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by dinkboo • 24,120 views

American Idol Season 11 Jessica Sanchez VS. Phillip Phillips I'm PISSED that Jessica didn't win American Idol Season 11! She is SOOO much better than this guy with practically the same first and...

It s american idol don t you get it. the most talented won t win
I was mad too, Jessica is amazing. Her voice is one of the best in America, I was so pissed when they picked Philip.
Jessica is better than Philip Phillips, ..thats insane...
Phillip Phillips would win, but in the long run, Jessica Sanchez will be more famous than him (if you take away the help of TPTB).
I wonder if AI had a different song choice for Jessica for the third song because it was AI's pick sort of. It was not the first time that she sang a song that did not impressed the judges; ie. no standing ovation. In comparison, they stood up for Phillip immediately and gave their approval verbally. So unless, there were a lot of die hard Filipino/Mexican voting for Jessica, it did not seem she stood a chance of winning. Lyrics for Home song- blah cubed; but AI made it sound and look good.
I don't want to live in those unpeaceful, violent, shit countries! USA's economy is going to be second if they don't do anything! And many Americans don't like work! Americans are idiots now.
And the non-talented white boy is so non-talented they became fans of the runner-up. American Idol fucking sucks!
It has nothing to do with ethnic diversity. There were 132 million votes. Phillip got more votes than Jessica. It's Season 11. There have been 3 black winners so far. now do you think american idol is racist?
Phillip Phillips won because of the last song he sang, an AI song choice, which is very American Country Folksy. It struck a chord in most Americans heart, was produced very well with a marching band even, and he delivered well garnering standing ovation from the judges. In comparison Jessica chose an AI song which did not fare well and sounded quite safe for her ability and range. Phillip probably got the swing votes of the undecided. Don't really know if tel network throttled calls.
Man AI is a fukin trip Fuck them..this is all a set up tho foreal man..fuck him
it's ok! she will go far with her career. your funny btw!! hahaha
I feel you men! But anyways, Jessica will be successful, we both know that! :)
Definitely. Jessica is better than Philip Phillips who will never make it big.
Wrong!!The save is to keep the most talented people from elimanation, at least the judges have brains for recognizing true talent, yes phillip is talented but to say jessica is talentless is beyond rididulous, she would not have even been in the top 24 & I would'nt have voted for her had it not been for her amazing rendition of the prayer!!, why do phillip fans think they have to rub his win in our face? & yes real talent always prevails but not always by winning, just wait 'til her album drops
it seems people all over the world were not contented of the AI result. so many sad reactions mostly moms and means, they gonna be supporting jessica in her quest for stardom...the next whitney houston!!! gudluck idol
Phillip is way more skilled at playing the guitar than he is at singing. He is meant to be a guitarist, not a singer. His first single "Home" went triple platinum only because TPTB went all-out to promote it as soon as AI11 ended at every opportunity they could find. TPTB only wanted to make it look like Phillip deserved to win. Those who voted for Phillip vote for whom they just like, and most of them also voted for Lee DeWyze in AI9. Those who voted for Jessica vote for the best singer.
lol! xD I wished jessica would won that ... but anyways Jessica The World Idol!
Stfu chefmaster2345 , you don't know shit about Filipinos.
LMFAO THIS is why we STOPPED WATCHING A.I. 5 years ago lol, the Best singer RARELY WINS it's turned into a popularity contest & a racial one at that, what is that now 5 years in a row where a WHITE MIDWEST BOY with a average singing voice won lol! Jessica you NEVER had a chance your the WRONG SEX & the WRONG COLOR! Simon was smart to bailout while this show was on top it's losing ratings at a record time & that's why JLO is leaving she sees the writing on the wall ;))) !
roflomgwtfbbq I was so pissed when Jessica lost, but you, sir, just made my life.
Even she did not win, she still be successful. Philip will not be going big
Dude, You so wrong! Her Mom is a Filipino... which means she's 50% Filipino... We are still proud of Jessica... Phillip deserves the AMERICAN idol, But Jessica is the WORLD idol!
It's Flippin' the table time!!! HAHA! I feel you Bro!
And you're ugly too because you are jealous of Jessica Sanchez. You're a very very sore loser.
It's okay, most of them are losers in the long run.
jessica sings great but shes not a complette artist
Actually jessica sanchez got the grand prize..... mexican singer thalia husband Tommy Mottola who is co-owner of casablanca records will be helping jessica on her first album. Tommy Mottala was once married to Mariah Carey, and managed jennifer lopez, jessica simpson ect........ Its better than and american idol contract. Jessica got the pros to help her!!
They fucking made everything up just so the "American" guy can win. Jessica Sanchez was really a great singer, one of a kind, but the whole thing was set to make sure an asian, (filipino person) would not win. And, ok, I'm Filipino but America, please be fair...?
Man, who are you? Tnx for your admiration for JS; I'm sure she won't disappoint you with her talent.
jessica is amazing look jessica now shes famous all over the world than philips2
Um, Is the language necessary?? She's still a winner, but as fans, let's show our support and wish her well. The industry can be cruel sometimes. She will do fine.
I'm so mad that Jessica didn't win either
lol............thats ok......PHILLIPS only american idol but jessica is WORLD IDOL.....
He is also a troll. Don't feed those Jessica Sanchez haters....or in other words, TROLLS.
Don't worry man, I know in my heart that American Idol cheats its votes. No way she lost to voting. Filipinos don't lose to voting, especially with a good contestant.
same here my moms reaction on my channel
amen to that!!! im soooo mad that she didnt win, phillip cant even sing... seriously he SUCKS. i was like WTH i was just as mad as i was last year when stupid scotty won... like wth are they sexist? theyre letting these dumb guys who CANT sing win and the girls with the amazing voices not.... like yea if joshua won i would understand that cuz he was amazing too, but phillip SUCKS big time. he shouldnt have even been in the top 3 if u ask me...
The Filipinos are with your expresssion dude
@CLRasor Name one talent of Phillip that Jessica doesn't have. Of course his Guitar is not counted, without his guitar he's SO MEDIOCRE that he really needs it. UGH!
Real talent ALWAYS prevails!!! Jessica Sanchez is clearly WAY more talented! Phillip Phillips should have been voted off a long time ago. They made a mistake and kept talentless boy. GO JESSICA SANCHEZ!!!!!
Im 13 years old and i was watching this in my room then they said Phillip Phillip i turned off the tv and the lights sat there in the dark with the pillow over my head and started crying for at least 45 minutes..
i think this ones funnier than my moms reaction on my channel XD
Hahahahahah omg "FUCK YOU! Fuck. You!"
I don't like to watch american idol anymore
i feel ya buddy. im pissed too -.-
Count your blessing while you can. I hope it does not become like Somalia, the Sudan, Afghanistan, North Korea, Rwanda, Haiti, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Greece; just a short list of countries where I would want to live right now. To a lot of people, North America is still is and will remain for a while yet a place where your dreams could come true. If the American economy becomes really dead then the world will be dead as well. Be a street food vendor, there is money to be made.
When it's expected that a white boy with guitar will win again next year, there's no more reason to watch American Idol again.
you're right Clien94 Jesicca did not get the title of American Idol but she is consider as world Idol...she still young and more blessing to come in the Future...God Bless Jesicca!!!!!
American Idol 11 was fixed for Phillip to win. That was what TPTB (i.e. the American Idol producers) wanted. If it were not fixed, Jessica would have won hands down, and Joshua would have been the runner-up. A Jessica and Phillip finale would have been a very easy decision in favor of Jessica if it were not fixed and America voted honestly. A finale between Jessica and Joshua would have been very difficult decision. Phillip would have gotten eighth place.
USA a civilized country? bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!
i still cant get over until did jess not win? its so obvious people expect her to win... even Obama knows who should win....gosh that show im not watching ever again...
If your saying this at phillip, then don't.. Blame it on the ai producers cuz theyre fuckturds who obviously rigged this and phillip fans who keep bashing jess and thinks he's better than jess
well fucktard should've voted more for Jessica you had 4 fuckin' hours... just sayin'
Don't feed this man named Chefmaster2345, who is a RACIST.
Damn the fuck I am mad that she didn't win
I'm a Jessica fan, but HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
explain to me why that is so? prove it to me now! i want a good and convincing argument please! ignorance, Jessica is not Filipino, She has never been to the Philippines, can not speak Tagalog, and attends rallies with a giant American flag behind her. Her "latino" father is a veteran of the US Army. Her Filipino grandfather is retired from the US Navy. Frankly, it is embarrassing to see so many Pinoys claim she is Filipino just to squeak out some national pride from a mere singer
I totally agree with u bro how could Jessica not win??
USA is not civilized anymore.........It's full of riots, protests, Wall Street thingamajigs. Most of them get arrested. USA is not always civilized too you know. As an American, I don't like what's happening in this country. It's awful now. The economy is going to be dead soon.
Well actually the telephone way of voting is the most inefficient even though there are four numbers for each contestant. I have heard that three weeks prior to the finale, it was difficult to get thru and the guy said he could only vote six times in two hrs. Now, if there are two many calls to a number, the tel network will throttle it to prevent the network from degrading. The more popular your number is the worst it gets for you. The internet way of voting is more efficient and fairer.
dude im like in love with this xD AND WHY DIDNT SHE WIN!?!?!!?!?!?
they removed the black boi...that didnt satisfy them,they as well cheated on my lovely brown lady**jessy***am pissed
It was really a shock for many. When Joshua did not make it to the Top 2, I had felt somewhat like it could be risky for Jessica even though she had had the largest vote from the begining of the show. Despite the apprehension, I still had my bet on her as the winner. My predictions had been right until the top 3, a stage where you expect the unexpected. I feel you man.
Funny when that guy started swearing O.O the only thing missing is for him to smash the tv :O lol just joking but anyway, I'm disappointed too, I seriously thought Jessica was going to win =/
the red necks wouldn't let a talented brown girl win over a non-talented white boy ever.
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