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DON'T HUMP ME BOY! - Happy Wheels - Part 8

by PewDiePie • 2,621,364 views

Happy 500th video bros! I will make a special video soon :) Next Episode ► More in the Playlist ►...

Note: Never Drink Water While Watching This
i was pooping and watched this... super fast pooping and my butthole hurt :P
I would be better if he disabled comment for a while and turned it back on and tell us if we spam or troll again, he's gonna turn it off again.forever
Boy:dad im sceard Dad:are you sceard pussy!? Yes im watching this in 2015 mars
Who uses this as a try not to laugh impossible version I did...
5:30 the weiner is real pause at 5:30 and the son has his penis out
dont disable comments pls
Yeah +PewDiePie  and +PewDie Pie  we bros can report spam for you if thats a good solution :)
u listen to metal core? :O
I have laughed all night when watching these!! Hilarious!!!
1:50 Dad!! Pewds you said it like you always do.. Your own voice makes it sound like you are trying to save your real father.. O-o
Will someone please tell me what 69 is??
Holy crap, it's been almost three years now...
// Legs? Where we're going we don't need legs.
Your son does not listen to Justin Bieber he is Justin Bieber.
There should be an irresponsible mom who rides in a stroller and a baby pushes :-D
OMG pewdiepie u should make a try not to laugh video and just do happy wheels and just do what u do in this video I cannot help but laugh u deserve the likes and subscribes!
You should switch irresponsible dad and annoying kid's like how they act
Soz 7:34 look at him legs haha And BUCK???
0:59 looked like a guy skydiving in gta 5 xD lol
Did you play 5 nights at Freddy`s if not you should play it it is so scare it even got jumpscare`s
He Played It.I Dont't Know If He Player FNAF 2..But FNAF 1 Has Played.
Did anyone else notice that the star at 5:59 was a pentagram...
Love the ending song :)
Name of intro theme? (And do not say Darude-Sandstorm
Heavy Metal, really? I like it :-)!
Everyone who likes this vid subscribe to me plz and I will subscribe to u too
What is this song at the end bro
What's the intro music????
Do you even rope swing 😮
If he hates his son then why does he call him his son? Especially if he thinks he thinks he's not his son!
I miss this message pewds :(
Check out my YouTube channel can I get 25 likes!
What is the outro song. I wanna download it c:
2nd Sucks by: A Day To Remember
poodiepie you are do awsome but your son has beiberfever call in the specalists we need to fix him
Pewds, some levels on happy wheels abuse u. I found one calling u Pissdiepie, can't remember which one but be careful.
What song is that at the outro? i wanna knoooowwww! *^*99
hahaha i know! i nearly choked on my water hahaha
Sounds like midget apple!
You did this already you should know that was in your last video you need to lean learn what the heck man learn man what the heck man you need to learn pudeipie you need to learn gosh man what the heck gosh
Hey PDP did you make that animation of you and the bike kid by yourself?????? I you an artist???😮😮😮😮😮😮
in the first map the son is grab man tosic
can i become yo bro? e-e
8:15 haha omfg cant. breathe!!
What site do you play happy wheels on?
He calls z zed Hahahaha
Yes it is the right way it is not zeeee or c
No a good idea to watch these when having a drink
at  5:10 hes already played that level
I hate ur happy wheels videos all u do is just f*** around all the time
+lpsCrystal AppleDerpy IK I hate it when people hate just because they don't like it, they should drop a dislike and keep it to themselves or just do that without a dislike
is playing this game in 2014 lame?
if you had a dollar for every sub you had and saved all those dollars you be rich!
I got a annonce thing it was like 5 hours!
So basicly u become a bro forever after you subscribe
I hate Justin beaver to. I know how you feel OK I know how you feel
I like 'Z' more than 'Z' transcribation: like 'zed' more than 'z'
Whats the intro song ?
AAAA I love your profile photo
Michael Marshall Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Pewdiepie Part 8 Happy Wheels
You do know if you had a baby you'd be setting a bad example
Pewds do u have to be so funny i fell out of my chair laughing and choked on my gum LOL!
hen they fll part they make me fell wired
I loved that subtle Homestuck reference.
great and hilarious video!
not me.i sont know what that means
He said it keeps happening
Whats the name of the song that plays at the end of the video the band sounds familiar
how do I chage to the kids view
In the ass hole oooooooouuuuuuuuu
It's the British way of saying 'z', he must have just learned it that way
I love the outro song
omg I love ur videos they make me laugh every time thanx pewds!!!!!! :P
No happy Wils 😱😭
I love JB. You're not my son!
Luka De Clerck Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
right in the asshole!! >.<
Fuck jb i whanna kill him
TooTooToo nobody notice me) good luck all
im want to join your bro army!!! BROFIST!!!
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