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TRUCK CHASE - L.A. Noire - Part 52

by TobyGames • 103,889 views

PLAYLISTS: Toby Sucks at L.A. Noire POSTERS!! Main Channel - Daily Vlogs -...

Cue Toby crashing into things and breaking into his "Pardon me..." singing.  I love this series.
girls... i have one word to say to you... BLERHGHLJKHGLBGF.
8:14 Toby drives over civilian
He's Lying He's Lying He's Lying Wait i don't have proof.... It's the truth
@Ilovetoplaytheflute BEST PART... should be a @TobyGames highlight!
"Liar. That's a lie. That's the lyingest thing I've ever seen in my life. That is a lie. He's lying! I haven't got any proof though. He's lying. That's a truth.
Random guy: Hey! There's such a thing as soap, you know! Toby: Oh really? A-Are you saying I SMELL?! I lost it that quick. LMAO
Reason Toby failed the chase: He hi-jacked a Ford... :P
I have a word to say to the girls......ABSBFGFSGTJLLLAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!
Toby, I will admit that I was screaming and yelling at you when you were chasing him with your truck and then took forever to chase him on foot. I love your videos, but sometimes you frustrate me. ><
goddanngitt!!!! Toby I was drinking water watching and I swear I nearly choked!!! especially the end and the 'dark looking hobo?' lolll
click the taiten top rigth to watch the next video bla-GOD DANGIT!!!
Girls, i have one word to say to you ... blitjksdhsdds
If you can't drive now, how would you drive drunk?
Omg. Toby just said "heeeeere's your sign" from Gabriel Iglesias. My life... is complete...
toby is amazing but he frustrates me so much!
"Girls, I have one thing to say to you.: BLOBLUBOBLUB!"
hey don't you beep at me, I'm wearing a hat
"Are you drunk mister?" LMAO!!
@ManBearPig452 how do you drive with out killing any one? D:
"Don't you beep at me! I have A HAT!!" lol Toby :D
Your a Liar, Hes Lying. Uhhhhhhh Your a Liar. LIAR! uhhhh Truth
You didn't miss the first one you nugget! It had a check mark by it!
"I just killed someone? No I didn't, that's dramatic. I simply hit them with my car, if they didn't survive that's not my problem." I love Toby's logic :)
did you just quote Bill Engvall Toby?! thats awesome! HERES YOUR SIGN!
LYING! He's scratching his left side, lying, lies, THAT'S A TRUTH.
I was thinking the same thing when he said: UUUUGHHH! You sound exactly the same every time!
W..where you just singing Incubus..? And you know Eve 6? Your taste in music is amazing. Hell yeeah
"girls, i have one word to say to you... bleurghergh"
"I gotta pause it. Thanks for watching! Click the indentation at the top right to watch the next video AWW GOD DANGIT!!!!!"
This was my favorite playthrough of tobys...
i was laughing and toby said "shut the hell up"
Girls I only have one thing to say to you....... BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH.... LOL
The only place he crashed was in EVERY episode so far, sometimes more than 5 times!
"Click the annotation in the top right to watch the next video, ble-GODANGIT!"
It took 52 parts, but I finally sneezed. Thank you.
"click annotation to watch the next video, blahg, GOD DANGIT!!!!!" Lmao xD
I think this guy is cheating, at the last question he was about to press doubt or lie, en then out of nowhere he chooses truth, he always looks like hes about to select the wrong anser en then chooses the right 1 at the last second
"I wanna say truth but your pocket...." - Freaking priceless
Girls, I have just one word to say to you... BLIBABLABARARNBARA. Haha, that's not even a word. You're stupid. Byyyyyyeee.
"HE'S LYING, he's lying! That's a lie; you're lying! He's LYING ... That's a truth."
Jfc, if they didn't yell that they were the police before walking up to a suspect, they wouldn't have to chase them down.
How can Toby use 2 intuitions in the last video.... It's easy to interigate, just look at their face reactions
"you killed someone!!" "No!!! i just simply hit them with my car!!" LOL i love tobuscus
Does he even remember that he can change outfits?
Toby: "....... Click the annotation in th- *suspect escaped* GOD DANGIT!!"
how does tobey miss clues but gets most questions right
Oh god. Toby's mind is going to be blown in the ending of this game. You will only know what i'm talking about if you played this.
i can't believe he said knock knock and didn't follow it with moe'suckra.
I've learned from Toby that people with pockets that stand out are liers. Or have interesting items. Or both. Either one.
"Thanks for watching, click on the top right to watch the next GOD DANG IT!!" Love toby
" oh yeah , I pass my driving ....- *crash into something* *faints*
He's thinking about what he had for breakfast!!
TOBY. You sang an Incubus song. Sing some moooorrrreeeee. ; u;
LoL. "Dick" is a nickname for Richard.
Girl: Would you like to be picked up? Toby: Yeah! :D Cole: No. Toby: No. ._. Night girl.
Toby: Hey! Don't you beep at me! I have a hat! Me: Makes perfect sense!!
Hahaha "Richard?! Richard! Ha I can' t call him by his nickname, do you have that nickname yet? It's the D word-AW!"
I took a bite of my sandwich when he said "lemme say something to the girls, girls i got something to say, blahababahahala." I started laughing and then choking... then laughing again xD Toby will be the death of me (:
HEY! dont u beep @me! im wearing a hat!! xD
Toby, don't get me wrong, you're awesome, but I think I've pulled out 10 pounds of my hair because of you.
Partner: "Just go easy Phelps!" Toby: "Did he say disco?!"
gents drink? shut the hell up. hahahaha
I have one word to say to you girls...BURLEGURPERGH
-Runs out into middle of street -Car beeps at toby toby- "Dont you beep at me.... I have a hat!" oh toby
i don't know if it's the lack of sleep or the amount of doritos i just ate, but my face literally hurts from all the laughing i just did at this 10 minutes of hilarious commentary. thank you, buscus.
"I just killed someone? No I didn't! That's dramatic. I simply hit them with my car. If they didn't survive that's not my problem." LOL!
im talking about the "such homicide including ladies and a car crashed behind AN OUTDOOR" toby just crashed behind a outdoor too,this makes me dejavu. oh and by the way,toby stops in a episode and never continues again
"He's thinking about what he had for breakfast..." lol!!
"click on right top to see the next video bla... *suspect escaped* GOD DANHIT!!" ahahah xD
I have a hat,nobody can touch meh!
ou say u end the video then you lose the suspect lol
Prowl car also growls seductively like a drunk girl trying to make cat noises. Wouldn't that be fun to find outside your house?
toby: i have one word to say to you....BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH me: mom, i have one word to say to you.....BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH mom: wtf?!
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