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FLYING LIKE A BIRD - Ray William Johnson video

by Ray William Johnson • 6,236,760 views


Where will you be when diarrhea hits?
The music of that manhole video is what killed me, ha ha
i know right, I fell to teh ground when i saw the turds going everywhere! Oh, and when the car window crashed...uhhhh :/ keep this a secret but, i did that....
You're an unfunny, annoying douchebag and I can't believe how many retards actually like you on here. What a gimp.
I sing or poop or read a magizeen
for about 3 hours
# Question of the day About 30 seconds if she's good looking!
I watch ur YouTube videos on the toilet!
i got pink eye while watching this video
Take a turd and then realize its all coming from the broken sewage pipe outside.
How is it that "your mom" is not one of the answers to "what do you do on the toilet"?
What the frick is that eyeball 4:54
Eew aw no not that again!
Wired is an anagram for weird. Just noticed that >.<
i don't know why he looked down to see other people in the studio laughing
the 2nd video is not real, i see it in a show
It said watching kids cry is is funny.  He wrote is twice
1 hour..... StandBy!!!
Wtf!? You just threw ice cream you sick fuck!
mine lasts all day xD
If mine lasts more than 4 hours I consult my physician
Still wonderin y he didnt call dat "tsunami" a shitstorm....too ovious?
Was I only one who was hurt watching him throw away that perfectly good ice cream cone. . Lol
Swampert used muddy water!
Hey Ray, thanks for ruining ice cream for me.
I've been in that ride... Sheikra
You orange-flavored muddafukka
You like fights do put that on your lips you orange flavoured mothafukka
this was one of my fav intro's of all rays time 
My phone lasted 3 days then permanently died xD
Its always 100 you idiots!
First video: kid was at buch gardens
mine lasts about an 2 hours
I drop 10 pounds of turd water
Call my dad while on the toilet. No shame
Mine goes all night... If you know what i mean ;)
Ray its real kickstarter and the camara is a gopro they dont have that good sight
mine last all night if u know what I mean
What if the simple theory here was that this was all caused by Momma June after she hit up Taco Bell Biggest steam pipe burst in history
about 2 minutes I paid her $250 bitches be crazy
That depends on yo mama. (Anser on both Q)
THE TURD WAVE!!! In theaters near you!
I died at the beginning best opening ever lol.
Im watching you from my toilet
what i do on the toilet...hmm i masturbate furiously...
So Mr Hankey is real!!
Nice vid Ray, and nice TimothyDeLaGhetto shirt :)
When white stuff comes out
Til your have enough you ass
I sing sittin on the toilet
I'm not a ..... hole it was funny he's just a lil biyotch
I get a boner from watching the e3 tshirt girls
That ride is Shekra (idk how to spell it) in Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida
Long enough to reach Uranus
That amusement park in the first video is a Busch Gardens in Tampa FL
never more then a week i tend to lose or drown them in rage lmao
Mine last forever I can take long time in bed wait what are we talking about again
10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years
The third video hmmm send that to mythbuster
I went to that park shekria!
I feel sorry for the kid. Maybe the kid has a disability and that's the reason he is in the stroller. Anyway I feel sorry for the kid. Why did the parents do that? :(
Its real ypu a s s h o l e b i t c h i keed but its real
put the bird in the frying pan and youll see how i feel about the video. I would be flipping the bird hahaha. too soon?
I live in New Mexico
I do my business on the toilet haha and other things...
That's what your mom said last night
the 1st video was at bush gardens, the sheikra the fastest roller coaster in 11 states.
all night XD kidding 6-14 hours
Until I run out of viagra.
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