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New Glass ROOR BUB and 420ARMORY Updates

by Sound Experiments • 22,952 views

SOUNDRONE Shows the new glass bub he picked up in LA and also showcases some new items on the Soundrone's Premium Organic Hemp Wick Bee Lasso is now on AMAZON or at...

SWEET!!!! i got this piece after x-mas i did not know if it was real untill i saw your video i picked mine up for 60$ How much did you pay?btw i been a follower for years i smoke everyday all day ,and would love to toke you up sometime im out you're way Spec's 6 arm perk 3 slits in each i have a straight green RooR decal with green glass hitter , but in the video you'res is clear i can send pic's to you if you some happy toking!!!!!
i got it at a local headshop
you forgot to bless the peace!
this guy must be makin bank off of bee lasso and 420armory
Nah I tried every length and they all just say "Notify me". You've got the Quintuple tubes now and I'd prefer one of them anyway so I either way it's a plus.
yo can you send me some of that bee lasso get back to me please?
Hey bro do you know if they are titanium or aluminium ill buy one just to show support but i heard aluminium rubs off in the herb sometimes
decent rig for smoking oil with, but im not digging the slanted base.
i had the same bubbler but it wasent roor worked really nice, i broke it after 3 day sucks but i got a new one hahaha
hey buddy i ben watching for a few and i like it check my stuff out and see what you thing ..iam a big fan . Blake green
Smoke out of it in a newer episode. :]
Need a bit more water to cover the third slit
one time i was hitting my pipe and i coughed and my bowl went every were
Souundronee! I just got my first boulder of bee lasso and it was the first time i tried it and man it kicks ass compared to lighters!! Thanks!
Your lamp looks like darth vader.
bad ass lil roor! looks lik u need a lil bit mo water in it.
damn 2 bills, roors are so overpriced. protect that with your LIFE
you can get free sample by going to beelasso com and clicking the sample tab make sure to follow the instructions
i do not know anything about the others but you can get bee lasso by clicking the sample tab on their website
Hey soundrome can you make a video talking about different types of bongs ,bubblers and pipes because I'm having some trouble deciding on which one because I have never owned one lol
I needed 5-6inch. The postage to Australia was almost as much as the parts I wanted so for now I've bought local. I'll probably buy a Bee Lasso Beaker when I've got my own place. I've wanted one for ages and it'll justify postage.
Love the 14mm's! The 18mm's are cool... ..but the not for rippers.
Why so many haters for sound real stoners don't give a fuck about coughing its people duane that give stoners a bad name the herb is suppose to be peaceful for all users
do a vid on the first time you were introduced to cannabis! and your story since then
dude you are such a shit bitch cunt cough you're guts out on ever dick you suck .keep em cumming .I know this is not over yet .bring it .
that's what it is but there alot of different looking hammer bubblers
how much for the metal 4 pce grinder?
I've been trying to get either the 18mm or 14mm diffuser stems from your site for a while but they always seem to be out of stock, even when I checked it today. I guess that will be resolved soon seeing as you've restocked?
they gave computers to the special needs children sound.. he is larry, a child with down syndrome
hahahahha blessing of a new cong good lookin out soundrone
cant find the 4peice on the armory MAN!
Yo sound if by some miracle you read this, do you know how thick that bubbler is? I can only find it one place on line and I'm decided between that and a 5mm bong that's about twice as much so.
How much was the bubbler, sound?
notice he gets a western accent when he starts gettin baked!
Love that surprise ending I thought you forgot lol was waiting for it... luv ya vids bro makes my day :D
does your weed give black or gray ash
My friend went to New Jersey and got one for 120
1 from Elemental Wellness and one from Harborside health collective...its bothersome when they both break! haha but what do you expect, it comes free with an eigth!
you can get that bub at for 59 dollars
I have that same bubbler but mines 18mm and has an American flag label It's dope thing rips like a beast
How much for one these bubblers?
hey sound if i made a video medicading in your name would you send me free bee lasso??
You were choking on 4:20 hahaha.
Generic bubbler with a roor sticker... Fake sorry sound
What do you mean? Are you saying Sound is fake? I'm a bit confused...
i think candle company may use the exact same jars as us stoners.
hey sound, if you could get some red 14mm bowls that'd sweet so itd match my piece :) lol
did u refill ur stock on glass-on-glass diffused downstems?
i have them listed in the description area and on my front page
thats the sickest bubbler i've ever seen bro
i hit off one of those was called a flo or something coolest thing ever
for the love of god where did you buy the hamer bubbler
Great video but I would suggest cutting out the sound when u cough it's kind of annoying
soundrone please fix the auto focus its making a really high pitched sound and i want to watch ur vids but i cant cuz of all the screeching
p.s. sound would you give me some tips ? and how do i get b-line never herd of it till my friend told me about it i would love some to try plz get back to me your friend Blake green
whats the exact name of it these things are apparently quite rare -.-
Hey sound, my dad & are smokin' a blunt watching right now! lol By the way, my vote is for DANKline to be on Fridays.
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