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Runescape So Wreck3d Pk Commentary 55 | "A Gilded Commentary" | High Risk | Enjoy!

by sowreck3d • 20,923 views

Runescape So Wreck3d Pk Commentary 55 | "A Gilded Commentary" | High Risk | Enjoy! Be sure to Tweet this video out to your friends! The Rune Society:...

voices or not, your personality and content are enough to satisfy everyone.
dude shut the fuck up with the voices for real
me buy dragon armor and 2 sword! but I ded on wild
Sowreck3d your a fucking prod.... a product that enters the rectum and tears shit up.
Yo can i please fight you im a maxed zerker level 106+9 im online atm
If you don't like the voices just mute and put on your own music.
yo love the videos but not do the intro again its not very nice but keep up the video!
On top of that I think it must make you retarded to say "retarted". If you're going to bash him, do it right.
stop making these voices plz they are not funny.
@sozeee27 maybe its time to drop the voices and take my channel to the next level. if you agree thumbs is up. if not tell me otherwise
Voices were stupid mate. You try so hard to be funny and its backfiring..
I unsubbed because your racist and a fag plus you look gay
voices are what make your commentaries so funny. that, and you're hilarious personality haha
tbh i think you should keep doing the voices they give me a nice laugh. you do it very well. i have not been watching your videos lots but everytime i hear something random i just nearly rofl. its awesome keep it up
also stop calling people kids and prodding the most overused weapons in the game, ex: chaotic maul, and korasi. every kill is the same it's boring spice it up by using different weapons to kill people.
your voices are fucking annoying. just pk
dode give me my porple pari hat bak hahahah olmfg xd i love u! u n cls product on the phone at the nigth=love=cumm i been a subber for months! and i love ur vids
my fav thing you say "mom, i just got dropped"
plz say how much u mad in ea vid
Someone called So Wreck3d a noob bc he the person got rushed.... Nce vid man!
Tbh its getting boring every kill is with korasi,chaotic maul or dds its getting really boring
LMFAooo! okay im at 0:50 and yea dude, thats funny 'commentary' right there. strait up hilarious! :)
Lol u remind me of rob dyrdek........
This is the kind of vid I sub for =D amazing
Your opinion doesn't mean jack shit to him, to me, to nobody you fucking sorry excuse for a fruitcake.
LOL "give me back my purple partyhat" lmfao chrisarchie ahhaahah
Finally a video fuck! Thanks btw :D
hey u said u would gavee a mems card
Wow he actually responded to a comment thts a first
Lol, I can't even hit a 337 without someone using protect from magic.
i like the voices, part of the reason you're unique
How do you do all of that? i get scared just when im out there trying to fight, you have done some good videos man keep up the good work...Sword & BramerZ is watching you! you are our runescape idol!
Why? cause im yelling at you for dissing SoWreck3d? Your a complete faggot and you should go slit your wrists and die. If you don't like him, Dont watch his vids retard.
watchin this vid while leaching my 3rd maul... 40k more tokens FUCK ME makin me anxious
stop the voice shit man its just childish lol
The combos are strong with this one.
LOL minority doesnt mean child... you're fucking retarded
I got the Purple partyhat lure reference! Lolol
Dafuuuuuuq 2:32 41% prayer bonus O_O
@sozeeee27 couldn't agree more! They do my head in!
0:50 Thumbs up if you know where thats from (mx799)
LMAO GIve mhe my purple party hat dood i love dat vid lmfao
kinda makes u seem immature or like your trying to much to be original or stand out some way but its not working.
lol ots more likes than views :))))
To sowreck3d if you want to lurn how to pk hmu hot and cold
Best pking vid i've seen yet, gilded plus maul ftw
It doesn't make him retarted bc ppl really like it like me :) but your just a fag
hello matt!, just a quick comment to tell you that to me, you,b0aty,eqonomic,soft pillow and all those zerkers and rune pures rule that wilderness! :d -Oh I Play RS :)
I hate some of ur voices, but love the vids. :/
Then you go make your own pk video if you don't like it,
sowreck3d do you like to Pumpa Dumpa?
These are your vids, do the voices if you want.
Haha love the voice in the beginning funny combos!
why has for likes?likes or dislikes are our decision.
matt make a 1 hour pk commentary! it would be so awez0me
LOL that taliban accent was hilarious, keep it up, good work!
Dont stop the humpty dumpty that is the single most greatest line ever!
great vid the intro not so much.
oh and plz make a video with that giving birth to an alien sound again lol
dude wtf? lmao 8:10 - 8:14 yo so wreck3d are you that guy from Ownagepranks ?????
so wreck3d will you fight me? im in your fc i wanna fight u when ur in gilded and c maul add me my user is mahx fanboy :)
drop the voices but not COMBOS : )
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