Former Lecturer/Corporate CFO Bullies Chick-fil-A Clerk

by u1oo • 1,119,083 views

Spectacular activism fail in Tucson Arizona. Please do not post any contact info for this d-bag in the comments. I will nuke any phone numbers or email addresses that I see. Otherwise, have fun....

Dude sounded about as gay as 3 dollar bill.  Sounds as if someone has been lying to themselves for many, many years. That lady did not deserve to hear any of that.  You could tell she was like, "Oh no, not another one of these stupid a-holes again...."  Oh, and BTW, gay is wrong, it's not right.  Our society has dumbed itself down so much that we think this is okay now.  Gay is not okay, it's wrong.  Don't give me this shit that you were "born this way".  Go read a little prophecy and you will see that I am 100% correct.
Thank you for the new term gay as a three dollar bill.
+ainsleywainsley Do you have any morals?  Any at all?  And I don't mean the kind that any church will teach.  I mean, the one that goes like this: "Treat others as you would like to be treated."   AKA, the golden rule.  I'm sure you would like to be treated as equally as everyone else should be treated.  This society we live in now is so far from where it was just even 20 years ago, and it's not slowing down, not even one bit.  We are spiraling out of control....  You can cuss me all you want, but I know what's right and what's wrong.  I think you are lost and you need help, but it won't be me helping you.  When you're alone at night and you're crying to yourself, just remember that there is always someone there you can talk to.  You've just chosen to shut them out.  I'll pray for you that you may find peace one day.  Oh, and try not to run head first into traffic, it's bad for your health.
What a piece of shit. Don't shoot the messenger! She has bills to pay and possibly kids to feed and he's having a go at her? Little dicked cunt. Go to the people who are in charge.
+evan me shut the fuck up you little cunt. have you ever had a real job? are you 12? seriously go kill yourself and never breed. 
don't worry me and my gay husband will adopt a heterosexual child and convert him in the name of Satan, all hail the Lucifer the dark lord, and may jesus rest in peaces!
I don't support gays but as long they don't bother me I don't care
What a massive prick! 'Oh no the guy who owns a food chain believes the bible!' So what!!!
You sir, are a douche. You are complaining to someone who has no control or influence in the company and just making her job that much more tedious.  You're not accomplishing anything and you're making people hate you.  Just think about how much this person wants to punch you in the face and ask yourself, are you really doing something good?
If it's so terrible, why did you go there? I don't like soccer, so why would I go to a soccer game?
Chick-fil-A is not hating the whole "equality" thing. It's all about religion and like everyone else, we all have our own beliefs which this guy is being nothing but disrespectful about. I'm glad he go his stupid ass fired. One less aggressive human being in the working place. 
You're a fucking d bag cunt. You sound like a mad little bitch taking anger out on an innocent girl who is simply doing her fucking job you fucking dumb fuck. Be thankful you're a CFO cause I don't know how you got there. You should understand not every employee is going to share the same fucking "views" as the company. People are just there to work and take home money you fucking dumb fuck twat.  
How can he not see that he is the one filled with hate?
What exactly did he think would happen? Not everyone that works there is a homophobic prick and fighting fire with fire especially when you're attacking the middle man (in this case, the woman working there) gets nothing done.
You go to work at 9am come out at 7pm the whole time you clean up the joint scrub the cold freezer breath in the chems and shit cook up the food and serve people. And then you run across some asshole like this really? Shit if that was me I woulda tossed the drink at that fucker.
Gays are bad and so is this dumbass
this guys a faggot haha
they shouldnt give free water 
I love the backlash this self-righteous cunt received. 
A really sweet girl... A real douche bag that thinks it's his " mission" to harass people while trying to do their job
Pfffffffahahahah! What a fucking dickwad... xD
What a total jerk this guy is. Oh sure, the people are doing a sit in. HAHA. He's so delusional. And because he posted this video it will haunt him for the rest of his life. 
If I was working that window when he got to "I'm a nice guy by the way" , the next words out of my mouth would have been " no you're not . you're a fucking asshole!"
what a lie, you're totally not heterosexual bro.
A company made this guy a CFO...big mistake. Oh wait, the company wised up and fired him. Karma...that's all I have to say. This guy got what was coming to him. 
Did this moron really think that college students would join his absurd crusade and sit in? Who does he think he is?
Adam, stick to what you do best...Going to Lady Gaga concerts and sticking dicks in your ass and mouth!!!! "COCK SUCKING FAGGOT!!!!!
What was his purpose in posting this stupid rant and berating a poor woman? This was so idiotic and out of the line, I mean don't get me wrong I support gay marriage 100% and feel they deserved to be treated as everyone else but this was just unneeded.
I'm gay and I don't agree with what this guy did. Chic-Fil-A is not right. However, if your going to use your Freedom of Speech maybe you should told someone who could've made a difference, like a manager or the coorperate office. This girl was only trying to do her job and serve you to make a living for herself and all you did was disrespect her.
it's not her fault she just is trying to make a dollar..he should feel ashamed of himself
Typical liberal. Boasts about being open minded until they disagree with your personal beliefs.
The only hate monger I see in this video, is the one with the Camera. Fuck that guy. Happy he lost his job..... 
This guy is so stupid that he is a prime example to why our freedom of speech is being taken away from us. I hate idiots like this guy. I detest same-sex marriage; and what's wrong with that??
He just seeps smug liberal douche
chick fil a isn't even a corporation
I think this guy is a closet GAY
I felt bad for the girl. She got teared eyed. She seems very nice.
Don't try and get your point across by bullying and hate! Not cool!
To a liberal Disagree=hate
Such liberal tolerance
What a jerk of a guy! Rachel, you handled yourself wonderfully!
Fucking clown um glad they fired this asshole... I hate douchebags like this guy
Nothing but a rude ass, picking on a regular working gal.
the employee did not deserve that kind of treatment from the customers.
Talk about spreading hate.  This guy is the very definition of hate.  Funny how we need to be tolerant to gay people and their rights but it can't be the other way around.  This guys got fired because HE DESERVED IT.  What a coward picking on a girl in the drive-through window.  LOL@ feeling he did something purposeful.  and no way is this guy straight.  ha ha.  So funny.
This guy was not rude, just an individual operating on his outrage of what he perceives as hate. He should not have been fired from his job, sure his tactics were not the best. But Chick Fil A's are a lot worse. Feeding people msg food, bullying other small business that have a "Eat More" in their logos, paying people low wages, and of course hatred.
There is a difference between voicing your opinion and just being a giant asshole. You could tell that the woman was just doing what she was trained to do. If somebody like this came to my face and says all that shameful stuff, I would have the same reaction too. And by the way, this girl was not being a bully, she was just doing her job. 
No he was being ignorant. The girl works there because she's probably trying to make a living, not because she's homophobic. Just because you work at a company whose owner does not support gays doesn't mean she's the same. He didn't have to attack her like that and ask some rude question like how do you live with yourself working at Chick-fil-A. I'm all for standing up for what is right, but when you attack someone who has nothing to do with a hateful comment is just wrong.
I don't really care what the chick-fil-a president says about gays. What pisses me off as that he's making money just because of it. however, i love that gays are coming out and standing up for what they believe in. There are so many gay people but if hey don't seak up they won't be heard
The US is full of this kind of shitty trash fucking retards who called themselves "liberal".... that's why Obama is going to be re-elected,
He's Rambo and the Easter bunny rolled into one. The Pope keeps him on speed-dial. Sheep beg him to fuck them. He braved the Ginger-Dragon of Chik-Fil-A to get his free water. REAL A-MER-I-CAN HERO ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! AND NOT A GAY IN HIM ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Off In the distance, the bell of the Salvation Army draws the ire of our most constipated hero, who boldly goes where gays fear to tread. His mission, to save the world from hate-chicken and charities who don't help equally. Save us all.
Way to be an asshole to that poor girl who was obviously the better person here. I like how you wasted everyone's time for a fucking cup of water and an audience to listen to slam an innocent girl. I also like how you had to remind us all that your a nice guy. Im happy your unemployed today.
you're not the sharpest tool in the shed, are you?
What's with all the hate towards liberals? Why is everyone talking like this douchebag represents the majority of them? It seems to me like this is a vicious cycle. Chick-fil-A does something hateful, then this guy does something hateful back at them, and now everyone's commenting on this video saying how much they hate liberals. Can't we just stop all of intolerance and hate outright?
Really? WOW... It really goes to show that no publicity is bad publicity. I guess protesters don't realize that by doing this pathetic stunts all they are doing is giving them free, ridiculously massive amounts of publicity.
They are NOT against gays. They are against gay marriage.
Just a little man trying to feel bigger than he actually is. One cup I water makes no difference to such a large business.
chick fil a recorded 30% increase in profits during this period ... so much for your protests
Stop the hate with hate, way to go. I am glad you got fired.
This guy is such a dick. This girl doesn't have anything to do with what the company she works for does. She's just working a crappy job trying to support herself, and he just came in and ruined her day. Be nice to retail workers, they have it rough enough as it is...
Yeah.... it's idiots like this male (he doesn't deserve to be called a man) who made me realize just what a disgusting cesspool 21st century liberalism really is. You just know FDR's spinning in his grave right now. Harassing some teenage girl for where she works? Yeah, that's mature!
That's the Chick-Fil-A near the El Con mall, I live in Tucson.
@scott michael I completely agree.
"when voters in EVERY state that voted on it, voted to affirm the dignity of gay people and their freedom to marry." Maybe I need to school you, but gay marriage is only legal in 8 states. That means 42 states it is not legal, because voters voted it down. That you need to lie means you have no case. That means most of the states sided with Obama, Biden, and Clinton, meaning to keep marriage defined as man and woman only.
haha wow, the up/down thumbs ratio... Thanks for keeping a hard stance on personal information OP! What was this guy thinking? Why's he even getting free water if he doesn't like the company?
Why did people hate on Chick Fil A? They should be able to support who they want to support, freedom of speech..
Suuuuuuuppppppeeerrr.....Faaaaabbuuuullllooouuussss!! Fag. Chick fil A right in yer butt. lol
Wow this guy's an asshole. Don't yell at someone who works there just for what the corporation does. It's not her fault Dan Cathy doesn't fully support gay marriage or anything else he did that made people question the business. Contact the headquarters if you have a problem with their ways. This isn't the first time someone who works there was bullied like this. One person at my old school had to quit Chick-fil-a because everyone thought of her as a bigot and bullied her for it.
Some people are. Some people are so passionate about this issue than instead of trying to solve the issue by teaching they just have hate towards those who oppose rights. There is hate on both sides... One is hate, the other one is hate towards the hateful.. none is right. We should try to educate and not hate.
Ok so the owners of chick fil a is allowed to speak his option? But not everyone else? Um ok reality check people if god didn't like us why did he make us so damn cute?
If that was me and tried to be polite that water would end up on his face! Sorry Not Sorry
Enjoy wearing diapers when you're older...BAHAHAHHA
2:05 says it all. When you gotta reaffirm that "Oh, I'm a nice guy by the way" doucheology 101 pal
LOL I don't have any gay in me.
You can't blame the employees for the policies of their superiors.
Liberal bullshit.... Im a nice guy but im going to insult a stranger at her job... nice work douche.
Likewise. I'm a straight man with numerous gay friends (including my best friend who came out and who we fully support), but just because a company has a policy that you don't believe with doesn't give you the right to act like a douche to some poor girl just trying to do her job. I don't even know what the hell he was thinking lambasting an employee who can't fight back. What a coward.
I think this guy proved just where the hate really comes from...himself.
Are you saying that gay people are not as good or worthy as straight people for certain government benefits that straight couples take for granted?
Way to GO! Way to tell these moronic employees working for a hate group company. Both Mcdonalds and Burger King are glad about chik fil a's self-destructive way of hating others, and now they are gaining more customers.
this guy is trying so hard to be relevant #cringe
I bet if that now unemployed fool applied for a job there they would hire him even after this.
What is wrong with this guy! Your not gay but you need to chill you just bombarded that woman! Chic fill a has religious morals and homosexuality isms not one of them! A marriage is suppose to be between a man and a woman joined together under god! As it says in the bible
The only hateful person in this video is the angry gay man
1. He is gay (not that there's anything wrong with that.) 2. He's a total ass 3. I wish I could find employees as good as her. She really held her composure and didn't engage in the hate. WAY TO GO CHICK!
What a terrible guy. "I'm uncomfortable that you're filming me" means you stop filming. Immediately. Then, you go home, delete the footage, and reevaluate your life. He's also such a supporter of gay rights that he feels the need to point out that he's not actually gay. Right. Might as well have just said "no homo". @u1oo: Thanks for uploading this, sorry that people keep assuming that you're the guy in the video.
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