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Sublime With Rome: You Better Listen (ACOUSTIC)

by Fueled By Ramen • 230,557 views

Rome from Sublime With Rome performs an acoustic version of 'You Better Listen' from the band's album, Yours Truly - available now on Fueled By Ramen. Subscribe: Site:...

would really love another sublime with rome album 
Woooooow que vibe essa cara tem, Brazil was here
Rome is better than Bradley . I said it call your ninjas to come get me now I don't even care. Saw new sublime at kerfuffle outside of DC.
It's rare that someone has a voice so soothing acoustically. Quite the gift, love all of his collaborations and solo work.
Can't even stop staring. This is so amazing. Just pure soul.
Dude you can see his hands and the frets he uses the ENTIRE time...
I love his voice! He have awesome talent! People should not compare him to Brad. Rome you continue to grow as wonderful artist!
what kind of guitar is that?
Hey! I'm a L.A. Acoustic Singer/rapper with a chill vibe and influence from Sublime. Check out my new music video for something fresh out of Cali! Thanks!
ha mon dieu c l'homme de ma vie ..... juste wow
víiiiicioooooooooooo, muito boooooooooooooom !!!!!!
great f***ing song, check out my band
@HaileeAnnCrawford Oh ! Its Because Theyre Really Known And Theyve Been Around For Quite A Bit So I Thought You Were Being Sarcastic Haha ! Listen To Their Old Stuff Youll Love It :D Specially, Santeria
Just like in ac/dc with Brian Johnson instead of Bon Scot
Why cant I play and sing at the same time:(
I saw sublime with Rome live and they are awesome!...Rome sounds great live :)
Dirty Heads patch on ur shirt! :) love it
@salsasalas64 so what? it doesn't change the fact that he makes/plays good music.
just covered this check it out. Your style of music is insane makes my days better
tryout for american idol. i wood deffinetly vote for u!
damn homeboy that is sick the way you do that shit.
Wow I haven't listened to sublime since brad died but I have to say I really like this
I'm in love, he is so talented <3
He was agreeing with that statement. Calm down. This is youtube. XD
Can I listen to a Rome song without always hearing something about brad. AH
Acoustic is better than the normal verison
His voice is just amazing, better than all that crap on the radio.
Does anyone know what kind of guitar he is playing?
These strings are gettin strummed pretty badly :D
@salsasalas64 hell ya i have special feelings. for anything fbr. Fbrmakes me all warm and fuzzy.
I love his voice! I'd like to hear him sing some old motown or stax songs
Is he wearing a dirty heads button?
what is that guitar? Sounds so good! :) Can anyone tell?
Just want to keep clicking like over and over again
I would have babies with that man...At the moment I'm not even sure I want kids. Ever. At all. But I would make sweet, angelic, little fuckers with that guy right there, damn it! I'm pretty sure Rome could convince me to do just about anything with that voice of his. :p
@SirCuppieCakess It will. It was just uploaded yesterday.
there has to be a love button for this video!
I am not knocking the CD, but I personally think Romes style is 100% acoustic, but they tried to keep the punk origin of Sublime. Either way, hands down an amazing song.
i wish... oh i wishhhhhh i had his voice
i think rome should just do his own thing with eric. Scrap up Sublime with rome (especially without bud). just be rome ramirez
Reminds me of Bradley with his ability to play leads that way with the bends
Oh uh, someone missed the like button.
check out our cover of this song! let me know what you think
God i love how you sing !! <3 very nice voice :) and you have so much talent !
Come to New Zealand when you do your Australian tour!
its the way he plays bro, its the after chuck of all his chords.he snaps his wrist.
@bucket3333 it's nothing amazing. the thing that's amazing about him is that he has a great tone to his voice, a really good sense of rhythm and an awesome attitude towards music
This. Is. So. AWESOME ! Dude.!!! You are awesome. Keep doing, whatever you are doing!! Cause one day... YOU WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD! LOVE IT! (Y) peace.
I think is "sublime" when the artist make you love more a random version of a song than the studio one! ♥
A brilliant addition to sublime.
@xthexrookx true, he has all those thing but for people like me who aren't great at playing guitar, his skills are really good and you should appreciate it aswell as his other talents
Sublime is my number one inspiration, I did a cover of this song, check my Channel please and rate it for me! Much love and respect to the Sublime Community Dom LaColla
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