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Left 4 Dead 2: Healing Gnome with Mark - Part 3

by CaptainSparklez • 212,391 views

Mark: Merch store! ● Minecraft Server: ● Twitter: ●...

you cant get mods on xbox. >.> they are using compooters (i know its computers)
that's left 4 dead 1, isn't it?
00:50 Um, zoey, we can see your poligons.
do you esnt the captinsparklez name on xbox because my cuz has it and i could tell him to change it so you can have it
Unless you're going to get abstract, it technically still is. Apparently the test that had the neutrino faster than light was due to an equipment error. Also, they were (i believe) talking about the fact that it was proven to not be the fastest thing in the universe.
its not there are many other ways to go faster but we cant go past the speed of light so far cuz of mass other ways boom or denigration and i you do not know black holes suck in light but not gamma-rays so or a worm hole anti magnetic s and such and so forth "I am not trolling them don't troll me if i got something wrong witch i do not think i did" peace!
I stopped watching this series here because he didn't take a better weapon in the beginning.
Who else was screaming GET THE CHAINSAW, cause with that you shouldnt get cornered
whta deos the gnome do put it down
people chillax! stop hating on others for what game they like, and no i dont play CoD
@AssassinationGrunt I can judge you by your acts, therefore I don't need to know your real age. Second, I has more thumbs up than you so you can just go fuck yourself.
at the end mark picked up the nome and hugged it and shook his head LOL :D
CoD is a copy and paste game :3
Your are really mean to your teammates.
@FranticFreaker its l4d2 but they brought some l4d maps in to l4d2
It's funny how people think that it's impossible to like more than 1 game. Which one do you like: CoD, or Left 4 Dead? Both. Which one are you gonna buy: Battlefield, or CoD? Both, or none. Is that breaking some sort of law?
LOL I turned on captions, and at 2:23 it said: ((prime minister pays for the reunion)). XD XD XD XD XD
Because they are fucking useless shits with 1 hp, because they cant heal because they are fucking retarded and cant take gnome.
Is it just me or is the HP slowly draining one by one?
@xboxer808 hes gnome chompski dont question him
what game says. with gun "dont shoot temmates!" with katana "dont attack teammates!" what game should say! with gun "dont f*ck people up when you'v got a gun,its impolite!" with katana "its ok your not using a gun."
@gamer43lol If you play the L4D campaigns in L4D2, you play as L4D characters.
At about from 7:00 to 8:00 I was screaming PIPE "BOMB!"
It's day time in the plantation map, but nobody plays that map.
How da fuck do i get L4D campaigns on L4D2??
hey zoey and bill are left for dead thats funny
29 dislikes? Why watch if you no likey?
avoid cars when da tank is chasing ur ass O, O
as all the other zombies try to kill me so heres gnome chompski
Travelocity heals you in a zombie apocalypse
pixar didn't have a what a di ,what?
He is holding it,he's saying that he has gnome chompski. "here's gnome chompski".
gnome chompski stares deap into my soul.
7:08 sounds like mark said Hold on im fucking a corner.
he needs to stop angering witches
What difficulty r they playing on
1:45 to 2:15 = physics are a bitch XD
@zizike000 its l4d2 but the custom map makes it like left for dead 1
charger Zoey watch out oh you are to late wow Zoey fail
"He's a cheater, that's what he is." LOL!
at: 10:35 captain sparkles: were here again mark: yes i know that captain sparkles: no you dont, you need me to tell you LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
jump on the truck`s hood then jump on the top
@TheSoxhater And I was just expressing my thoughts, good day to you sir!
@CaptainJackall ps3 dosent have left for dead and its pc cause xbox doesnt have modded maps
It's never day in the origonal game's campagin for technical reasons.
is he playing on xbox pc or ps3? :)
he is referring to captiansparkles's recording as a film :)
@xboxer808 ive been thinking about that during the vid
Also the poster that you see at the front is a flyer for a movie or something like a film.
spitter walks through the doorway all sneaky and then marks like oh fuck
o.O My physics teacher TODAY was talking about speed of light is the fastest thing
that is not left 4 dead2 there is no bill of zoey it is coach ellis rochel and nick
7:47 wish he picked up the katana when he saw it or the chainsaw
I like how the lawn gnome magically creates light.
you guys should try MAG please like this comment so they can see it and i will also like yours
1. Car batteries last for so long because of a altenater. 2.The speed of light is not the universes speed limit. They made a nutron go faster.
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