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Bacon Tree - Epic Meal Time

by Epic Meal Time • 5,108,775 views

Click LIKE/FAV!!! EpicMealTime takes the holidays to the next level with a Christmas tree, 2,000+ baconstrips and some fast food! Where you at you Grinch ass bitch?! Twitter:...

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Like if your watching this in 2015
+zambizi100 i100 that was unnecessary.... But thanks
How do you stay fit?!!? Also, starving children.
Not hating on Epic Meal Time, but I think they are one reason why there are children who can't get enough food to eat. 0.0 These guys are cool but they can literally kill themselves, not now, but in a few years. 
>implying they eat like this in their normal life.
+KingOfKingz819 I believe they said in an interview they don't actually eat it all in one sitting. They said they eat it over the course of time as left overs and in the extreme cases they donate the excess they know they can't get finished to their local homeless shelter. 
Can I be your trainee ???????????????????
Can't think of a better way to celebrate Pigmas.
Carenne Etienne Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
The ultimate christmas tree for bacon lovers! #bacon   #christmas   #food   #baconlovers  
I think I got a stroke just watching this
1,719 people are vegetarians
Have you guys ever heard of weight watchers?
what the heck........ this is ... i dont know
these guys must workout more than Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1987 
I don't know why I could picture Harley a serial killer...
This vid is just making me want to eat bacon. So hungryyyy. 😞
welcome to diabetes
One to raid the kitchen again..
hey humans?!! I have an idea, let's teach our children not to harm humans or animals for their own pleasure but then stuff a chicken sandwich or a steak down their throat. what's the definition of a hypocrite again? I forgot...
back when EMT was nicer :'( I discovered them with this video...
If the counter is correct, that tree has almost 90 pounds of pure fat. 
I wonder how many pigs wer killed to get al dat bacon
I would hate to do the dishes after one of these videos.
Meanwhile in Africa...
+steve brown Yeah, it's their fault that we let them work in mines and stuff and steal their resources. Without us they would still hunt in their forests, and the irony of this is that they would have a better life. But on the other side... I mean, if EMT wouldn't have made this food, the people in Africa still wouldn't be in a better Situation.
Jeeeezz stop this shit!! Just get of this yt account mtfqa
Looking back at when no one had beards.
SportsManias Is Tyler's And Muscle glasses channel , aka Alex
Only muslims can dislike all that #Bacon  seriously :D
I'm Muslim, they make it look so tasty. I want.
muscle gasses is f*cked lol drinkin out the bottle i need to chase that sh1t. CHAMP
I'm sorry lord I have sinned I was eating vegetables wail watching this :(
muscles glasses is baddass <3~~`
How do you guys stay fit omg
How come they didn't get sick?
I've never seen anything so awesome in my muther fucking life. 
Omy fucking GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
you guys are the gods of meal!
* 1,729 people don't like Bacon : P Screw ya'lll
OK Katie Adams SHUT UP and FUCK YOU ! I love Epic Meal Time. Oh yeah, and your life sucks because if you watch Epic Meal Time ,then you don't deserve to leave comments on how African kids are starving. I care about them and they don't live in the United States. P.S. I'm only 10, so yeah, I gotta BIG mouth.
if someone eat all of that they will be the fattest guy in the world
Regular christmas tress are not as fun as they used to be when u watch this vid xD
Ahh Man, only if i could've had some of that....
Ladies and gentlebitches this is the true definition of beauty
Harly patterson First of all Educate yourself. Because that made no sence at all. Also, children in africa die because wr are wasteful. If you were dieing of hunger and someone else was doing this Youd be in a shit place So stop being a fucking brat. Youre stupid.
My heart hurts just watching this 😂
OK Katie Adams SHUT UP and FUCK YOU ! I love Epic Meal Time. Oh yeah, and your life sucks because if you watch Epic Meal Time ,then you don't deserve to leave comments on how African kids are starving. I care about them and they don't live in the United States. P.S. I'm only 10, so yeah, I gotta BIG mouth.
Best Christmas Tree Ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they should get with the guy from man vs. food
Bacon syrups Bacon soup Bacon bread It's bacon time Motherfuckers
typical american meal or am i wrong?
F$!k'in Smart!!! Marry Chrismas fo yo bitch ass mother f$!ker
Im crying, wynaut me.
y do u always bake bacon and not fry it
I question that has been bugging me for a long time....what do they do with the extra food...if there are any leftovers. 
im pretty sure they donate them to places where the food are needed (bad engrish please no hate)
when they aren't making videos they are probably eating healthy and working out.
Have they ever explained where all the food goes in these vids if they do send in a message
i wonder what the "star" was made out of
I hat you guys you make me sooooooo hungry
You can see the cholesterol in his face, god damn
I'm very confused how has your heart not stopped
Ever wondered how hard these guys must work at the gym to stay like that?!? 😂😂
This is what i wanna do when i grow up
I think u can run a car at least a mile on those calories :|
Fucking waste of food... Screw you bitches
you guys still believe in santa?
Hell yeah we do Bacon Santa!!!
Their is actually a bacon liquor
What u know about food comas f**ker
i know what these guys got for christmas....heartburn...very bad heartburn
Its an up from cookies ._. and milk :P
how are yall not dying of clogged arterys-.-
i want to see these guys make a job application :O
That poor fucking christmas tree. I bet they be gettin cockroaches with all that food! >XD
I got a sauce boss shirt🍖🍗🍟🍔🍕🍺🍻
Why do they flip the bacon ?
You guys need to copyright bacon strips!
Dont worry no animals were harm on this video only dead
Do u ever get tired of bacon
Did... Did... Did you just say what I thought you just said, because if so then f*** my life.
HEY GUYS! >:( STOP IT!... its ok Cody... its ok to be "special"
I gained 158072494 pounds watching this. So in reality, I'm dead.
What sort of bacon is that? It's 75% fat
So many animals die for this :D
"The number one thing on your computer since motherfuc*** solitaire!!" - The SauceBoss lmao XD
bacon tree = heart disease
Can I spend Christmas with them?'
Merry heart attack to you all too
Everybody cook ur FKING bacon NOW and by now I mean NOW
How long does it take you guys to eat this and do you have more ppl join in than just he cast of the show?
Thats how you make chrismas tree. with BACON
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