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Forza Motorsport 4 with Shorewarz & Swing (The Racing Line)

by Machinima • 10,431 views Click here to watch Headshot: Forza Motorsport 4 with Shorewarz & Swing (World Tour) Headshot: Forza Motorsport 4 with Shorewarz & Swing (The Racing Line)...

Why even make this video the answer is simple. If you are lazy or just a beginner turn it on, if you are good at the game and want more cash turn it off.
The only point to stay behind somebody is becoese you go faster to over take them cuz if you have same or slower car you cant pass anybody
@Felixhrbg well sure if you dont ever play online then PS3 is better, if you are an avid gamer then paying £3.50 a month is worth it, the xbox is only £40 a year, so its only about $7 a month anyway isnt it?
i turn everything off on all racing games, i like it to be more realistic and immerse myself
@Felixhrbg quick stealing magicdevil09 jokes for cheap thumbs up
Lines are for nubs. Should be able to figure out the best racing line for yourself after a few laps ^_^ no assists ftw
@elpato1009 Whoa whoa! Chill big booi on the keyboard! I own nice cars but i don't know shit about them!
>headshot >cars >myfacewhen :S
The racing line doesn't put you in a position to pass anyone, unless the person in front of you doesn't hit apex's. In which case, why the hell are they in front of you still.
i don't mind being the 302 viewer because it always happens to me so i feel speical like a tortise wen it reaches 0.4 MPH
When he said Automatic I stopped listening, real men shift their own gears.
Coy1750, shut up. Everyone plays a game differently, like I personally don't care if the best line is on, but I'm very aggressive in racing games do I sometimes need stability control on, so just shut up
The racing line is best just for knowing when to brake. I personally find it harder without actually being in the car and being able to feel the steering wheel and g forces put on myself and the car as a whole. The line itself is suggested you can deviate as much as you would like and use it to know a general idea as to where to brake and hit the throttle to get a feel for the game. You must deviate from it and learn where you can brake later, how hard to brake, how hard and when to hit the gas.
Who the hell still has a ps2 GTFO
@mrkilledkoolaid hahaha i do exactly the same, looking at the brakelights of the other car, but when im in the front i brake always way too early
get a wheel like G25 or G27. basically something what has 3 pedals
@Rivalhopeso I agree with you, forza 2 was more fun and i don't even know why :S Forza 3 was actually boring but i still played it for months... Now i've got forza 4 and it's a little bit the same, but still though it's much better than forza 3. That's because i drive with the camera on the bumper and on forza 4 driving from the bumper looks REALLY FAST like you're doing a million mph!!!
@Felixhrbg really a ps2 game!!!...ever heard of a xbox360
@xIIRevoEvo Your a fucking retard the grathics on this video were really bad so he said is this a ps2 game? cause the grathics where bad
anyone else want to make a comment about head shots in a car game or you all done telling the same joke?
Nice vid ! All about digital clocks, no rear view, no line, no assists, damage on middle setting, auto shift cos u can and simulation handling ! Rewind is cheap but it gets used cos its there lol.
@superbad1982 Peace man. GT5 is a driving simulator. Why on your mind its a bumper car game. (damage comment will be ignored.
Can someone help me to drift?
@Lunarvrr but why should you need to change the camera to feel that? nfs Shift was a sim game that made it feel like you were actually battlign the track with your skulls trying to get every bit of juice out of the car. forza, i literally press right trigger and left trigger respective to if it's a corner or a straight... nothing changes. just win. so. dead. no blurring. hardly any vibration. just pretty graphics and no gameplay features to make it a GAME.
gtm1260, that's not how all people play.
nice a new playstation 2 game god damnit i selled my ps2 3 months ago >.<
if you cant drive dont play froza 4 start at forza 2 because the price
as good as games like forza are for teaching you tracks if you need a line to tell you when to break or put the power down you should never drive on a race track for real thinking a computer game has taught you everything you need to know
Can you get headshots in this game ?
Just turn everything off and drive.... I have always all of the difficulty settings on off or simulation and im in the top 1000 circuit racers???
Douchie-insider-info-n-stuff: Forza is not shooter
i run with everything off and manuel..clutch doesnt work for me..i like cruising with the music on but i can still hear the car enough and all my dont really need a line..9 times outta 10 your gonna have a more powerful car or better handling car..if you have enough control of it,take it wide or dive down to the inside..its not hard..following the racing like is mainly for noobs imo..its basically monkey see monkey do..its not gonna get you the win online
Okay if everyone is gona do what they say, then i will stay on GT5 for the real race feeling and not bumper cars
@Gigobyte13 The racing line isnt all about "Monkey see Monkey do" I use it as a sort of guideline but dont always stick to it. I think that its all about knowing how to use the racing line that changes it from being a "noob" driver to a really good one because one of the things i use it for is to see when the other cars will be breaking around and i hold the accelerator a little bit past it so i have a good chance of overtaking the other cars in the corner.
Wipe yo!̸̶͚͖͖̩̻̩̗͍̮̙̈͊͛̈͒̍̐ͣͩ̋ͨ̓̊̌̈­­̊́̚͝͠ͅ ̷̧̢̛͖̤̟̺̫̗͚̗͖ͪ̏̔̔̒́ͥ̓ͫ̀ͤ̇ͥ͝ ̡̊͛̇ ͫ̉ͦ̊̀̔ͧͮ͆̽ͦͩ͋̌͗̚̚҉̵͖̟͙̮͈̼̹̞͝ͅu­­r screen!
@Felixhrbg Yeh!..apart from the exclusive games..and the DLC coming a month before...and the cross game chat..and the fact it's fun, apart from that IT SUCKS!
If I wanted to hear two vaginas bicker back and forth about absolutely nothing, I'd go into the kitchen and listen to my two mom's.
@beastiedesigns and its so funny that you have to pay monthly for playing online wow very cool one short round GTA IV ohhh sorry bro i first have to pay 15 bugs to an asshole companie
The racing line is good to learn the circuit.
I use the racing line because sometimes I can't see very well and it's a little easier for me. I don't follow the racing line like the AI does though, just use it to keep me on track.
@MrCorneria i believe its a double sided saber like darth maul but with red and green
i usually turn turn off the racing line but i keep the braking line on manual transmission and the rest I keep off, because i want to have my own lines on the tracks. If I'm behind an opponent I usually keep a good eye on the brakelights 'cause If i don't it wrecks my car otherwise (simulation damage ftw)
I really like forza 4 but does anybodies auction house lag? it's not my conection
Hahaha automatic..... I race full assists off manual with clutch secret race team ftw
@beastiedesigns well i dont want to pay money to play a fucking game that costs me 40$ +40$ a year 80$ for a single game in one year
todays my bday so for once in my life i deserve to be top comment :)
i fucken hate the stupid car ad gosh if your gonna have an ad make it more interesting
@beastiedesigns you cant compare that .... if i play one round in the month i have to 15$ thats why i bought a ps3 online playing for free
@Viroz7 no but your mom gets headshot by me, if you know what i mean hahahaha
@llpalm08 yea but games like forza,i do understand if your just coming into the racing genre,but if your one who has been around since the first pretty much know the racing lines for the basic tracks..only ones that need learning are the ones turn 10 makes up..but you should be able to carry over all the other skills about racing that you know from other tracks and cars to the newer tracks..
91 people are GT 5 or cod players
@landerpants except gt5 is a bumper car game. nfs shift was better than that shit man. as far as this goober saying driving line is for noobs then saying he uses automatic...... Lost all credibility at that point. My sister plays with automatic cause she thinks it is easier ... congrats.
@MrCorneria lol you got that from the ign didnt you`?
The racing line is the fastest possible route around the track, what the hell do you think would happen if F1 drivers ignored the racing line?
@evilmonkeybanana nah it definitely feels like racing and then a bit more/ i just played the demo for NFS the run and i don't care if you don't usually have avalanches chasing you as you drive. video games are supposed to make the line between fiction and realtiy blur. it has your blood pumping and concentration up. and it actually feels like a car in your hands. if that's too much then Shift still had that awesome feel but still is a sim. forza felt lethargic and very plain.
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