Lil Bub & Andrew WK's Special Holiday Message

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Watch part 1 of "Lil Bub & Friendz" here now! http://bit.ly/Lil-Bub-Part-1 The holiday season is a time for giving and bringing together all kinds of different people, beasts and beings. This year,...

Lil BUB sure does love her cookies ^-^
Im dreaming of white christians lol
so now you are getting mad at me? dang dude you suck at being on the internet.
Did anyone else get a video saying the bennifets of crack and cannabilism
Pretty sure that cat has an extra chromosome. No offense, but White Tigers get that downsy face when you inbreed them.
I hate Andrew WK's music but I love him as a person so damn much. He always makes me laugh.
If those are chocolate chips or raisins Lil Bub is eating, she needs to go to the vet because they will poison her.
Love it Merry Christmas to Lil Bub and human!!!!
real men love cats!!!as simple as that
I feel like AWK is always on coke
also, you try and hide your anger by your "lols" and your "hahas."
Bub is one of the reasons I volunteer at my local animal shelter!
i think the cat has down syndrome
What? You've never felt the tenderness of a cat's paw before?
*lick lick lick cookies nom nom nom*
It's cats AND dogs. It's called "mutual exclusiveness." You and your 4 sheep are morons.
Is this cat just stoned as fuck or what?
I saw Andrew WK live once. No band just a piano. Nothing anywhere said he was going to be without a band. On his website it said that AFTER the show....so thats no help. I love Andrew WK.
I'd still eat those cookies though..
No It's not like alcohol, its poisonous to dogs. Its not the same for them as humans. They can not process it properly. Feeding them a couple M&Ms might not kill them, but it will most likely will give them an upset stomach and generally just isn't good for them
What? The cat isn't crippled or in pain. How would mindlessly killing it be more "humane"?
Love love love LOOOOVE this kitty! YAY LIL BUB!
why so obvious with the subliminals??
That's what I heard, too. Perhaps he has a thing for a gentile blonde chick. Or something.
People do know that there are cat treats that look like cookies..... right? And even if those aren't treats I'm sure that it's not enough chocolate to do any harm to the cat.
This is the most hardcore Vice video I've seen in a while. It makes the Liberia video look like Romper Room.
Yay!! Shelters are so grateful to see you walking in with bags of pet food!
Chocolate never hurt my dogs. And I don't think cats are the same. I do agree with you that it isn't good for them, but Bub was only licking it.
I'm pretty sure cats aren't supposed to eat chocolate.
fun fact, andrew wk got his break into show business in a gay shit porno called "one douchebag , one cup"
I'm so sure Bub's dude, who's spent thousands of dollars on her vet bills, is going to let her eat chocolate.
look at her face while he's singing. looooooool
LOL yea im furious. haha i love talking shit to stupid people on the internet. but its okay theres no point in talking to you. stupid people just aren't fun to insult
#1. This is dumb. #2. Are you trying to kill your cat? I hope that's not chocolate.
"and enjoy the preciousness of this beast!" lmao
How do you even exist? How tender is your paw? haha what
If those are chocolate chip cookies or raison cookies, Lil Bub should probably not be licking those cookies. Check out a list or two of known/suspected toxins for cats.
She has some genetic defects, no question. Dwarfism, an underdeveloped lower jaw, no teeth... It's on her website. That said, she seems normal behaviorally (if exceptionally chill) and mentally, at least based on her videos. Wouldn't call it Kitty Down Syndrome, though. Maybe just... Bubism.
no you were clearly getting mad. i could feel your anger in your comments.
Ahhhh You can't give a cat a cookie.....Shut up these idiots arguing over something that could easily be a Cat Treat that's made to look like a cookie man how much free time do people have no a days to argue over Cat's on youtube?? ITS ANDREW WK SHUT UP AND PARTTTTTYYYYYYY HARD
check out the cat's face at 0:50
i have met lil' bub (there's photos to prove it!) and she definitely doesn't suffer from limited brain function. and her dude does not make money off of her, all of the profits from bub's merchandise go to animal shelters and to make sure bub has the best food money can buy. so suck it.
I adopted my cat from the same humane society Lil Bub is from!
Umm please do not feed animals chocolate it is poisonous to them, my dad is a vet and Ive seen countless dogs almost die from eating chocolate. Also make sure to keep your anti-freeze out of your pets reach as it smells and tastes sweet to them and is also deadly
Can you marry me this holiday.
Well if you really are dub k, i want to ask you if you hated that gym bitch marsha mumm. Also, i kind of like that one song you did about partying
"I'm dreaminnn' of a white... Christian." haha
No, he's from Michigan- the part closer to Canada. We sound like that and I could definitely hear it in his voice.
This man tries too fucking hard.
I did't understand why you kept commenting about A.WK and Lil Bub, why you didn't get to the point about what your comment is about. Oh right, I have to read your dumb comment because you love Black Angolans. Cats and Dogs can smell pussies a mile away, that's why u don't fuck with them
How do you even exist? How Tender is your paw? LOL
Are you telling me the Marshall Mathers I just watched perform the song "Not Afraid", right here on youtube, was actually nothing but an imposter hired to replace the real "Slim Shady" and countless other hired impersonators after they were killed and fed to your uncle's dog?
I would totally donate if SNOOPYBABE told me to give.
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