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Planned Parenthood Abortion Sting!?!

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Thats Refreshing to know... Planned Parenthood will kill your baby no matter what the gender or reason.
adoption not abortion
Ultimately it's up to the parents and they usually have their reasons... no mater how messed up it is or what that decision is based upon... if the parent can't love the child if it's a specific gender then should we make it so that they have to take care of the child and just have that child grow up unloved and cared for at the minimum. Is that really better than giving the child a short life before it's born?  
I only agree if theres a risk for the child. If let's say a disease the female carries n can only be passed on to the female instead of a male why make the daughter suffer. That's my only exception other than that it's wrong u chose to get pregnant be happy u got a baby ppl who can't conserve would kill to be able to have a baby and not be picky about it.
i kind of uderstand. maybe they only want one kid. and dont want to bring a little girl into this world. it is so dangerous to be a girl in the world today. u could be raped and groped and grabbed and harmed and not get any justice just because u wore that cute skirt. or just because u happen to have large breasts and couldnt hide them enough to pass for "non-provocative"  i honestly hate being a woman in the world today. its so scary. on the surface were strong and "equal" but we still dont get paid equally for our hard working jobs and behind closed doors are still being treated like property and still considered objects and are herassed with no justice offered because of things out of control like our body features.
To be quite honest, I see nothing wrong with this. I also don't see it as sexist. So the mother wanted a son, big deal. Flip it the other way, I also don't see it as sexist. There was more chance in this case that she wasn't going to abort as compared to a woman who just didn't want a child. I'm always appalled at the amount of people who are still in the dark ages about this stuff. It's not like our population is hurting, guys. Truly, we, as a species overgrown in numbers, can deal with a few abortions no matter the reasoning behind them.
what the hell it has nothing to do with these ppl in this movement if someone does not want a boy/girl and want an abortion it is there choice 
+sam robinson This may be long, but please, I beg you, please everyone read to the end. We have to stop ignoring the fact that from the moment of conception, a new, unique individual is created. From that point on, it is a precious human being that was made to love and grow like all of us. If a woman chooses to have sex, she must be aware of the consequences to her decision before she does it. If the woman still doesn't want the child, there are millions of couples out there who are infertile and would feel blessed to have a child in their life to love. Did you know that more women are injured and killed due to having an abortion than giving birth? Even if the abortion is successful, these woman have to live with the pain and guilt that they murdered their own child for the rest of their lives. Today's society convinces women that abortion is the only option, which is very wrong. A woman has the right to know all her options. No woman really wants to have an abortion, they don't grow up saying "Some day, I want to murder my own child!" Abortion is just wrong. It is probably the worst moral wrong there is. Women need to know that they can and will have support through these difficult stages of her life. They need to know they are love and that they are not alone. They need to know that the choice of life will be the greatest choice they will ever make. If you are pregnant and considering aborting, think about the life in your womb right now. If you choose life, I PROMISE, you will never ever regret it. You will have brought an amazing person into this world with so much potential for amazing things. Your child will love you for giving him or her the beautiful gift of life that every human deserves to have. Please, don't blame your child for a decision you made. Thank you for reading and remember, you are never alone. CHOOSE LIFE! :)
+Monkeystaxx  um its good to see u are not some u tube troll and actual have true feelings about this and yes i  agree with some of your points that are very valid but there are some ppl out there that don't get this sort of help or come for a family that would disown her for have a baby out of wedlock etc and in these cases i still think it is up to the woman to decide if she wants to give birth or not.and not pay for the mistake of not using protection for the rest of her life as not all woman want to have a child ever and it is her right to choose 
They are not "just a mass of cells". As soon as the embryo is formed it has a full set of unique DNA. At 3 weeks its heart starts beating with its own blood. At 5 weeks the brain begins to develop. At 2 months it has all its vital organs. And by 3 moths all its organs are in place. You are as just a mass of cells as much as they are.
If you want a boy first, fucking adopt one. There's millions of children who need homes, if you're gonna be sexist at least adopt a child.
wow that is a very dumb statement. by what u said we should be able to kill all babies and toddlers too since they can't voice their opinions either. and blaming overpopulation on pro-life supporters is just stupid
Can you please talk faster????
a sperm and an egg only have the DNA of the person that it came from, but once they combine what is left is a unique set of DNA, its own. Its heart starts beating 3 weeks. The brain begins development at 5 weeks. At 2 months it has all its vital organs. And by 3 moths it will have all its organs. Also a human baby is far from fully developed at berth, that takes a lot longer.
I think you do not understand me. Before the 3rd month there is no brain, no personality, it's like a tumor eating your food. After that it becomes a person that deserves to live, I mean before that it is just a piece of meat, literallly. I am not sure how to explain it, but when there is no brain there is nothing. It is just a bag of meat, literally. I was asking when do the organs start to form, then I think abortion shouldn't be acceptable, but before that it's fine.
It is the mother-to-be's choice. What if, the child is from rape, from her father. Would you want to bare your father child? I would think not.
HAHAHA what a load of shit. It's sad to think that you can't see how over populated the earth is. Yes there are areas that could easily be used and aren't in the US where as the rest of the world, there isn't much space left. And what do we do when that's run out? hope to colonised another planet? stop it before it gets too out of hand is the right thing to do. How about you unbookmark the conspiracy websites and formulate your own opinion based on credible resources :p
I gotcha. It's cool. I think you got the message across :-)
I think abortion Is good but not gender abortion that's stupid
"Therefore, I can also murder my senile Grandmother. She's just as inconvenient as an unplanned baby right? So, fuck her." The great news is that I could and not have to worry about an unplanned pregnancy.
I think that's what the anti-abortion community is doing they are letting everyone know that its a crime against humanity. They don't run in to he clinic and prevent the doctor from proceeding the murder. They only spread the word so that when someone decides to do an abortion they might remember those people on the street with signs, and change there mind, yet they still have an option to go forth and proceed with the abortion. 48 +million baby's are aborted/killed in America since WWII. ;(
No need to cry, I was just informing him of his mistake , If you have a problem with something that small get off the internet, people over react all the time, just like you. :)
I don't suppose you'll be the one adopting the FAS kid that resulted from the mother not knowing for the first month that she was pregnant because she never planned to be, and therefore drinking. Adoption is a great thing, but so many kids with disabilities caused by negligent biological mothers turn 18 and get thrown into a world with not nearly enough support available.
those are the dumbest fucking laws ive ever heard of... its illegal to have an abortion if the reasons is sex specific... fucking idiot law makers... the mother would just say she doesnt want the fucking baby then! instead of going into details of why she doesnt... and its not their fucking business anyway its the mothers
that's retarded! come on... babies are not toys ... any parent who does that isn't ready to be a parent
Actually, people did not always keep their babies. People might kill their children after they were born or abandon them or give them to people for an apprenticeship and stuff like that. Also, they probably knew of a few herb mixes that got rid of pregnancies
By LAW abortion is not considered murder. By LAW, abortion is that's kind of irrelevant. You are free to believe that it's right or wrong, murder or not, but the fact is, you're "justaguy" and you'll never be faced with that decision. It's a personal choice, and anyone in that situation would have to do what they felt was right for them. That has nothing to do with anyone else or what they think is right or wrong.
and furthermore...what happens if you want a boy and he turns out to be gay, or a girl/ that point the child is born and the "love your children no matter what" rule for parents applies...however if a parent desires a male and gets a female, their regret could cause a lack of emotional attachment, i'd rather parents love what children they bring into the world rather then spit them out like the duggars...some of us actually understand population control and its effect on the planet
Haha wow, you just proved your intelligence. I'm liking the paragraph-long run on sentence. No wonder you got pregnant at 14
@Maya Snowden Your mom sounds like she was very immature. Who would tell their child something like that?
That is a good point. I mean, if someone doesn't have the money to support the child or is in some condition that they couldn't, that makes sense...also with the rape. I guess so. But I think that some people--like the ones who get an abortion based on gender--just shouldn't do that.
(continued)...And, for your own edification, MOST women who choose abortion PUT themselves in that situation. Women who are raped or molested choose abortion at less than half the rate of women who are not (and most of those, it turns out, appear to be forced by the abusers in an attempt to cover up the abuse). If they don't want to have a child, then they need to be responsible for their bodies. Don't shake the apple tree if you don't want the apples to fall.
This may be hard to believe, but some of us actually have sex just because it feels good.
Fine, then take faith completely out of it--there is still no logical way to justify it. If we make killing a man, woman or child out of anger, selfishness, for theft, as an end to torture--whatever scenario you want to cook up--wrong, then so should abortion be. Science, which by and large has almost completely denied God's existence STILL classifies an egg and sperm that have come together as "life". It is still HUMAN DNA. It will still grow of it's own volition unless it is STARVED...
Oh man. Subjects like abortion are like bait for Youtube trolls in the comments.
But wait... isn't Abortion only up to 3 months? Caise 5 months there is a person, while before the end of the third one there is still no brain, you are not killing anything. I am all for adoption, but before the end of the 3rd month. Because after that it is closer to a baby with a brain than to just a peace of meat, which it is in it's earlier stages.
My own opinion is this. People say to save the lives of the fetuses. That every life is precious. Why aren't you guys having babies at every opportunity? You're wasting those eggs people! Every time your woman ovulates, that's a life down the drain. It shouldn't matter what stage of life somethings at, it's still a life. ... See how impractical that sounds? At the end of the day, it's no ones damn business what other people decide about -their- lives.
Yeah, but its like a sprouting plant. You had a seed, you put it in the ground. Its set in a tiny root and maybe you see a tiny green dot in the ground, but if you are in a position where you cant have a big oak in your yard, why not just pick the little leaf from the dirt? As long as you do it soon enough, it isn't like it causes it pain. Why bring a child into the word that cant be supported or will be unwanted.
Tell that to Muslim parents in the Middle East and Hindu parents in East Asia who see boys as much more productive and beneficial within their cultural norms. In America, organized abortions mentioned above are not aware that such gender specific abortions are very much commonplace in different areas of the world. I am pro-choice, but I do not defend gender specific abortions.
Abortion is wrong, plain and simple. If you don't want a child, then do not have sex! I cannot believe that parents actually do kill another living being inside of them because it's not their wanted gender!
We're all friends..... Yeah right, tell that to the trolls
I guess I'm missing something here. Its not the Clinic's person job to decide the reasons why a patient would have an abortion. She gave the facts about how the abortion was done and when the sex of the fetus could be determined. The choice lies with the patient, whatever their reasons. So how is the clinic person being considered in the wrong for giving the patient the info she wanted and not judging her reasons?
If you want a child of a specific sex, couldn't you adopt? Then you'd be able to choose. Just saying...
See! that too. It's just...there are other options. But then theres the matter of, you know, carrying a child around inside you for nine months.
Well yeah I know but I only had 500 characters and didn't want to spare any to make that distinction.
Surely if someone would have an abortion based on gender that child would not have a good life even if it was born.
In most cases in the US late- term abortions are not approved.
"Gendercide" is done in certain countries on a regular basis actually. Happens in china Alot.
Sorry if I came across offended, I am just trying to be informative. I sometimes get annoyed when i hear the term just a mass of cells used. I understand that the mother's well being is important and we should do everything we can to help her but it still doesn't justify ending a life. Even if they might not have the best childhood they still deserve a chance, plenty of people come from bad backgrounds and grow up to be grate people.
Very proud! standing up for children that don't have a choice because of their parents selfishness!! It just sad society is fine with this. Hearing your child's heart beat and still don't care. Its just horrible.
Honestly, I didn't really want it to turn into an argument. I guess, while we are on the same side as to what abortion IS, it appears we are not on the same side as to allowability. We both agree abortion is wrong, but I honestly don't see how someone who agrees with that can be ok with it even for "mother's life" issues precisely because of what you stated--her life is no more valuable, she's just "in charge". To me, it just feels like people who actually "recognize" the wrong aren't willing...
But, most (almost all) abortions are because they were not planning to have a baby....
Thats what I'm saying!!!!! People can do what ever they want, but if you really want a kid then don't be picky!
I dont like it but its not a problem in america luckily
Actually so do males so no matter what, you cant say that it is a female at 9 weeks.
Yes why the fuck not, kill every toddler every child every christian. D'you know why? because I'm tired of having a conversation about something so basic as what rights someone has, it's up to the parents, if they want an abortion then just let them have an abortion. Particularly when it's with a twat that calls himself the real slim shady when he clearly isn't.
actually since an unborn human is medically and scientifically classified as human life i am concerned since i believe an innocent human life should be protected by the law. and sorry but saying that all pro-life supporters are christian is completely ignorant and your defense for it is just stupid. again please learn what the fuck you are talking about before posting ignorant comments on youtube
That's what Jesus did he never accused any one of sin right? No he always accused the pharisees of what wrong they were doing. Christians are suppose to judge not by there vision(that's whats forbidden when it says don't judge) but judge by God standards, If God is against killing and murder you should too. All you have to do is let the people know what God wants from them, its up to them to take it or leave it. Would you want someone to burn in hell for eternity because you did say anything?
lmafo...a zygote is not a living being it is a collection of cells that are undergoing a rapid rate of mitosis...there are no organs, no brain, no sense of self, no conciousness, no pain receptors...and no abortion isn't wrong get off your religious high horse please in america your allowed "freedom of religion" meaning if i choose to not believe in a religious doctrine then i have that right, you may believe a zygote is a living being...but i do not, and belief=opinion, neither is fact.
It's pointless to ban gender selective abortion.. The parent would just state another reason for the abortion, she'd just say she doesn't want a baby or isn't ready for it, and then go through with the abortion anyway.. That being said I am completely pro-choice, but still feel it's a dick move to abort a child based on gender alone..
lol planned parenthood has only 8 subs
I am ProChoice and abortion isn't my first choice but I know that all moms who get pregnant accidentally or on purpose should have the option on the table but they don't want girls?
Yea, It sucks, I agree completely. Ive been referring to the people who want to ban it through laws. I don't support abortion at all, its a horrible, horrible thing. But I don't think its a very Christian thing to ban other people from doing it. Thats what I believe.
The doctor was fired? Why, I think they should have gone through further training like the other doctors. And it's not like they can just say no, but they can talk to the person and tell them it's not right
HAHAHAHA omg I DIED with the hot button joke XD!
to be honest how would a doctor know if it was a sex specific abortion unless the woman blatantly says it ? I don't know about you but I shouldn't even have to give reasoning behind my choice to have an abortion other than I don't want this damn parasite
Why you Americans only want boys? I mean arent we civilized ? Because I know other cultures only want boys because they can keep the parents name, and in some countries they get paid more. but Not in america! come on!
I don't think there is anything wrong with gender related abortions. People always say adoption is an option, but years down the road that child may want to be with you or live with you or get money out of you. Children are awful little burdens. I really think safe sec should be pushed more. There is nothing wrong with abortions.
So by the logic that anybody has the right to live, any form of birth control would be wrong. By wearing a condom or taking a pill, your stopping potential children from being born and being great people. If you have an abortion before anything major happens with the baby, then is it not the same? The only difference is that its more developed. However, More developed is not the same as a Fully developed baby
(continued)...MOST of our society still recognizes killing someone as wrong--I guess unless you can't see them in front of you every day and all day. I guess unless you carry them inside of you where you would thing a baby would be the safest, right? There is absolutely no logical reason, religious or otherwise, to continue to sanction the murders of what has become millions of babies and what is now the biggest threat to the life of African American males--bigger than gang violence or...
fuck the anti abortion people, i wish there parents had abortions when they were pregnatn
Yeah everything that you have said is invalid because you believe in an omnipotent magic man in the sky but well done to you for continuing this discussion this far lol I do believe this has been a healthy exchange of views and I thank you. Just keep religion out of politics dude.....or dudette :)
IT= Referring to an animal or child of unspecified sex.
if it is not illegal in the state, then abortion clinics cannot deny the choice to women. gendercide is more of a social dilemma that abortion clinics should not be required to deal with. Even if they did not perform abortions when a woman says it is because the baby isn't the desired gender, who is to prevent that woman for speaking of another reason after she has confirmed the baby isn't the desired gender?
(continued) that reasoning is sketchy, at best). If it is voice, then mutes stand no chance against chatterboxes, do they? If it is intelligence, then geniuses should go around ridding the world the mentally challenged or really those who are even of mediocre intelligence, that would be best, right? If it is physical ability, then paraplegics and amputees should be at the mercy of the athletic. But none of those scenarios makes sense, does it? Because whether we are Christians or not...
A fantastic point, women should not accept the responsibility of motherhood unless they are absolutely ready. However, that said, there other options besides abortion, such as the adoption process. While a woman has the right to do with her body what she pleases, abortion is still very cut and dry: The termination of a life before it truly can begin. While a person does not have the legal right to life until birth, that does not necessarily mean an abortion is the moral thing to do.
Not sure about this one. This argument just screams constructed cultural and social morality. Essentially forcing your version of morality on someone else, which I would be against. I also don't really understand why people are getting mad. It isn't your child, you are not the one generating this particular offspring! I am of the mindset that people who get abortions would very likely not be good parents, or the life of the child would be a poor one.
But that's a problem with adoption and it's not a hard problem to fix at that. It doesn't mean we should kill babies. We should make adoption easier for everyone, including gay couples which would be a huge help in that process.
Is it just me or is lee standing on a stool?
you know what I am done arguing with kids who don't know what their talking about.
I am Pro-F*ck bad parents....
Having said that. Gender Abortion? I want to hear more about the Planed parenthood stuff. From the way you guys put it, what was wrong. The person was vague, and gave them info on when you can check for the sex of the baby (which is knowledge) then when you can have an abortion. Nothing about hey so you want a boy then abort a girl at this time. Just giving the person the info. The Hox person asked questions. I'm calling BS!
but do you think it's an acceptable form of birth control? "woops, i'm preggers again, time to coat hanger this one out too, what's that make honey? 7 this year?"
If you don't want to have children DON'T HAVE SEX. Abortion shouldn't be legal in way no matter what! If you have an abortion, you are going to hell. And you should. You are no better than a murderer!!!
Im pro choice, its their body so its what they want and if a unwanted baby was born it would have a unfair life to live and send the mother and father in debt. Killing your own baby in a abortian is much easier than giving it life then giving it away. These things happen, and one mistake shouldn't ruin life. I understand the other side beliving that its murder, I belive life starts when it can be held by a mother, not when its a mass of cells that has potencial to be a person. If they were not
And let me say have you read any of my other comments? I never said adoption wasn't an option. In many cases I prefer it. I just believe it's not the place of anyone to choose for them. I know abortion is a hot topic in the US and other places but in the UK it's not a big deal, probably because we're not all as good little christians thank god (excuse the pun). So if you don't think the parents should have the final word yes or no, who does?
Yay ILLINOIS wait why am i cheering?
The irony was what I was going for :) have a nice day. dude. (y)
Abortion=killing=against unalienable right= against constitution= American gov & society are a bunch of hypocrites who break rules based in their convenience regardless of consequences.
Wasn't that video selectively edited?
That choice should be left to the parents. Not you.
@manhump911 Look, I get what you're saying, but I still have to point out some things. One, rape babies don't seem like a very good gift. Actually, they seem more like a hate note that you give your enemy saying, "Hey! I got you this gift and society is going to hate you if you don't want it, so have fun!" Furthermore, if you use contraception, but your condom/jelly/whatever else breaks, and you really are NOT prepared to take care of a kid (The Universe just hates you that day), then abort.
I'm pro-choice for most things including incest, child deformities, rape, etc; but to have abortions just because of the gender of the fetus is just wrong. I mean I'm all pro-women rights but if they want to decide what the gender of their child is going to be, then they should go to a doctor that can do it through artificial insemination. Like those doctor you can go to and tell them if you want your child to be boy or girl, brown or blue eyes, curly or straight hair.
Lee and Elliot are adorable :3 <3
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