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MW3 TOP 5 PLAYS WEEK #3 by Whiteboy7thst

by whiteboy7thst • 2,147,541 views

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Oh what a guesssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,
hey guy's look this youtuber he is prity good to make vidios Haze nl
You're fucking stupid that jug clip was not a private match, hence the gold scores that pop up after a kill and I guarantee you that sniper clip wasn't an aimbot..
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I dont think that jugg one was so good. The others where great though.
i wanna send one clip in. any one that can help me?
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He took Chris Smoove's laugh at the end of the video.
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the msr cant even get me a single one shot kill how come he gets 4
Whitboy do u have a xbox I can't remember
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" its either this or beat my wife" LMAOO I DIED
But still looking back on it THAT WAS EPIC AS FUCK WHAT I DID!
that bonus clip? i can see that happening to me, i'm horrible with grenades and tight openings
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javelin multi kill ive never seen that before
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I mean its only good if its a sniper tripple
i thot 4 but i dint thick the hole team da
bullshit cunt fuk off dis vid is old
dude what happened to all of your cod vids???
that looks so awesome but fake to me sorry.
Yea but on wii it sucks. I got the moab like 20 times on wii
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They were some heaps good kills! Check out my channel musico1010ninja
ahh i think 9.......OH MY GOD I WAZ RIGHT
FYI it was only 7 people of u look closely
i thought 9 and i was right its cause my favorite number is 9
The java multi was fucking beautiful
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