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How to be Ninja

by nigahiga • 39,363,091 views

This is a dvd that shows you how to be an excellent ninja. Songs Used: Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting Mortal Kombat Theme Song Pink Panther Theme Song Fergie - Clumsy

+Patrick Star you could atleast ATTEMPT to stand up for yourself
Video that started it all
its alright +uzamak3555 i forgive you dawg
Ya it all started from that, wow it's still hard to believe
Who's watching this in 2015!!!
Stupid bitch nigger no one cares when you watch it so stfu
Wow...Ryan's first video. You were 17 years old, huh? The memories of when you're're videos today are thousands of times better, but OMG, I finally see your first video =D Quality got better over the years.
This is not Ryan's first vid
no way these videos are 10 times better
gosh I remember being 8 years old and watching this on a little computer screen and laughing my butt off :)
Like if your watching in 2015 :D
what I'm saying is that it's non of his business if he doesn't want to be into this reply box.
can you remake these Ryan? just for old times sake? :D
Ryan will always be the #1 BEST YouTuber.
+The Real Bucky Yeah I heard about that! It completely deserves it!!
Sometimes i wish i was never born... Before 2027, by then we would have all this epic technology and nigahiga would prolly be president of the United States of the Almost Canadian Republic of China! NOBODY WILL SEE THIS COMMENT. (yes i said the United States of the Almost Canadian Republic of China, your welcome.) BTW i have watched every single video nigahiga has ever posted in under a week, starting with the newest down to the oldest. yes imma boss, wait... does me saying that i am a boss make me not a boss??? and am i just a geek sitting in a room with his PC since i have taken the time to watch ALL nigahiga videos?!! naw!!! oh wait... imma typing this... lol... ah screw it imma just gonna post it... wow imma still typing... TEEHEE!
+Jellyroll Jellyrolls oh well, lol. Maybe its a re-upload.
Liek if u iz watchingz Inz 291837392817bc btw we tlk like dis plus gta 6 does not hve heists yet but it will cum in 1.847475748447474747474757575757 Update
I'm laughing my ass of cuz you said cum
This video is branded on the YouTube hall of legendary videos. Good days.....
What? I never saw him respawn
+Deacon Lanni Crap...."Watari...lock Deacon Lanni up"..
Whos waching in 2014
At 0:55 seconds did anyone hear Ryan say "Go"
watching in 2015xxx who else is, like and comment and ill subscribe to you
Can't stop laughing :')  I have no regrets to be a subscriber of nigahiga's channel, period! 
How many subscribers did he have when he first posted this video?
The world may never know... :)
This was quite hilarious.
This is nigahiga first video........
He had videos also of him dancing before this
dear Ryan: this video is 7 years old so your not seeing this... i just blew yo mynd
And this was how the legend of NigaHiga was born.
+SmallAsianMan First time hearing about it, but thanks for clarifying it.
Who came here cause of faze rains vid?
I remember this as part of my childhood
i know right, i was 12 back then
Man, I remember this like It was yesterday I think I was 4-5 years old the first time I saw this he was the first person I subscribed to him. Ohhhh the memories ⏰
Like if you hate this comment. Ooooooh I told you what to do, go on hate on this comment, slap it crazy boy
Sparsh Desai Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Dear Ryan, This is your first video so you arent reading this.
OnisiomSpeaks sent me here. It popped up under recommended videos on his new one. 
I dont think he back then would ever think he would be him now
Who's wacthing this in 2015
Do you know anyone that isn't?
That fag thing was really offensive.
This was my shit back in the day
I am watching this in the year 500 B.C on my iRock.
When I first watched this I didn't understand the scene about being a fag, because I was too young. Watching this now I must say I am schocked that Ryan higa promoted this derogatory slur in this video. Very disappointed.
how old were they with this video??
I remember watching this everyday after school with my cousin, we would watch everything in order first we watch this, then how to be emo, gangster, nerd and then we go random. This was my favorite we always say TEEHEE then laugh. We laugh about their names and the green ball ofc :) <3 I always thought that Ryan would go back and watch this video nd remember the feels.
oh and the ipod human xD
Nostalgia. I remember watching this 6 years ago. Nigahiga was the first person I subbed to on my dad's account like 5 years ago.
mann i remember watching this back when i didn't know what a fag even was.. how did he make these types of videos in high school?! i'm the same age as him now and i could never do that..
"My name is Hanate Wakuso shiseo tadashite teriyaki Suzuki Honda civic" "My name is..Bob"
back when u could unnecessarily call people fags
Who is Ryan trying to imitate after the fag?
At 0:55 you can hear him say go
This video makes me cry because it's video that started it all ;)
You can watch video "skitzo - reunited" regina, r-dizzle and hanate make how to be ryan higa. :))) It's so hilarious :v
Like if you didnt learnt anything from the video.
It really annoy me when people start fighting before the voice says Mortal Kombat Also what the heck kind of a fart sound was that?
Anyone watching this in 2015?! Then like if ur gonna watch in 2016!
This was the first youtube video I remember watching
Wow I remember watching this years ago
I'm watching everybody's first vid
Da “How to Be” series definitely brings back memories! I was in da 5th grade when I first watched it n I fell in luv wid them♥
Wow Ryan has come a long way
This video was life as a kid lol
2:13 Omg lololololololololollolollolololloloololollololo
My cousins showed me this videos years ago! Ah the memories
For his 1st video I think he did pretty good.👏👏
That's his first vid?! That's means that... The first vid I watched by him was his first video! :0
+ChaosWarrior GT No it wasn't really... I think he started like 2006 and he made lip-sync videos. I don't know if this is his first video doing something different that lip-sync, but I think it's the first where he's put so much though, effort and originality and the first one to get so popular, so in many, many ways - it is the first video.
Started from the bottom!!!
It's blue and black ! 
Watching in 2015 and do you do judo lol
Ya he did he said in his draw my life video :)
Wow I remember watching this when I was like elementary school still funny wish they guys still did youtube
0:59 Check the time of the video there lol
like if u watch in 2015
U just predicted me!
This was the very first youtube video I ever saw. 
Why doesn't that say teehee
wtf? Why isn't this available in 1080p 60fps? This is bullshit! It's 2014 people wake up!
+Ben Uchiha 1080... 1+0+8+0 = 9. there are 3 numbers lower than 8 in 1080. 9 divided by 3 is 3. 3 sides to a triangle.. Illuminati is already here
+Teeyin Bae Are you effen serious, how are people supposed to know it's sarcasm? Seriously, it's only by guessing that some did know. You obviously don't know that much about the art of sarcasm. . 
Like this comment if your officially Watching this in 2015 !! 
Holy Shit never expected that many likes lol xd 
I remember when i was about 8 when i first looked it up
this is one of the best video
Anas Benhamida Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
This helped me a lot
It wasn't supposed to it was a joke. Ryan Higa is known for his sense of humor
no i'm 14 this was on my 7th birthday
Not even 720p what a noobs
I just realized that Sean is the nerd
do the math.... because i cant be bothered
Wait so who ryan? How old was he? Why am I asking so many questions?.
Idk u pressed the reply button and replied :D
Cause he has waffles and you sub inaudible wanted waffles that why
what was his first video? Did he post it on YouTube?
+Rachael Malcolm  Yeah i do remember this to be a very popular video. Still is (kind of). Thanks for replying 
I thought it was his first video.
38,989,846 likes!!!!  IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
What's the title of the song at 3:40 ?
They black? Please answer me,anybody!
was this his first video?
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