Shiddd My Nigga Smashed Her Ass Ha
SMH, dude got paper but at the end of the day that paper can't buy you class. Like some of the dudes music, funny how they are comparing him to Pac, that's funny. In the end I saw an article that said the chick beat him outta some dough cause of some cancer stuff she was going through. I guess this is his payback cause she skated on his ass. At the end of the day, I feel people need to know or set limits, stuff like that can send a man off the deep end.
After bosh a had a kid with her she did it with the dope head weezy
What country in Africa did this take place in?
he deserved to be banned from all NBA events with this attitude.
I've always said, it seems like the more money some folks make; common sense and lack of awareness just seems to open the door and let's itself out. Dis guy has kids relatives that are looking at him. I'm a 70's baby, you think them folks are proud of his latest actions. SMH, what a joke. The styles / music now is like a bowl of fruit loops, not to mention grown ass men walking around showing their underwear. Missed the days of BIG, Pac, Big L. In the 80's when you had a sag, not this BS now.
Lol...take it to the streets...then he said I'm gonna go skate....ridiculousness!!!
So disrespectful smh ...nigga too old for that....hopefully bosh man up and whoop his ass!!!
this is the part when waynes career starts fading out and dying slowly if he keeps doin this shit
Lol he's from the street's yet his handling his problems in front of an audience with Miami heat players no where around. Yeah keep thinking your a man l hahaha...
Lil wayne fucked chris bosh wife, but chris bosh fucked birdman
When i say fuck,y'all say lil Wayne When i say fuck,y'all say young money
What an arrogant faggot of a rapper. No one likes him anymore and his music fucking sucks.
Someone needs to wipe lil wayne off the face of the planet
Wayne needs to crawl back under his rock.
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