROBALLY HAVE TO BE A MEMBER TO PLAY ... holy shit! what idiots!
Challenge:CTF many vs many (maybe) me:Challenge Accepted *meme* gets ditched, Blue instantly wins several times F0REVER ALONE!! *meme*
yes...yes i am ☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻
what the IP for the server? (or not?)
umm have you play agenst the same people and have you played with salted
how much i wanna see vintagebeef killing salted
if i were there i would listen to I CAN SWING MY SWORD song made by tobuscus while im playing.
And then trooper0906 is hated forever
look at his tool bar, ITS FUCKING MOVING :O
This is how sacrifices should of happened, WITH PICKAXES!!
the guy with diamond armor that u knocked off the edge cause ur so pro
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