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Springfield Armory XDs 45acp

by 2brothersadventures • 21,654 views

This is Springfield Armories new single stack 45acp that would be great for concealed carry.

Nice camo pajamas, bet he goes on a lot of adventures!
Why doesn't someone show it being put in a pocket & taken out of a pocket??? Also, it needs a demo by a shooter with a small hand.
I didn't know California was a part of the USA, If so, we better cut it off before it corrupts the rest of our country! WAIT A MINUTE, they already did!
Nice paracord survival bracelet. I'll bet you go on a lot of adventures.
@AlexEXE tis the way all firearms are made after each shot the barrel dops a lil to help feed the following bullet,when the last bullet leave the barrel the slide locks back which tilts the barrel up a lil :-)
Nice. Yet another pistol to tempt me. My bank account can't take much more of this :-|
The recoil didn't look bad on that one , very nice pistol
@bobpoptart Nice handgun. I bet everyone respects you.
I always have a problem with the grip. I have big hands. Are they going to make an extension for the mag so your pinky can get a full grip or is this all there is?
Would u rather pack the XDM 3.8 in 45 or the XDs 3.3? Smaller thinner size = easier conceal ability. 5 +1= less capacity. Would depend on the situation, clothing, etc. looks like a gr8 added option from which to draw. :) Thanks 4 showing/sharing!!!
@kneedeepinzombieshit Nice concealed carry. I'll bet you shoot a lot of people.
Single stack mags are the latest craze.
How did it run any FTF or any problems.
Do you think it will be California legal? Probably not considering the XDm is not.
@kneedeepinzombieshit Haha. So true. I don't get grown men wearing bracelets made of parachute cord and thinking its cool.
The XDM isn't legal in California because of magazine capacity. This will probably be legal. If it's not, it won't be for the same reason as the XDM.
What's with the barrel tilting upward a little?
Is it true that .45ACP ballistics are significantly diminished when fired out of a barrel less than 4'' long?
what the price for this pistol. 395.00 or 465.00
It seems terribly heavy for CCW.
barrel is too short for .45 acp, low pressure rounds need longer barrels than high pressure rounds.
nice little gun it would be great if it had more capacity. but still nice!
Hows the recoil? looks very control able
that guy with the 550 cord braclet and camo hoodie MUST be an operator....jesus Call of Duty has ruined everything....
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