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WorldEditCUI 1.2.5 Minecraft Mod Review and Tutorial

by SCMowns2 • 16,871 views

Very useful mod! For those who enjoy WorldEdit! Forum / Post: ( WorldEditCUI ) Bukkit Plugin ( WorldEdit ) SinglePlayerCommands:...

а чё не на русском
I can no longer connect to the server it always says on the ping "Can't resolve hostname." Did you change the IP or something?
Thank you my liege for another amazing video!
can someone please help me download this on tekkit?
:) Keep at it man! and don't overwork your self! *brofist* \m/
The WE plugin had at least fixed the gamemode selection (the block reappears). They did so in an update in Beta 1.8.1. Strange how SPC haven't fixed it yet. Or should I say WE for SPC.
I cant se the red mark thingys plz help :)
how long will it be cuz all the other ones i've seen have been useless
1:47 Thunderbluff? Someone plays WoW :P
scmowns is your server whitelisted again because it keeps saying un known host name under the server name :(
And i did everything you said and i dont know what i did but i got an error screen
The Huge Red box looks like a laser cage
Can i break copied bloccks? That would be really OP
I didn't get the same thing you got to install SPC. Not sure how you got it.
I think team avo gots its world edit tool back
i'm getting a new computer 1tb HDD and 8 gb!!!!
Dude don't be stupid of course he didn't break you game you did you just probably didn't do what he said
when i go to the worldeditCUI link it said 502 bad gateway and it doesnt show where to download need help!
then try to NOT use modloader i have never once used modloader while installing x-ray so try that than ok
@SCMowns2 Can you give me your ip server pls pls pls*?
for SMP how did you have the coloured box?
this + more explosives = death to all worlds
2:27 to 2:30 guy falling off a cliff haha
So going to install this mod. I had some problems w/ worldedit before.
It's made for creative, mode and builders, not survival.
@noogai3212 better enchanting rocks shame it doesn't work as a client only mod on servers.
make one about paint ball mod plzz :-D
I did everything and i double checked it! It's still not working!! ='( (Maybe it is just my computer)
is that so? or maybe you didn't delete Meta-Inf. I can't break your game. only you can.
then his server might be white list or your computer sucks balls
yes the most part is the processor and the video card and dont comment if you dont know so back off
Does this work in online when not op or anything just new
I got the black screen of death
idk what insomnia is, but if it involves almost never tired, then i have it too, and then we are the same :0
and let every 1 know so may b one day theyll go on his server with it? thats probs y hes not doing it :P
SCMowns please put like 2 more videos up, i have insomnia and are bored out of my mind... i need some entertainment!
well yes i know that but when i drag my modloader into my .jar file i check my minecraft to check if its working and some random thing pops up and then i get a blackscreen and then i retry force update try again and then it does the same thing
Have you tried the swircher mod? plus the better enchanting mod.
shut the fuck up its not his problem it was you who didn't DO IF FUCKING CORECTLY SO DON'T EVER SAY THAT SOMEONE BROKE YOUR GAME
The first time it has come up with an error since 1.7.3 with like 15 - 20 mods on it ='(
does this work for vanilla minecraft? :/
1:00amWST why the hell am I watching this at this time?
//set grass tnt then see whut they say...
Thank you so much! I plan on following your guide all the way through so I can one day surprise my brothers by making the mods they wish people would make! :3
can you make a review on inventory tweaks plz? thx
Making Mod Episode 2 Is Uploading Now! =)
sCMowns it gives me a message saying single player commands isn't safe for my computer is this a factual statement?
I got the Black screen of deth
u own scmowns u realy help me out alot thanks
Finally a good tutorial on WorldEdit! :D THX SO MUCH!!!!
me to i got a error screen it wont even download single player commands
all u need to do i drag and drop the files (one of the easiest mods ever )
SCMowns what is your server Ip? Cant find it on your site... Is it a whitelisted server?
Can you make a not enough items mod? Im having trouble whith it thx!
hey i was in that video paperplanes613
Plz plz plz do a how to make ur own mod part 2
dude it wont work when im in a server help please
i simple just love that intro the best ever!
Can you please show how your recording and commentating behind it? I've been looking for a way to do this for a while and it'd be really helpful. Thanks!
hey scmowns i know this is a stupid question but im having trouble setting a region like is there a certain button i press?
WorldEdit is the resion i download spc, but now, idont need spc!!! Thanks!!!
Nevermind, I'm stupid, I got it. Had to right click and open with Java.
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