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Lahme Song

by Janoskians • 2,110,282 views

Skip's film clip of the Lahme Song all credits go to aladdin88 (check his channel to find the song)

Can't believe this was 2 years ago! 😣
If you watch this with the English captions, you will literally die laughing! :)
still one of my favorite videos
fucking stupid bitch whore, lahme now at ur front door... I LOVE IT.  still the best song ever <3
Daniel w japonkach i skarpetach? Haha czyli polska moda! xD
Co do tej piosenki można powiedzieć że arab potrafi :P
Still watch this every week
This video was uploaded 2 years ago on my birthday
I'm guessing lahme means meat?
You guessed correct 😂
Oh my god there so cute 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😅😂😚😚😹👺
The only thing I could focus on was the fact that Beau, Daniel and Jai were wearing thongs with socks. Just no, you should be arrested for that in melb
Lol انا بحب اللحمة كثير i wish he could do more arabic videos
I didn't know that they speak arabic
+Ayymkaybyelol James and Daniel are both Lebanese, I know for sure that James know how to speak Arabic because he said that himself.
James and Daniel are lebanese they both speak a lil bit
lol they never fail to make me laugh
Been my favorite video for 3 years. Miss this...
Still my favourite janoskians video 😂😂😂😂😂
is it true that the guys hate moslems? bc of this video and bc they named a dog mohammed... :$
The devil was an accident lol
OML! I just realized the Luke was wearing swag pants from factorie!(at least that's we call them in NZ)
Lahme means meat to all of you people that don't speak Arabic
So proud to be Lebanese atm😂😂
Check out this video on YouTube: one of my all time favorite songs +Janoskians +JanoskiansBlog +JanoskiansVEVO i love the janoskians!!!!!!    they are so amazing!!!  i love every single one of them!!!
انا بحب اللحمه اكتير 😹😹😹😹😹💔 اء يا بطني
Honestly this has been my ring tone since may of 2014
Lol you guys ?!!!!!😝 never gets boring
THE TEARS ARE REAL😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 #2YearsofSetThisWorldOnFire
Please, when I die I want this song in my funeral!!! Please, and of course Set This World On Fire, Best Friend, Real Girls Eat Cake and That's What She Said!!! Of course
this is a huge throwback for me lol😁 i always used to sing this song at school😂 and that was like 2 years ago😪
Taylor Johnson Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
this is my favorite song
reason why i love daniel
umm Daniel please perform this at my wedding LIVE please xD I would die
Α ρε καλτσοπαντόφλα... <3
Not funny and very stupid
Did anybody else think this was pronounced 'Lame' song? lol oops
PHILLIP LAHM :00 ❤️❤️😂😂
i want this to be my theme tune
Την καλυτερη μαλακια που θα δεις στη ζωη σου 
+Κυβελη M. ήθελα να πω κάτι έξυπνο αλλά μετά είδα τον bbr και κατάλαβα οτι έχω να κάνω μεχαζό 13χρόνο .
Taylor Johnson Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
Still not cant get over this video. It's so funny😂😂😂
Luke's brake dancing DOEEE 😂😂
Still don't get it omg :') ♥
Pls follow me on twitter @foreverasloth_ Ilya
appie ik moet wat zeggen ben je online? ik wou het op hangouts maar ik kan je niet meer vinden wil je even een bericht sturen op hangouts
What did I just watch.
Cant believe I've been liking these little shits for over 2years 😂😭❤️
its an arabic song !!!! im arabic !!
YAS! I eat lahme everyday! This song makes me laugh so much! #imsyrian #lol #idontknowwhyiamhashtaggingthings
well james is lebanese but living australia, well same here. LAHME IS THE BEST!!
daniel is half lebanese aswell 
omg that makes me cry it was 2years ago! ily<3
I am from Iraq which is close to Lebanon and I can talk Lebanese .yay
omg hahaha they look so ridiculous in their socks and sandals :') 
أنا بحب اللحمة كثير خخخخخ
انا بحب اللحمه كتير 😂💔💔
Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhshahhahahahahhahahahah 😂
Like Daniels favourite song 😂:')
First time I've watched this in forever & I still know every single word.
I accident my flagged this sexual content trying to change quality. Sozzies janoskians
i miss this so much 
Daniel is amazing!!!!!!!
lmao. i used to play tennis there 0:04 on the right. 
See this is how the janoskians were....... I will always and only think of them like this...
what the fuck just happened...
This is hilarious via im Arabic and I understand it omgg
wtf is that lahme or something
Haha what have I just watched 😂
What did I just watch?
Who's Arab in their group
I think it's their second q&a
lahme means meet in arabic . its so funny lol 
Best video love the socks and thongs
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