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The Dark Knight Rises - Official Trailer #4 [HD]

by Warner Bros. Pictures • 2,759,399 views "The Dark Knight Rises" in theaters July 20. Warner Bros. Pictures' and Legendary Pictures' "The Dark Knight Rises" is...

People stop saying this movie is boring or the weakest, it was amazing just like the first two, the difference is u see batman in daytime & he doesn't use gadgets. Nolan wanted to take the 3rd film to the next level.
Some people say that because there's huge plot holes
Somebody should make Batman 4
+MynameisBrianZX No cartilage without a second thought. Everyone knows the real Batman would never stop being Batman no matter how many romances with Catwomen in Italy they threw at him.
+Bruce Wayne Actually Bale said he wouldn't reprise the role and he was done with that as well.
all 3 parts was epic,i dont know why are someone not satisfacted ,i dont know what is wrong with the world now, yeah sure there is stupid movies ,but more we have awsome movies,i personaly like all movies with 5 of more ratings on imdb, sorry bad eng 
Oh shit I never remeber seeing this trailer lol I thought they only had three
+UNKNOWNANG3L Hahaha I didn't even notice this Faggot, he's one of those Anti Social mentally Challenged special kids, I'm not going to take him or his comment seriously
This is the third not the fourth!
Other movie directors out there, don't try to make batman films because you'll never top Nolan's trilogy.
Let's be honest bale was overrated
the animated movies are better than nolans water downed hipster crap.
Now that I have all three Dark Knight Trilogy I am happy now
Damn bane's voice at 1:04 so epic
The featured song in this that starts from 0:27 gives me goosebumps! Nolan did DC absolute justice with his work on these Batman films. I hope he at least has input in the new Batman/Superman film. He turns everything to gold.
Thought it was a weak ending. Over hyped and sort of dumb.
a nice end to the  BAT SAGA trilogy  
The Last movie from Nolan trilogy we will all remember, best one ever!!! Love the trailer how they make everyone worried but then he rises WOOOOOO!!!! They should have make the superman vs Batman from Nolan, but that was Nolan choice. May thus movie be remember. #Dale
They're making a batman vs. superman movie and Ben Affleck will be playing batman. Batman won't be the same without Cristian Bale playing him.
That smirk by Alfred at the end :) It's the little things like this this that makes The Dark Knight Trilogy so awesome.
Totally awesome! Saw the film, just awesome!
Well, I saw the film by the time it was released in theaters, and then saw it again two times after renting it on Netflix.
Bruce goes outside to get some fresh and some lady steals his car
What song is this because I can't seem to find it on iTunes under the dark knight rises, I know it's a version of "Gotham's Reckoning."  I know it's Hans Zimmer but is there a different music artist doing it?
The song is "Deshi Basara" it's an Arabian dialect for "Rise Up" you won't find it on iTunes, but you can find It in apps like soundcloud and mp3 sites...
lol xD you can just look up on youtube: Hans Zimmer - Let the games begin :)
Wasn't the best... but it was good. It's difficult to live up to the expectations like the dark knight
david robb Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
The Dark Knight Rises - Official Trailer #4 [HD]:
Susy86781, stop saying BB & TDK are better, that's getting old I'm tired of hearing that,TDKR was incredible just like the first two there's nothing wrong with this film if this film sucked BB & TDK would be for nothing.When Bruce climbed out of the pit he got his strength back, he became a better batman that's why he beat bane in the second fight.
Most epic movie I ever seen in cinema. Please make number 4!
i i've seen a lot of movie trailers in my life, but this one is just out of this world, amazing. The score building up is mesmerizing
None of you matter to Warner Bros. Hahahahahha you're all gonna die with ought doing something significant hahahahahha.
2 years later and all the Dark Knight Rises trailers still give me chills
The dark knight rises Is set 9 or 10 Years After Batman begins
Nolan is not gonna a 4th, this was his 3rd & final film this film was the best way to conclude batmans story, Michael Caine said in the interviews " this one is so good u can't top it" & he was right.
Oranginality, don't say the film didn't have a lot of batman, his presence was perfect batpod chase, 4 batman fights & the bomb chase, u just have to add all the batman scenes together & batman gets the same screen time as batman begins, all 3 films r equal.
I can't watch this and not want to watch the movie again.
My favorite trailer for the movie.
these films went right because all the people involved in it did not deal with this universe and themes in a cheesy way . These movie were very serious.
Masterful filmmaking SPECTACULAR best batman film ever made, Nolan's batman was set in a 911 world that's why there so good. This was bales best performance as batman, so what if u see more Bruce Wayne than batman it's still an awesome batman film, this film showed u batman doesn't exist without Bruce Wayne the 8 year absence & pit scene made this film more thrilling. Batman training & climbing out of the pit was the only way he could beat bane & in the beginning crime was peace because batman vanished into the night @ the end of dark knight, u can't beat heaths joker but tom hardy was incredible as bane so was Anne Hathaway catwoman. If this film was a failure than begins & dark knight would be for nothing, we already seen the detective batman in the dark knight it would be boring if they made the third film the same, Nolan wanted to do something completely different. Superman 3, Spider-Man 3 r bad films not this film.
Best preview ever made.
Today marks 2 years. 2 years ago The Dark Knight Rises was released. :)
Still the most epic trailer ive seen to date! Soundtrack is great!
lol just horrible. worst directing is the only award that shitfuck nolan should evey be able to win.
you're everywhere on nolan's movies, if you don't like them why you comment ? attention whore ?
  just doing what you nolan trolls don't approve of, expressing my opinion about that shitfuck that caught a little lightning in a bottle. 
The Nolan/ Bale Dark Knight Batman will never be bettered. No matter how many reboots they peddle out. 
What is the name of the score in this trailer? I was never able to find it in the original OST, and was just wondering if anyone else knew what this score is called...
Zimmer composed new scores for the trailers. Much of this trailer's score is Gotham's Reckoning
This movie just like the others still amazes me despite it's issues and if Nolan was to do another Dark Knight, Daniel Day Lewis would be my first choice for Mr. Freeze.  Although can't believe Ben Affleck was picked to play Batman.  I just don't think he will top Bale.
and I like this movie so much the only thing I did not like how bane went out but still great movie
I just like its not all cgi computer stuff I like how the actors and seems so real
1:30 great line.......Catwoman makes me emotional when she this trailer and even the music is cued to action at 0:57
Christian Bale and Ben Affleck give Batkid two thumbs up calling Batkid the “Best Batman Ever”. So awesome.
what is the soundtrack used in this trailer?
im earth's reckoning and soundtrack is gothams reckoning
In my opinion this is one of the best sequels to date since the release of "spiderman 2"
Izzy Joseph Fanpage Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
"Well..Well..if it isn't Gotham's Hero..''
Should have added this soundtrack to the movie..
The next Batman movie is called: The dark knight rises with Robin. And how does this Bane prick eat anyway?
Maybe he injects glucose into his blood stream or something
Best Trailer Ever made. The music is so intense!
It was a excellent movie
What soundtrack is this?
+Abhranil Hazra what is it, now i want to know :(
jen jan Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
(test before launch) why did i not see 'the dark knight rises' in the cinemas when i had the chance?? it was surprisingly brilliant, mostly because it is not as dark as the last one. the movie's message of hope is hidden behind the evil that is bane, who is your typical villain. his story of darkness, and what his mask truly protected, a woman; whom he loves, and who is more lost than gotham would have been if it was not for the bat. nevertheless, maybe the movie's portrayal of hope and strength is nothing but accurate. that the more hidden they are, the better, especially for those who are resilient enough to find it, and fight for it.
Bruce Chang Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
They are rebooting it mate. Ben Affleck will be Batman in Man of Steel 2 (title still pending).
The Same "SLAPNUTS" That Didn't Like The Movie Are The Same A-HOLES That Are Going To See The SUPERMAN/BATMAN Movie Ha Ha Ha!
wow! nobody gives a fuck about what you think Fanboy and a trolling Fanboy at that. LOL here is a good idea for you, go get yourself a broke glass enima and then run around the woods near you and find all of the fucks i give about your opinion. i tell you to do this insted of telling you to go fuck yourself because everyone already knows you do and you named your dildo Mr. Nolan. your just another nolan troll with diarrhea of the mouth.
what song was it that started 1:17
We need to get a nolanverse batman game
Francis Ford Coppola Creating the greatest movies in the 1970's.
Блять такую тему засрали, трейлы только реальный вес, крис сдулся на финише, или сдули, уж велика разница.
This movie would have been 10 times more popular, if that crazy asshole hadn't killed so many people in that theater. That asshole ruined this movie for sooooo many people.
The dark knight rises is off the hook! They are going to have to make the dark knight 4&5. Dark knight 4 should be riddler & penguin. Dark knight 5 should bring back anne Hathaway as catwoman & have Regina King, rasario dawson, zoe saldana, or paula patton as poison lvy, and then that could be it.
idk what to syay to this I AM GOTYHANMS RECKONING
Spam is criminal activity... Batman hates criminals... you're screwed.
oh really? then make yourself an armored suit, swing around, beat people up and resist arrest by outr running police cars and hitting them or dropping just one down the side of a building hanging by a rope. let me known how it works out for you with the police chief/commissioner,prosecutor and judge. good luck especially with hitting a car when you've jumped off a skyscraper. lol
hurricane katrina was similiar to that...when the water flooded and the prisons were destroyed they broke free
You're talking to that guy all wrong, it's the wrong grammar. Use your capslock, and leave a space after a comma. This is a warning from the grammar Nazis. Cross us again, and I'll stab you in the face with a soldering iron.
this is the best trailer.. great music and you have no idea about what the movie is about.
Technically there is. 'Cause there's an animated movie called 'Batman: Gotham Knight' which is based between the events of 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight'; it even has the same producers.
oh sorry Sweetie, didn't realise You were such an avengers stan.
هههههههههه سلامات
Epic, Epic, Epic..... x33 The Gothams Reckoning!
This is my movie, but inceptiin to me is much better
Superman and justice leauge might be in the same universe but not the dark knight trilogy, christian bale will probably be batman in justice leauge.
Yes thank you if he didnt kill all those people the box office would have been up there with the Avengers
If only Nolan had worked at least half as hard on this script as the people did making these four trailers....
Greatest Comic book / superhero trilogy EVER MADE!!!!!! for sure.
cool trailer the movie was really cool too
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