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Homeless Man Finds $77,000!!

by SourceFed • 500,799 views

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I would invest it properly so I can never be poor again... :T
+Annamaria Gilley I meant if i found it today and im not homeless
I'd invest most of it, and spend some on getting proper care for my back issues. 
Hello! Did anyone forget... UNLIMITED PIZZA
I would go fix the Youtube comment section.
Id take all my friends on a shopping spree in the mall, go to olive garden, and put the rest in the bank so i can have some money for like colledge and a life afterwards :3
I would give a good portion to the unfortunate girl who was jailed for missing classes and supporting her brother and sister. The rest I would save to keep my boat afloat I already have a working car. I would take it as a blessing to put me through med school.
No one mentioned unlimited sweets for the rest of your life. Also I will donate some to charity, and give some to my Church as an offering then save the rest for college, uni etc.
I would buy a school and give it to the 3 world 
Joke! It was never lost in the first place. haha.  ZZ--Go figure...
to be honest i would keep quite alot of the money to myself but i would donate 1000 to poor people, homeless people and hospitals so they can get more life saving transplant so meaning i would've given $3000 to places that need it. normally i would use £ sign because im English but this happened in America so it would be £3000 or $3000 depending on which place im in at that time.
I I would buy Steve beard
I feel sad for the guy who lost it
i'd figure out who owned it... and give it back
that is very kind of you to do that
loljk i'd take it all and go buy a car
I would buy every video game I wanted and save the money when I need it again.
I would take Lee out on the Best Date of her life:)
I'd just spend it on booze and dope.
$77,000... Can I get that in one dollar bills? Strippers, here I come...
Get my own place, make my animated movie, and get richer off the movie
i would buy youtube and just make nyan cat everywhere.
Well, sounds like he's dying inside his house with ten (not 20) sex dolls... Society thanks you devilzpawn1, you are ridding it of you, all by yourself!
I would purchase a lifetime supply of both chocolate and bacon, eat it all at once, and die the happiest person on the planet from a cholesterol based heart attack.
Anybody else notice the guy looks like Jack Nicholson?
77000 is not much. Just have fun with it.
Honestly? I'd buy my little brother a Wii. Then buy myself a Beemer.
well ya....where does a homeless guy get gold coins? its not wrong its common sense
Jaime Lannister doesn't need $77,000... his dad is loaded lol.
STEVE IS TALKING ABOUT ThePirateBay!!!!!!!! duh
ok....11,but really? u gtb technical? i was being sarcastic.
Steve looks so much fluffier and Lee looks thinner and sexier.
I would invest 50% into my project and the other 50% into saving for a good down payment on a condo.
Save it for the company i want to run when im older
i'd buy a new compound bow and save the rest
I would put it near the Colorado river.....
has steve's fat slowly tranfsered into leigh's body (in the future)
I'd buy a microwave oven, 10 solar panels, generator, life supply of corn dogs and ketchup. What ever money i have left before i have a heart attack goes to charity.
I would pay off the drug dealers what I need to pay for all of my enjoyment with needles ;-)
Suspicious that this Zaragoza guy says something yesterday, but is still wearing the exact same clothes today.
At least buy a house to be a drunk in if your going to continue being a drunk.
Pay my tuition and save the rest
I would buy all my favorite kpop group merchandise, then give the rest away for charity.
He should buy a house as then he would not be homeless anymore.
He wore the same thing the day before?
it was on the same day, it wasn't a fake scene if that's what you're thinking :/
I'd buy a double decker trailer
Donate 76000$ of it. I need a thousand cuz, well I did find it...
if he wasn't homeless the bank wouldn't of caused him any problems.. assholes
He should buy a small house or rent an apartment. He could get a job, or invest some money.
...public... intoxication...? what?
I WOULD USE IT ON FARMVILLE!!!!! (idiotic voice intended)
until you get stabbed with a herion needle and you wake up find it missing... you just got shanghaied.
Lee, how many propositions do you get a day? And what's the craziest one you ever got?
i would have sex with Elliot
i wud bai moar mony 4 teh oter mony
lets just call steve the pussy destroyer.
why would a homeless guy give money to charity, it's not like anyone ever helped him out.
I would build a base on the moon
j would buy all the stuff at gamestop and hottopic :3
i would buy my wife a better ring than i could when i asked her to marry me
Why is he still wearing the same clothes? x)
That guys fucked. Ever seen the film "No country for old men" Yup, you really didnt have to repeatedly mention his name and show his face sourcefed. bags full of money has a chance to not be linked to any dangerous people, but African gold coins? he's fucked
I guess, but nothing compared to 100 million lotto and usual prize money. Its probably because we're expose to the thought of 100,000 prizes and higher frequently that makes it feel that he just won a car. Not taking into consideration that buying a car is a decade loan commitment with your bank.
I will open up a salon for my wife
Before or After you build your top-secret underground plantation? >:D
Steve is wearing an Adventure Time shirt. YES.
I would donate the money to serve and the homeless shelters
*South African... It's called Kruger Rands by the way. And honestly it's not a big deal, tons of people here buy them... Don't define your reality according to a movie?
I'd pay for you to have a Math tutor so you could figure that shit out, you sick bastard. lol
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