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Peter Dinklage wins an Emmy for Game of Thrones at the 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards!

by ZwanMonster • 3,459,910 views

Check out his nomination in 2012:

Peter's role seems more like the lead role in the series.
+seasinator I hope the girl you lose your virginity to has aids you fucker. The comments section is dark and full of spoilers...
not in season 1 when he won !
Wow the guy is humble as fck... Peter is a great actor and who the fck watches those other shows never herd about any of them
I've never known a fuck to be very humble, enjoyable, yes, but humble, not so much. A fuck will bring out the humble in me however. Don't copy my comment cunts
Did anyone notice the commentator say "Peter is a marx brother fan, my favorite Marx brother is Richard"... Like anyone cares who the commentators favorite Marx brother is???
hahahahaha i had the same reaction when i heard that. what a weird thing to say when someone else is receiving an award
After the trial episode he will win another one FOR SURE
Totally agree..that scene was one of the most amazing scenes of the show so far..and Peter's performance was outstanding, he totally deserves another Emmy! 
+Mars I completely agree, I think Aaron Paul might win again becuase it was the last season. However, he has already won twice and Peter has only won once so, Peter has a chance. I'll be happy for either.
He had serious competition. Adds to his victory and humbleness, great actor and human being.
Supporting actor? He is the most popular character in game of thrones, and probably has significant screen time when compared to the other "leads"
Daenerys is. Was in the show/books from the very beggining, not gonna die, most likely gonna get the Iron Throne. Got the dragons ffs!
True, but that was season one. In which the main character was clearly Ned Stark
Whoa his wife is a normal size, I thought she was like him, but who cares. She is pretty lucky to be married to him now. Peter Dinklage ROCKS!!!
god bless Peter von Dinklage :D
He was the only one in his family to be small. And in his account, the family didn't make a big deal of it. He never went out of his way to find others that were small. So it's not surprising. But I admit I was curious. He's an amazing actor. I'd put him up there with Robert Downey Jr. I think they would compete for roles if he was bigger. 
He should also have thanked G.R.R.Martin for not killing Tyrion, in the book.
Yeah but they can decide to extend his life or even keep him alive. They'd defiantly make any change they can to keep a popular character on longer
+Ngọc Tú Đinh They can and have already done it. They killed some characters that don't die on the books.
I think that Jon, Dany, Arya and Tyrion are the main characters in the books. Seems to me that they are main characters also in the series. 
+David Guerrero i agree with you, but victarion has his own storyline aswell, if i remember correctly. still he isnt on your list...
+Jack Müller Well you can say that since the War of the Five Kings is over, the main focus is now The new Dance of the Dragons... The Martells are waiting for the return of the Targaryens to join the game, Victorian is on his way to steal Dany´s dragons, Quentyn tried to bring back Dany to Westeros, Tyrion is on his way to join her, Aegon has started his campaign, Varys is tricking the tyrells and Lannisters to fight each other so Aegon can conquer KL. You can say they are all players of the new game, and I can almost assure you that sam´s, Jaime´s, sansa´s, theon´s and jon´s storylines will be involved with the upcoming war soon
if he isn't the main actor who actually is?
+Lyol bob The spoilers are meanwhile all deleted but there were some pretty big spoilers in this comment section before
Oh, well then, let me shut up.
Mad men !! the good wife!!! who the f*ck watches these shows .
+Andrew Avila wow you are so gay on the inside. Just come out already.
Mad men is great great great show
COMMENTS ARE FULL OF SPOILERS *********************** *********************** *********************** *********************** *********************** ***********FDFDFSDFSF****** *********************** *********************** *********************** ***********************
+Ben Max It takes up a lot of space to avoid people from seeing spoilers? And it's not funny. No one ever said it was funny.
Oh boy, do I feel stupid now!
He didn't thank George R.R. Martin! :o
Wining an Emmy is a thank for R R MARTİN:)
For what it's worth, he thanked him in an interview from the Emmy's right after the award ceremony.
Memory loss with regards to 'little people'... I'm not sure if that was just a badly timed joke or if he meant to foreshadow Dinklage's win. Either way, cringe.
all award-shows are basically cringe-festivals
HA! I just noticed that Peter Dinklage won it when he is Not up against Aaron Paul!
you just took it too far starbucks...
+starbuck4774 you think awards given out by people with huge bias tells how good of an actor someone really is? Please...
all honesty peter plays the role of my favorite character in GoT he's a great actor
Peter should win for the trial episode. It was a very powerful performance. "I am guilty of far more monstrous crime! I am guilty of being a DWARF!" 
Un petit homme, mais combien un grand et fomidable acteur il est. Je l'admire beaucoup et je désire et souhaite que cet homme soit aimé et respecté comme un de nos plus grands acteurs de ce siècle. Il le mérite vraiment car il a travaillé très fort pour y arriver.
I give it another year and he'll be winning the Oscar for something if he gives a performance similar to the one he did when he demanded trial by combat. 
He's not even a real person
Oh no no no no! He is a ghost! OMG! I see ghost! BITCH!
Since when is Game of Thrones a 'Drama Series' lol.
I guess most people fail to understand what the concept of a dramatic movie, or a dramatic TV series, is. In its rawest essence, drama should merely represent performed fiction, so basically any performed fictional story would be considered a dramatic work. It is out of mere convention and practicality that sitcoms are not considered drama; they're usually classified purely as comedy instead. So in short, everything that is a fictional story that has been dramatised (that is, performed by actors) and that is not comedy is considered drama. So yeah, Game Of Thrones /is/ drama. ; )
Would you call it a romantic comedy?
of course he won Tyrion is a bad ass that cannot possibly be over looked
Did they really think that introduction was funny? 
Enhorabuena mi querido gnomo!
you know nothing joh....... ahh shit
Sean Bean probably would have gotten the award if his character didnt die so damn early
So who the lead character in game of thrones ? Seem like every 1 i thought is the lead died pretty soon
All the main characters die and get replaced anyway.
Lets be honest. Hodor needs a win.
Was a fan of GoT, I watch this like 'Look at my bby!'
"You have shit memory, I'm your's and your'e mine remember?" That scene made me weep like a baby. Congrats Peter Dinklage. You totally deserve it.
I wonder if he drives an Imp ala. 
I just want you to know, this comment in largely unappreciated.  And I appreciate it.
Too cool the minute 1:50 that wooow! when you win an emmy xD
Why is Tyrion Lannister wearing a suit?
'Game of Thrones is filmed in Awesome Land' yup that's about right
Well done Dinklage, good speech as well.
Did anyone else feel surprised of his accent Grate acting right there
Justo! O melhor ator sim! Carismático e espetacular!
At least he's appreciated in real life
Very competitive year that year. Would be happy if Alan Cumming and John Slattery won too.
good stuff... can't wait to see what happens in the next season
peter deserved this, but not for the supporting role, for the leading one :)
I think he could win a gaming award for his voicing of the Ghost in Destiny. It was incredible.
My favorite Marx brother is Richard.
probably the worst speech ever
He will not give up his Emmy for Joffrey's murder! But he knows he'll get no justice here!!!
pretty sure they edited out a small part at the end there.
Anybody else realize the presenters said a side effect for the winner might be "memory loss with regards to the little people"....ironic much?
He SHOULD have won again THIS YEAR!! He was ROBBED!!!
Aww. I  Love how Josh Charles is cheering for him at 1:22
Them intro jokes though......
Peter Dinklage + 60cm = Hugh Laurie
bloody dwarf!!! fuck game of thrones!!! worst show evers!!! only faggots watch it!!! assholes
yo lil nigga thank George R R Martin too wtf. kinda get sick of people only mentioning D&D for the greatness that is Game of Thrones, when the actual creator of it all only gets mentioned occasionally
He sounds so american here it's weird.
NO SE INGLES....... abuuuuuu..1
He's so cute omfg. What a sex god...
Supporting Actor? Get the fuck out of here..
this BITCH ASS DWARF killed Joffrey, the BEST character in the whole gorram series. >: (
Trolling or not, but Olenna Tyrell killed Joffrey.
+Keith Aquino nah, littlefinger did, even if not directly, he is still responsible...
It sounded that more people cheered for Game of Thrones than the other shows. Which I wouldn't blame them.
Why did the announcer say that bit about the marx brothers? XD
No one else even came close to Peter he's awesome!
haha he is so short lol XD
He's probably the only Lannister who justifies the Lannister-House background song :D
I don't know the man, never met him. But i'm guessing he's a larger then life kind of person who is awesome to sit down and chat with while enjoying a beer. I'd love to shake his hand, you can tell alot about a person by shaking their hand.
Now as Breaking Bad is over, I think Emmys 2015 will be all GoT =)
they should have made a smaller version of the award for him.
+ILLER121 Dude first I was like kill it, kill it with fire. But then you got me. LOL nice play!
There would be no Game of Thrones without Peter Dinklage.
For the web is dark and full of spoilers...
I'm soooo glad to see that.He deserved it already
Peter's Role in GoT is amazing. I love Tyrion, he's one of my favorite characters.
Watz da music dat plays when he wins the award?
Well it was expected as they had set the tiny microphone
He's a lead actor not a supporting actor. Imho.
He's the GOAT. Enough said.
Alan Cumming... Yep that is his real name. I google it. 
Peter's accent is soo american
That's because he is from New Jersey.
Sweetest man ever. So much love for Peter!! <3
his wife married him for his money .. money buys evrything even marriage .. nothing wrong with that tho .. both have benefits
lol nobody laughed at the presenter's shit jokes.
"Game Of Thrones is filmed on location in Awesomeland" LOL
WHAT???? Supporting actor???? Then who plays the lead in GoT? seriously??
The lead started with the king of the North, Ned now is his son.
Total spoiler in the title, damn!
Is it just me or I'm used to his accent in the game of thrones
I remember thinking that Ned Stark was the lead role in GOT boy was i wrong!
Other than dinklage I found their acting laughable.
Peter Dinklage's wife... Now that's a beautiful woman - someone who can look past the superficiality of the modern age and see a person for what they are. In this case Peter, a talented actor and humble man. Wish more ppl (men and women alike) could see past the worthlessness of physical beauty.
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