Debt Crisis 2015 United States of America Explained in a Simplified Way

by Akash Vedi • 1,066,606 views

Debt Crisis in United States of America, A Simplified way of understanding the whole scenario of the debt crisis, the inevitable collapse of the american Economy. A must watch simple explanation...

How about the entire world just band together, drop all debt, have one world currency, and finally become a Type 1 civilization.  And anyone or country who doesn't comply is considered a rogue barbarian and free to kill.
Agreed. We are in some exciting times. I see communal living coupled with sustainable technology as the way to go. Economies will be small in scale and focus more on producing everything locally.  I also see a form of governance that works on consensus which would mean we are on our way to a type 1 civilization.  Exciting times indeed.
1:30 - taxing the rich isn't a fair option? Fail in 90 seconds... awesome!
+Jonathan Grenier yeah? America is fucked up isn't it? first thing our president did when he came into office was lower his pay by like 70%.
2015 and the economy keeps running. tsk tsk tsk
+Channeled Predictions but you ALSO commented this year son of a bitch. LOL
What about lowering high taxes to get more money (laffer curve)? Governments get more money, because lower taxes incentives business to make more money and then to invest that money in jobs so that they make ever more and so on, and with more jobs every cycle, more people will be able to pay taxes to the government. Also, lowering already high taxes will let ordinary people save money to spend on other things that will also help businesses. 
Spend was only from the cold war to help beat the soviets. it helped more then the 5% real median family income went up $4,000, the unemployment rate was lowered to 5.4% and average job growth was 2.1% per year. I think that is beneficial to more people. Also, if you dont want to be homeless get a job
And when the global financial collapse happens revolution will most likely begin. Millions will die from lack of resources and warfare. People will be calling for the heads of the douchebags that enacted the ridiculous federal reserves that corrupted the whole fucking system to begin with. Reserve banks are the cancer in the system. Loaning the people the nation's currency at interest in a huge fucking mistake. A robbery of the worst kind and it'll bring the whole system crashing down because a few greedy fucks decided to rob EVERYONE world wide. It's a broken system. Either replace it with a resource based economy or hold the greedy fucks accountable. Oh that's right they've got everyone in their pocket so they're untouchable. Fucking bullshit. Why is it no one listens to voice of reason? If people did so maybe we wouldn't be heading towards extinction by greed!
+Demogorgon47 Anything that takes power away from banks is amazing indeed, but I'm worried that banks will find ways to battle bitcoin, like using legislation and making bitcoin illegal so they can exploit their monopolies. Banks are about power. Money is only a tool to enslave people and control them. The first step to battle banks is to get rid of all your debt. I know students with $150 000 college debt which will haunt them for a decade. If you and I are not smart about how we handle savings, things are gonna get very ugly. People call me irresponsible for not wanting my own house, travelling 6 months per year and living with my parents when I'm in my country. But I don't want to be a slave to the bank with a mortgage that haunts me, especially in times with collapsing currencies across the whole world. The future is in making money online, so that you can work in countries where you get huge value for your currency. People make $100/month in Laos. Make a small salary online if you work in IT or something, by making websites etc, and you can live like a boss in Laos with a salary that has no value in America. Plenty of countries on the planet to choose from
+getoffmypage Yeah I get what you mean. I too don't want to be a slave to debt. I'm pretty good at poker so I was considering making some money through that but also I wanna save up for an investment portfolio too. I wanna make as much money as I can in the time I have. Sadly much to my disgrace I wasted a bit of my life following a bad path. But now that I'm off that bad path I wanna try and move forward. But I don't wanna wind up like my parents, struggling to pay off debt the rest of my life either. When I make money I want it to be mine, not the banks as I pay off a tonne of loans for the basics such as a home. Perhaps I'm being naive, I dunno but ultimately I don't wanna be a slave to debt and I think that's a fair call. If it means I'm renting places for years to save up for a home then so be it. It's better then owing the bank.
The us spends more on welfare then the military
Which really tells me that there is something really wrong with the system. Its not geared to benefit the poor, thats for sure.
like the last true posts comments
The answer is: raise taxes only for rich people problem solved
The United States is a democracy which means the people select the leaders, many people are too busy/lazy to actually look into which leaders represent what so usually the one with the most funding (from rich) and exposure during campaigns get elected, so they can't tax the rich when the rich bends rules through private funding.
You have GOT to be kidding? Do you realize just how many problems that would cause? Raising the already ridiculously high taxes on the rich would not solve our problems. It would help destroy the U.S. economy. Then boost another countries because a great deal of those rich people and their companies are going to leave.
Right...and the dollar was going to collapse but four years later the dollar is king once again, the US economy is on top and American debt levels are ranked 36th in the world...so what's the problem?
this video was made in 2011
the US screwing the all world with this debt,,, they can send the debt to africa still wont pay it ... 18 trilion, the public debt,    plus u can add some 60 trilion or 200 trilion of all other debt,.
Great idea... Fight Iraq and take its oil because they have oil they are terrorists
And US is killing helping their people
Tax the Rich!!! People that make $300k plus a year. Buying nice homes, trips, vehicles.....spend spend spend. They have extra and make more. Tax more!!! My small business brought in $112,000. After payroll and expenses my profit was $50k. Both me and wife worked it. Family of 4. Between income, business, and federal and payroll taxes. $13,000 . We cut business in half, let go the 6 employees and now pinch pennies to pay back all that tax on top of everything else! FYI Make too much for any help, yet can barely eat, and no health Insurance. American Dream is a JOKE
+CountryGunSlinger do you mind if I ask what type of goods and services your business makes? I'm interested in reading your troubles caused by the idiotic decision making that corrupt politicians make in Washington everyday. Insurance, banking, and car industries have their hands deep into the pockets of our representatives to stand up for them and suppress the little people. General Motors. Citigroup Bankers, Chase Bank, Bank of America CEO's all walk away with million dollar salaries after almost destroying the hard earned pensions and investments of hard working people of this country. The USofA has always been a joke to me along with politicians claiming RepubliCAN'T or DemocRATS, they all play on the same team bought by the top 1%. I do wish with all my heart an economic collapse that will remove the punch bowl of everyone that has been getting drunk on the idea of free money lending and excessive spending, because it is greed that has put us into this global mess. It is greed, and only greed, what has placed us in this position in the first place. I do wish you my best regards for having a small business and not bowing down to large corporations that pay little to no taxes (WALMART) and i hope people increase their support of small mom and pop businesses. 
Tax the rich? Eh they could but it's not like it'll go to poverty our gov is corrupt the monetary system needs to be abolished its the true cause of everything America does.
Non sense our Monetary system gives US endless money growth.
Well the idea of taxing the rich should be to pay down the debt. I mean what you just said is to tax more and then just spend more. That just continues the cycle
Corporations slteals billions and billions for years and can't pay their employe ? Were did the profit go ?
I think Foreign direct investment is good as long as the profits drain back to the USA. I thought printing money is only done to mitigate the growth of the economy especially with the growth of the digital world, technology and new jobs that never existed 10 years ago. USA should mitigate the cost of labor disadvantage by elevating its technological advantage. It should also use comparative advantage to foster economic growth. However, the credit cards system is a disaster in the making. Similarly, the growing debt through accumulation of deficit is disastrous. Its time to lower spending by cutting down social security and others. 
For everyone interested in a true Solution, search for The Zeitgeist Movement. Seriously, it will open your eyes in many ways. Thank you. #EvolutionAwaits
  Please stop calling it a Deficit, that's a Accounting term that to many people don't understand. I long ago stopped using Deficit and replaced it with OVER-SPENDING. That people understand.
BROKE is more of a laimens term...
some of the EU countries like germany already started investing with BRICS members ..lol its just thier name appeared on G7 lol
why are banks willing to buy government bonds? I don't understand this
+IronPump89 Banks buy government bonds as an insurance. Banks receive money from civilians, but the problem is more people borrow than deposit. By buying government bonds, banks secure themselves as 'trustworthy to load'. This means that the bank will receive money from the government and FED to further loan to civilians. This leads to more money coming back to the bank due to interest.
I'm Canadian and I'm worried about the debt loads of my country, the US and Europe. I am no economist but I think we need to both increase taxes, reduce tax loop-holes and cut government spending. Not huge amounts but slowly so that a budget surplus is the norm. We already have a massive "debt bomb", let's start consistent dismantlement it by paying that money back. If all nations in debt would start slowly doing this it shouldn't be too disadvantageous to any one country. I don't like the idea of more taxes and spending cuts but isn't it better to make it a little harder for everyone now than future economic collapse which would put a great deal of people in situations far worse than a little belt tightening? This makes no one happy but doesn't cripple any party (individual, company, government, etc) involved in the economy. This is pretty simpleton economics but does anyone have a better solution?
+Sean Puffynipples Please explain how a slight tax increase will increase debt levels of non-governmental entities? It won't cause economic growth but a slight tax increase to almost all will prevent future economic catastrophe. Businesses might put off expansion a bit and people living beyond their means may get a reality check (ie start spending what they can afford, not more) but in the end it is better for long term sustainability. 
+Doug Patterson Think about paying more for something and how much that would impact you
I have a question... I've been very concerned about the debt crisis for a long time, but one thing I came to realize this year is that almost every other country on the planet is printing money at a faster rate than the USD. The USD has increased in value in currency exchange consistently over the course of the past century because other currencies are inflating their money with even more fiat printing than we do. So if that is the case, aren't we just able to continue to print more and more money? On a global scale, even though we are experiencing substantial inflation, other countries are experiencing even far worse inflation than we are. The USD is still incredibly strong vs other currencies, and it grows stronger every single year because we print less than they do. We do also create some great products and exports. So knowing this, why wouldn't other countries still want the USD in the future? Why would our dollar collapse? Is the debt crisis really just a false alarm then? Or is there a reason why this fiat printing and borrowing truly is something to worry about? If you can explain this to me I would be very appreciative and thanks for reading. PS: Inflation sucks without complimentary wage increases.
Foreign governments, central banks and corporations have a vested interest in the US maintaining solvency. 
Bottom line, invest your savings in gold or silver or bitcoin before banks will take all your savings !! The day will come, that banks will take all your money. I am looking for an optimal solution and when I figure out what is best, I'll take all my money away from the bank
Why does the title say 2015 when this video was made in 2011?
the sooner it happens the better, than finally the infrastructure can be built without fear of the the leach that is... whom can't I offend? 
Uncle Sam is Becoming Old he will die soon and USA will collaps into small stats or collaps into regions this is what nature is no empire last forever USA you can still feel lucky your empire will be break by itself and not a foreign invaders will do it 
The guy got his numbers wrong. The current debt rate of this second rate country called USA is 18 trillion dollars, which is 104% of its GDP! Even countries like China and India only have debts in 50s and 60s. Third world america hererl we come :)
+The CPGS Dude, those ghost cities if China you are talking about is about to be occupied by people. The fact is China is on the right track and yanks are heading south.
There is idea: Instead of increasing tax for the rich, raise it for the poor, so that poor will work more to pay less taxes
+CabbageTalks Do you have any better idea? Those who dont work (And they dont have good reason to not work) should not live. (I know its tough, but it will be needed, we need to free society of parasites)
well the us is in a debt crisis and it seems they are creating enough jobs for all to work, so they probably could cut back on some social securities, and military, to save alot of money. And those who dont work would either, like you cynically wanted, starve and die or work. I think the elderly who did work hard all their life to build the usa deserve a nice pension tho
You forgot the part where the federal reserve profits go to private banks and not the national treasury.
yeah the parasitic European central Banksters !!
China owns 50% of the US debt, they can take down the economy whenever they want
1.  China does not own 50% of US debt, it's more like 20% of foreign held debt (i.e. it doesn't include domestic holders). 2.  China's economy is very dependent on manufacturing exports.  They would have to commit economic suicide to hurt the U.S.
suppose govt. start printing money to pay domestic debt then people would get back their money and but for now onwards they wouldn't get interest  and so effectively their income will go down and hence they left with two option either save the money and cut down the spending or invest this money somewhere else but in neither case they spend more and hence technically  inflation should not increase.  in second case if American govt. start printing paying their debt to china then Chinese central bank would have more dollars and technically dollar value in terms of yuan would get lower but Chinese wouldn't do that because this would destroy their export market and hence whole economy.
the govt cannot print money the feds do,,and the feds are directly responsible for the debt in the US,,Obama could begin to wipe out debt with a stroke of a pen but he will never do it,,,,
+karl wills I meant Fed only. Thanks for pointing out mistake.
baykoty and arrange meetings around the world, the US terrorizing the planet, forcing them to buy government bonds on which they will not pay. each country to buy them pays tax on America right to exist on the planet etoy. Enough! enough to live at the expense of the whole world! we will not pay you!
Please search for the word Shemitah on youtube it talks about the collapse coming  late this year, every 7 year cycle America has a recession recently 2008 stock market collapse, 2001 on 911, 1993/94 when Clinton was coming into power,1987 when wall street suffered terrible, 1980 when Reagan was now coming into power and 1972/73 when Nixon had to get America off the gold standard so its every 7 years and this one next year is going to be the last and the worst, please search for it the Shemitah
U.S.A is fucked. idk how their gonna get out of this debt
I wish Uncle Scam would get his own job & stop mooching off my weekly check!
the american dream is killing you guys for 60 years!!!
tax the wealthy and stop funding 1 trillion a year on the fucking military
Communism...problem solved.
This video is a scam. While the video is interesting, and may have some actuality to it, he just changes the year in the title every year. It in fact, is not as recent as you would like to think.
You do not understand fiat currency. The US cannot go bankrupt. It is impossible. 
you forgot one little detail - he borrows the money from the federal reserve as wel... 
The Global Economic Collapse will be epic beyond belief and very few people will survive. And all because "the world's greatest superpower" needs to keep the illusion up.
This is cleary rubbish. Every debt has a credit. All that will happen is ownership of assets will be redistributed in some way until a stable balance is achieved. The economy is a capacitor, a store of energy, and it will dischage when the capacity is exceeded. It may explode if there is no way to discharge it but it will discharge. The thing is the charge is created by those in the system so there is a choice to be made. Remove the viruses in the system by reinstalling the operating system or destroy the whole thing and start over. It is possible we have no choice in any of these things.
Why not do the following? It may not solve the problem but helps: Step 1: Create money (Inflation goes up) Step 2: Buy inflated foreign currency. (dollar goes out, foreign goes in, Zimbabye for example (Inflation goes down?) ) Step 3: Foreign government stabilises by the influx of dollars. (Meanwhile USA is like "meh") Step 4: Stabilized government buys American stuff with their bettered currency. (Monies!) Step 5: Profit. Step 6: Get sh*t together and start deflation. (opposite of inflation) Step 6.1: Congratulate self. Step 6.5: Threaten Foreign with inflation by releasing currency bought in the market. (so they keep buying from the US) Step 7: Repeat if necessary. Step 8: Buy beer to celebrate a job well done.
One idea I dont hear much is that we as Americans should take less.  Maybe we all can't have a couple cars and a big house with a lot of land.  The American Dream is wonderful, but may not be practical.  More and more people work for the federal government and get decent salaries, but we don't really produce anything.  I'm not an expert by anys means and I don't imagine that anyone on here is.  We all want to see the economy grow and more jobs and more production, but what can we produce and sell? Everyone in America has their hand out for money from the Government.  Companies get loans, tax exemptions, and subsidies, people get student loans, home loans, public education, food stamps, and healthcare.  The Veterans get healthcare, GI bill, housing allowances, retirement, and disability.  Before anyone attacks me I understand that these programs are necessary.  One thing to think about is how many people have to pay taxes to equal the stuff the Government buys.  For example how many people have to pay taxes to pay for 1 fighter jet or to buy 1 aircraft carrier.  Those are examples of things that are the most expensive.  I know I will get attacked but I welcome a conversation not about the merits of each program, but the cost.
I did not know that America's debt beyond '$ 15 trillion !!!! What the future of America
Fortunately, things didn't turn out like your video predicted.  If anything there are actually deflation concerns now.  An important note is that the U.S. economy hasn't been dependent on manufacturing for a while now.  It shifted primarily to services some time ago (which makes sense as that's further along the development curve).
4:10 he put himself in the MJ video!! ahahaha
Why when creating money the more there is the more it becomes less worth? Im not understanding this rule? Why not the more money there is let it stay the same? why change the rule?
+luis hinojosa Its because money is only valuable because someone worked for it. The difference between money & wealth is money is just a universal tool that allows us to trade with each other. Wealth is anything & everything one might spend money on. Wealth is infinite. Money is finite but in a way its infinite too because its recyclable, the faster money is cycled thru the system & spent & taxed & spent & on & on the better off the economy is. What makes america so wealthy is all our abundance of goods & services. Even poor people seem to have flat screen TV's. Compare that with Somalia, how many flat screens or cars less than a decade old do you think they have. If you just printed a bunch of money for the people of Somalia & passed it all out it wouldnt mean much because the country is a total shit hole & theres nothing to spend money on. Again the difference in america is everybody is working & creating things of value while Somalians are trying to avoid the hail of bullets from an AK-47, not much time for starting businesses. Think of it like this; whenever you have money in your possession just think how did you get that money? You did something of value even as simple as mowing someone's lawn & someone else therefore gave YOU something of value, money, and they did something of value to get that money & on & on. It is the essence of equitable trading. Its trading one thing of value for another thing of value. For instances if you took money out of the equation; -I fixed several people's air conditioners & traded that for a couple week's worth of groceries -I give 160 hours of my time within a month working at a retail store & I trade that for running water, electricity, food Sometimes money isnt involved, people trade things for things all the time. Trade in your old car to knock off the price of your new car. Trade in your old game console for some new video games. Most big box stores will let you return items without a receipt for store credit, you return a drill & walk out with a power saw. Money just makes everything easier by having a universal currency we all recognize as value. But dont get it twisted money is not some magical piece of paper that has value just because some suits in washington say so. It actually has no real value, by that I mean if armageddon came tomorrow & we all went into survival mode money would suddenly have no value, it would just be paper. But a knife, blanket, tools, etc. these things still have 'real value.' So with all that in mind the best explanation I've heard on this topic is that all they can do is print pieces of paper, they can not 'print' brand new Cadillacs, they can not print new houses, its not magic. Its kinda like checks, they too are just pieces of paper. Anyone can arbitrarily write up a check for a million bucks but unless theres actually a million in the account its just a piece of paper. And unless people actually work to create things of value money is just paper. Just like if the bank accidentally cashed that bogus check for a million you would have taken a great deal of value away from that bank & if you just dump pieces of paper in the economy it doesnt add any value it diminishes value.
So basically Bush fucked over the world... And walks free. If I punched bush in the face, id go to jail/prison. How nice
If UncleSAm will get money back, he'll be a poor rogue hobo
"Uploaded on Aug 9, 2011" hahaha
ever heard of QE1, 2, and 3?
Sweden has a good eye on what's happening with the Swedish money. Hopefully, this crisis won't affect me too much. I'm not saying it won't; I'm just hoping it won't.
True because Sweden is not to densely populated it can do what Iceland did destroy its banks. Which I think every one should do and cancel every ones debt or reduce it to a interest much smaller than the annual profit of the nation.
Swedish national debt is at 30%. This is possible even though we have extenssive social programs because of the extreme taxes. (30% income tax, 25% VAT tax, 20% corporate tax) But this tax rate makes it hard to save and because of that the private debt level is at 165,1%. Due to city planning, rent controls and overregulation in the housing sector there is a massive shortage of apartments. A big part of private debt is house loans and there is a housing bubble. And lastly the extremely low interest rates right now globally and in Sweden are extremely common right before a economic crash because it distorts markets. Sweden is going to have some problems sooner or later.
To your suprise I don't think that the collapse will be painful to anybody. Rules are crated by people and so they can be ignored by them. At worst, nations will stop exsiting and people will just get by themselves, at the lightiest, we will have a few years of pain and then establish a new economy. Kind of how you format a pc. Since if it hurts the whole world, it wont be a problem to just get rid of it.
Bah! Nonsense! We just take out more loans. And this video is from three years ago. Why does it say 2014 in the title? And where is the collapse?
hahahaha .. no more usa ... in a few years no usa more .. bye bye america ^_^ thats because wars against muslims .. now pay the cost
TBH this only would make me want to go to the US even more. Global economic collapse won't be cause by the US being the first link to break, probably Japan maybe?? Anyway when the entire world goes to hell in a hand basket the US has abundant farm lands, energy resources to be completely independent too. I would worry for the countries that depend on trade to survive more.  Also this video doesn't take into account the amount of debt the US owns itself. The US government and people own a few trillion of our own bonds, but there is also unfunded liabilities...
Here is a solution, maybe if the the big rich were willing to pay there fair share of taxes, and if the banks learned to be patient, and let the economy get back on its feet. It would solve alot of problems 
If Bill Gates dies, his money is going towards paying off the debt.
I have nothing can afford nothing. So when this hits I just want a chance to kill a few bankers and politicians when the lights go out lol
this video predicted big inflation. Inflation has been very low. So the theory pitched in this video is not correct.
Currency devaluation doesn't "cause" outsourcing. 
What program did you use to make his animated video for educational purposes?
This is why I am in college for an associate of arts degree. When this does happen, I'll be more in demand than a some joe programming $600 mobile phones no one can afford. I'm learning skills that would still be marketable no matter what so I hope it's soon.
+Derp Herp lol you write like you're 12 years old. I like how you think you're now an expert in world economics though. 
+Caprican28 Says the person who types lol. I am not an expert I am simply not ignorant to the world around me you moron.
The best resolvation- is it live and work in Russia.
I will take too the Roads and Solve Crimes with my Magic Stick Like #1 Dead Guy in Ditch #2 Who Own`s What
And the US government can easily maintain the level of interest required on to pay on it's debts. Currently, that's about 4%, and we're able to easily handle up to 6% of our annual budget.  This video also forgets to note that the value of the debt falls annually as inflation rises annually... so too as our economy grows, the value of the debt falls annually. 
The interest, though less than inflation, reduces that 'savings' considerably. The amount of debt added every year is more than inflation reduces the debt value. Inflation makes it not quite as bad as if currency value were static but if the budget continues to be unbalanced it may not be too long before debt repayment becomes a major issue.
Well I am going to get some gold.
Here's another idea. Why don't we make a progressive scale for the capital gains tax? Instead of a flat 15%. How about small only 10%, medium 15%, and large ones at 20%. This will increase investments from the poorer Americans while collecting more in taxes from big walls trees tycoons.
i for one completely trust our government, and wish death squads upon those who doubt.
O_O DA FAQ O_O ....... XD LOOOL u got me there :D i hope :(
You have trust in  people that can't cooperate and only care for themselves?
how does the government pay back the us debt by putting the fed printed money in banks all around america? and plus the fed charges interest witch puts the government in more debt. so basicly dats paying debt wit debt. also, how does paying back the debt with the federal reserve money cause inflation when the governments not putting the loaned fed money in the economy just using it on the debt? or mabey the government isnt using it to pay the debt. mabye there just putting it in the ecconomy causing inflation claiming there paying off the debt, but really causing inflation. but why?
Akash Vedi, ‘‘‘The Psychohistorical-Dialectical Equations’’’ -- STATE-Capitalism [PSEUDO-Socialism] vs. ‘Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY’,   I have become aware of a new development in Marxian Theory, using a new tool of “universal labor” [Marx] -- a heuristic, ‘intuitional’, contra-Boolean, algebraic dialectical logic -- one that has enabled those who use it to develop a model of ‘‘‘The Dialectic of Nature’’’:  of an unbroken, self-developing, mounting ‘meta-genealogy’, from pre-nuclear “particles” all the way up to the human, with a prediction as to what is coming next; a model of the historical dialectic of natural history as totality.   “Inside” that totality-model, a model of the history of what Marx calls “the social forces of production”, and of “the social relations of production”, within “human pre-history” [Marx], culminating in the capital-relation/wage-labor relation, at the core of capitalist society, and the self-cleavage of that society into the wages-/salaries-class vs. capitals-class class-struggle that this “social relation of production” imposes, until the capital-relation-incented growth of the “social forces of production” internally destabilizes that capitals-system, producing the -- present -- ‘descendance-phase’ of capitalist civilization. Their models also predict/reconstruct the “lawful” emergence of a ‘HUMANOCIDAL’, ‘capitalist-anticapitalist’ [totalitarian STATE-capitalist] ruling class in descendance-phase capitalism. They predict a terminal, ‘descendance-phase’ ruling class ideology which is simultaneously ‘capitalist anti-capitalist’, ‘human anti-humanist’, and ‘anti-Marxian Marxianist’.    The ruling-class’s ‘human anti-humanism’ ideology initially spawned “Eugenics”, but, after their debacle with their Eugenics servant-dictatorship, the Hitler regime, they switched to their “Big Money” perversion of the global grass roots anti-pollution movement, i.e., into the “People Are Pollution” neo-pseudo-religion of ‘Earthism’, attacking global working class living standards on pseudo-ecological grounds.   The “lawful” degeneration of capitalist, representative democracy into totalitarian, ‘humanocidal’ STATE-capitalism [‘Orwell’s Law’], in the “advanced” capitalist nation-states, is ENABLED by the hyper-concentration of capital-money in ever fewer hands, which, at length, totally obliterates the “checks-and-balances” among the political branches of government, as the ‘descendant-phase’ plutocracy prostitutes all three branches, plus the news media.    But the desperate, DRIVING MOTIVE behind the plutocracy’s rush to TOTALITARIAN ‘HUMANOCIDE’ is a deep secret, still not discerned by most observers and theorists. 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The ‘Associations of [popularly elected, mandated, popularly recallable] Public Directors’ bodies, implementing the ‘Citizens EXTERNALITY Equity’ [‘GRASS ROOTS regulation of deadly local pollution’] Human Right, are an ‘institution-ization’ of the historical experiences of the revolutionary, territorially/residentially-grounded “community councils” that have manifested repeatedly in contra-capitalism revolts. The ‘producers-democracies’ that are the MARKET-COMPETING ‘‘‘socialized producers’ cooperatives’’’ of the ‘Citizen STEWARDSHIP Equity’ [‘collective entrepreneurship’] Human Right [the ‘socialized venture capital’ Human Right] are an ‘institution-ization’ of the historical experiences of the revolutionary, workplace-grounded “producers’ councils” that have also formed repeatedly in modern revolts.     Each Citizen Steward elects, and can vote to recall, the management of their collective enterprise, and each Citizen Steward votes on ALL major managerial decisions.    Each Citizen-Steward producer, as such, enjoys, by constitutional & Human Right, two streams of income:  (1) compensation for time worked, determined via the Skills-Markets, not necessarily equal in amount to that earned by fellow Citizen Stewards, & (2) an EQUAL share in the net operating surplus of their Citizen-Stewardship enterprise. Stewardship cooperatives pay a social rent on their means of production -- held in Stewardship, not ownership -- a social rent that discourages inefficient use of means of production, and that helps fund the Citizen Birthright Equity individual Citizen socialized trust funds.    The Citizen Stewardship Equity constitutional amendment does not outlaw self-employed capital, private joint stock capital, or state-capital.  But capitalist firms must play by the rules of stockholder democracy, & must compete, for employees, etc., against Stewardship producers’ cooperatives, wherein the collective self-employers, the producer-owners, decide, democratically, how they will be treated by their collective self-employer, i.e., by themselves.   ‘‘‘Power tends to corrupt.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.’’’  CHECKS AND BALANCES are the key bulwark against socio-political degeneration into dictatorship.   The prescription is that the -- concentrated-economic-power-obviated -- POLITICAL checks and balances be “aufheben” retained, as REVIVED by the new ECONOMIC checks and balances, in a new societal system of SUSTAINED QUADRUPLE POWER, with sustained, ‘inter-mutually’ checking-and-balancing conflicts among the executive, legislative, and judiciary branches of [popularly-elected] POLITICAL government, and also vis-a-vis the new, ECONOMIC-DEMOCRATIC institutions of ‘‘‘Equitism’’’ -- the social institutions of ‘Citizen Externality Equity’, ‘Citizen Birthright Equity’, and ‘Citizen Stewardship Equity’, described above.    This will require a VIGILANT social majority, that knows what it wants -- the better life for all of Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY -- and that knows the horrors of the alternative -- CIA-Police-State, Totalitarian, ‘Humanocidal’ State Capitalism, already rampant in its ‘STEALTH EUGENICS’, ‘STEALTH HUMANOCIDE’ incipient mode.   The social-revolutionary transition to Equitarian Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY need not be a violent conflagration -- citizen mass boycotts of the Big, Government-prostituting Banks and other ‘‘‘Corporatist’’’ Mega-Corporations, populist electoral campaigns for legislatures, executives, and judges at the Municipal, State, and National levels, popular initiatives, and constitutional amendments may suffice to change the social relations of production.  However, the degenerate plutocracy can be expected to resort to illegal violence when they see that their power is threatened.   Organizing can begin at the grassroots level, campaigning for the adoption of municipal-scale, then county-scale, then state/province-scale implementation of approximations of the Citizen Externalities Equity, Citizen Birthright Equity, & Citizen Stewardship Equity Human Rights, before attempting their full implementation at the national scale.    For more about these historic breakthroughs, see --   http://www.dialectics.org/dialectics/Welcome.html http://www.dialectics.org/dialectics/Glossary_files/Glossary,The_Dialectic_of_Social_Equity,07SEP2014.jpg   http://capitalismsfundamentalflaw-wayforward.blogspot.com/2013/03/plutocracy-publicly-proclaims-planned.html http://www.equitism.org/Equitism/Mission/Mission.htm   http://www.equitism.org/Equitism/Theory/PoliticalEconomicLawOfMotion/PoliticalEconomicLawOfMotion.htm http://www.equitism.org/Equitism/Theory/PoliticalEconomicDemocracy/PoliticalEconomicDemocracy.htm   http://www.equitism.org/Equitism/AmendmentXXVIII/AmendmentXXVIII.pdf   http://www.equitism.org/Equitism/MaladyAndRemedy/MaladyAndRemedy.htm http://feddialectics-miguel.blogspot.com/2012/05/fed-psychohistorical-equations.html   http://feddialectics-miguel.blogspot.com/2014/05/part-ii-introduction-dialectic-of-nature.html   http://feddialectics-miguel.blogspot.com/2014/05/part-iii-epoch-t-1-atoms-emegent.html   http://feddialectics-miguel.blogspot.com/2014/05/part-iii-b-epoch-t-2-molecules-emergent.html Regards,   Miguel 
Quite the conundrum. Here's my idea: end the war on drugs. Legalize marijuana. It'll lower spending on law enforcement, generate income from taxes, create jobs, and cut crime all in one stroke.
then all is done... **r will happened
down with this fiate currency system. - Dr.Ron paul
Free books for UPSC [good collection of History ( old NCERT + bipin chandra )+ Polity ( by LAxmikant ) + Geography ( Majid Hussain) + Economy ( Ramesh Singh )] + lots more http://statecivilservicepreparation.blogspot.in/p/free.html
  why the hell are Americans helping japs? don't they remember pearl harbor and WW2 the japs were in cahoots with Hitler!! I don't know how can people forget so fast I guess their families were not affected at pearl harbor and they don't have a horse in the WW2 war they would think differently towards them jap SOB's!!! I wonder tho if Pakistan, Iraq or Iran killed your brother would you help them even if a few decades pass will you not tell your kids of how the terrorist killed their uncle? japan thinks if they don't discuss what happened in WW2 it would disappear or dissolve but WTF!! are they smoking they terrorized Asia in WW2 This is another thing US owes like some trillion crazy number of monies to china. Why are the US worried about international issues when they cant pay their debt. If I were the Chinese I'd say PAY US OR SIT THE FUCK DOWN AND STFU!!!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_war_crimes http://youtu.be/TXNWgHadWOI http://youtu.be/hcQTysyGwKQ http://youtu.be/GrxOVbkMG-A racist Japanese R tards!
Simply FUCK USA. Worst shithole on the planet. The worst thing is the rest of the world depends on this shithole not because it wants to but because they have no choice... FUCK USA.
Have you ever even been there. Ignorant comments...
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