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AUSmotive: Allan McNish crash Le Mans 2011 (HD)

by AUSmotive • 603,949 views

Allan McNish in the #3 Audi R18 TDI was involved in a horrific accident in the 2011 Le Mans 24 hour race. McNish made contact with the #58 Ferrari and crashed heavily into the barriers just after...

If there wasn't a gravel trap there, the car wouldn't have almost bounced over the wall. It also would have hit the wall slower.
This was a warning for the terrible crash of Allan Simonsen...
M Medley Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Allan McNish crash Le Mans 2011 (HD):
Forget Allan being lucky that guard rail snagged that car or 50 er so people would have been smashed against that wall. Now THEY were lucky
That is probably the luckiest bunch of marshals/photographers/spectators ever, not to get injured by all those flying debris, and most importantly, the car itself. Look how close he became to roll over the armco! About the crash itself, I blame it totally on McNish, as the commentators said he had no gap. Sometimes (or should I say "many times"?) the GT drivers seem completely unaware of the faster cars, but this one was already commited to the corner, and McNish came from so far behind that the Ferrari driver couldn't do anything. You just have to look at the #1 Audi to realise McNish screwed up: #1 was much closer to the Ferrari and didn't even try to overtake him. McNish was miles behind and went banzai into a gap that was closing.
OH NO.That is the most terrifying crash I've ever seen.
'The Ferrari driver looked terrified, the fact that nobody went to him added more.
I wonder if anyone watching the crash was reminded about the 1955 accident, those who have heard of it. It made me remember that.
I can't imagine any 1970's or even 1980's prototype involved in this sort of incident 8O   McNish is definitely the luckiest madman In Scotland :)
I really hope that they have a catch fence there now. One bad bounce by that tire or one foot higher, and there are 5 deaths.
Если меня спросят, что такое настоящее везение, я покажу им это видео. Все, кто стоял у отбойника рядом с аварией, могут праздновать вторую днюху.
Congratulations to Allan McNish on being presented with the Segrave Trophy yesterday at the RAC Club in London's Pall Mall.
No more of this for Allan McNish then... Wondering if this is the scottish mafia at work and will we see Di Resta driving an Audi?
+Paul Kendrick yeah that was immense, at the end of the Mulsanne straight. amazing how strong those carbon fiber tubs can be.
no anyone get hurt,thk's god
All the marshals on Audi/Mc.Nish and nobody on Ferrari driver for 2-3 minutes
Because Ferrari just hit the wall in ap. 30 km/h there is obviously no injuries to driver. So I dont really understand your comment. Ferrari just lost the wing, nothing more.
No more of this for Allan McNish then... Wondering if this is the scottish mafia at work and will we see Di Resta driving an Audi?
180,000 dollars and almost a life that's crazy.
I don't see how this was Allan's fault at all. The GT cars are fucking obliged to give way to the faster traffic, as evidenced by the fact that blue flags were waving. Allan could expect that the Ferrari would give him room, and I guess that the Ferrari just could not see him coming. There's an awful lot of people hopping on the bandwagon of "ALLAN IS A SHIT DRIVER OMG"
Actually, the GT drivers are under no obligation to give way to the prototypes. The blue flags are more to raise awareness of the faster cars approaching. It's always going to be the responsibility of the quicker classes to navigate their way through traffic.
still very violent than Ayrton Senna in Imola 1994
Hesham Ali Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
No more of this for Allan McNish then... Wondering if this is the scottish mafia at work and will we see Di Resta driving an Audi?
Fausto Calandri Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
No more of this for Allan McNish then... Wondering if this is the scottish mafia at work and will we see Di Resta driving an Audi?
Freze frame @ 0:53 (or similar) and notice the reporter in blue carying 2-3 cameras, walking towards us. How is he supposed to photograph racing cars when he's that slow to react.
I'm shocked by the number of marshals and photographers who were not behind a debris fence.  The dozy woman in blue was incredibly lucky not to have been hit by the flying loose wheel coming down at 0:19 and 0:56.
Marshals have to be ready at a moment's notice, a debris fence would slow them down in the event of an emergency. It also obstructs photographers shots.
Akemi Mokoto Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
This was by far the most frightening crash I've ever seen at a Le Mans race. I hope we don't see a repeat this week but if we do, I wanna see it.
That red Ferrari is dumb.
The slower cars are meant to stay on the racing line.
I'm amazed the commentators could identify him straight away!
How did he knew that quickly that it was McNish? O.o
OMG stupid trolls he DID NOT DIE
Do you even realize how deeply you're insulting the FIA, WEC, Audi, and decades of contributions from motorsports safety personnel when you say that their hard work to improve safety is attributed to a "miracle"?
today another crash, but toyota....also with a ferrari .... like 2011 audi mcnish and rockefeller...put the ferraris out of the 24h plz
it's like staring death in the eyes, just a little higher and the whole car would've gone over the fence and into those people, would've killed certainly 5 people down there
look at his 2002 suzuka F1 crash..the man is made of steel
Its Allan's fault. All he had to do was just wait til after the corner. He's in a far and away more powerful car, there's no point making stupid moves like this when you're effortlessly gonna pass someone anyway. Allan is far too impatient sometimes.
One of the worst bits of driving I've ever seen
Allan completely dive bombed it, it was enough of an aggressive move to get by his teammate, an there could be no way that the ferrari could see him coming in that quickly
i know this is old but there is no reason to overtake the ferrari here.. its entirely on mcnish.. the ferrari cant see him coming.. proof is the number 1 audi is waiting behind
McNish was a fucking idiot for pulling this move.
It is just a Difficult race but so wonderful to see !
the ferrari should have moved he clearly just didn't see him which is his fault
I dont even know how he got a drivers license lol
He didn't see him until he had passed the other Audi. He's raced in Formula 1 and had won this race before 2011, so he knows what he's doing.
The Cameraman in the blue is the luckiest man in the entire world, didn't even see the crash!
Haha, thumbs up everybody who saw the crash with the Toyota 2012! :D No but last year (2011) it was McNishes fault...
Thanks to all the guys who made these cars secure god bless them 10000 times thanks
Yes, because everyone would lag too much to crash.
its amazing no1 gives a damn about the other driver :D
Right. But to take a massive risk like that with 23 hours to go was pretty amateurish.
Bloody hell Allan there's gotta be a better way to kill ya self
0:04 Love how a man runs from the wheel
Carbon fibre safety cell. Something GT cars don't have.
No, the fxxking idiot here is McNish himself. Driving too fast where even his teammate slowed down. If it wasn't the Ferrari he would have hit one of the two Porsches that were ahead. It's a damn 24 hours race and you can't go flat out the whole time like it's sprint race.
They were 1 hour into the race and McNish attempted a very risky overtake. Ferrari didn't cut him off, it was just a very poor decision on McNish's part. Rockenfaller later on in the race was cut of by a Ferrari though.
that's partly true man, you know I'm French and I was there, that's right I clapped when I saw that something happened to an Audi car, that's good war, but it was before I saw the crash. Believe me I don't know why nobody died, that's just a crazy miracle, but all of us, Audi and Peugeot fans, were really reassured when Allan left the car. Personnaly I was shocked, and if you saw Peugeot supporters clapping during this then they were stupid fools and beaufs, if you see what I mean ;)
Had just climbed up onto the fence between dunlop bridge and audi hospitality, got a guy to hand me up my pints, turned round and thought this looks no a bad spot. Literally 5 secs later I was right there and saw it from behind. Unbelievable to think he walked away.
to be fair, those LMP1 cars are a lot safer than the GTE cars
To me, that was on mcnish. I don't see what the Ferrari could have done to get out of the way in time. Too aggressive for sure.
At 2:01, you can see the driver of the Ferrari clapping that McNish was able to walk away from that. The Ferrari driver did nothing wrong there...McNish simply did not see him from behind his teammate before passing him, and that's what caused the shunt. It's an absolute miracle nobody was killed, driver or all those photographers. Almost as if the hand of God himself stopped that car from going over the barrier. Unreal.
I wasn't shocked at all. The cockpit area was completely intact. That's really amazing stuff.
2:28 wow if that girl in the blue had decided not to walk those 2 or 3 steps she would have been crushed.
I can not understand why allan mcnish can were in liver after this crash and allan Simonsen did of his crash
i agree, but think about the cars. the LMP1 protoype cars have that monocoque, unlike the Aston Martin V8 Vantage (and other cars like 911 RSR or 458 Italia) that have the bodywork almost like the street versions of those cars. plus from what an eurosport (from romanian eurosport) reporter stated, he managed to speak with the head of AMR and they said that before the crash, Allan had an heart attack, regained consciousness, but eventually his organs failed due to the shock of the impact.
McNish never saw the Ferrari. The other Audi was blocking his view, then when he got to where he should have been able to see it, he couldn't because of the fender. One primary reason for the new rules next year is to return visibility to the drivers. With one LMP1 car on his tail, the Ferrari should not have cut off the corner, but I think McNish went in a little too hot IMHO.
"He went for a Hole that was not there" true. No Reason to overtake in a fast Corner like that when there is a straight 3 seconds later, clearly McNishs Fault here, even overtaking his Teammate.
At 2:54 you can see fuel falling out of the car
Imagine same crash happening in the 1960s.....ouch....
Not the Ferrari's fault this time. Allan tried to push through a gap that wasn't wide enough.
prototype cars always get right of way....this isnt the first time ferrari wrecked audi
The level of injuries due to a crash is not totally correlated to its spectacular aspect ! In the case of Simonsen, he get most of the impact. In the case of Davidson, most of the speed was lost during the flip and he hit a tyre barrier. The fact in hit with the front causes probably more injuries than if he would have hit with the side or better, with the rear like McNish. So probably McNish is the most amazing and scaring of all three, but logically has less danger in the way it happened
You can try racing your Civic with go-karts, it might get podium.
There are different classes involved here, McNish would have never even made that corner without the the shunt. He was carrying far too much speed. And I do believe this .........was a 24 hour race.and what lap was it? McNish also copied this massive brain fart again this year.
a wonder that no one from the drivers, spectators and marshalls has been injured...
less than an hour in, and Allan divebombed the ferrari
McNish's was his fault, but Rockenfeller's was not. Kauffman is a danger.
This is a National Geographic Channel and you're watching "Seconds from disaster"... XDDDDD
what a retard mistake, why he drive inside that corner so fast?
what a experience for the spectators behind the tire wall
Lol at the guy with the camera on the monopod running away from the tire.
That's why it's called a risk brains , In your head no one would overtake anyone so it would just be a procession of cars or are you just that good you would never take a gamble or make a mistake , Everyones a critic eh , All these expert drivers on YouTube that the big teams seem to not notice , You should get in touch with them Mr never make a mistake Pro , Are you basing your opinion on a silly driving game that all you experts use , lol..
no, the rule in multiclass racing is that the slower GT car stays on the racing line, and the prototypes have to drive offline to lap them. In this case there was no gap, and allan also didnt take the cue from the fact that the No.1 was slowing as he the No.58 was going to follow its line and close the gap. The No.1 later made the same mistake and tried to take the line while lapping another ferrari during the night stint. Its a testament to the safety of race cars in general now.
But the accident happened on a blind corner, even if thge Ferrari driver saw the Audi, he wouldn't have time to react fast enough, the driver in the number 1 Audi did the right thing and held back after the corner but Mcnish thought "Fuck it, i'm going for it." unfortunately he paid the price that time.
the spectators had a lot of luck, i guess
Hate that ppl keep blaming the Ferrari drivers for this and the 2012 Le mans crashes.... driving on the highway is hard enough to notice fast cars coming, and it was basically a traffic where ur concentrating on the cars ahead or initiating a corner and avoid accidents... That's why the LMP cars are suppose to flash their lights so they become easier noticed, on both 2011 and 2012 crashes that was not the case, so the drivers obviously did not see. Driver's error on both sides in my opinion.
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