When Mitch McConnell Supported Changing The Filibuster

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Mitch McConnell needs to suck a Fisherman's Friend
heres a fact for all you reps and dems they all suck they ate all corrupt hahaha you people are stuck in the 2 party paradigm our debt willget out of control thanks to the reps dems and obamma funny thats just about everyoneqhos left sounds like a economic reset
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Senator Mitch McConnell.  For the nuclear option before he was against it. When Mitch McConnell Supported Changing The Filibuster
Reid grew some balls to do this. It will come back to haunt him, but it was the right thing regardless of which party is in power.
You dont have a clue what the word "fact" means...you get your facts from fox news. You are a DISGRACE of a human being and Ihope you suffer under a normal president. Do you even realize youre retarded? no, thats what I thought.
gee how unusual a two faced republican ... NOT
World's worst deliberative body.
By the way, it is a fact that Reid was opposed to changing Filibuster rules, several times. You might want to look up the definition of FACT too. ;)
Everytime I hear this guy speak I want to punch a baby in the face
Dear Buzzfeed -- WHAT IS THE DATE of this video please? You put these things up with no dates on them all the time.. bit frustrating.
Amazing... The GOP hypocrisy knows no bounds!!
Neither does the Democrat Hypocrisy. Reid was for it before he was against it before he was for it again.
Awww, you're cute when angry someone presented some facts you didn't like!
Thanks for making even MORE assumptions and for the lovely insults. You really ought to seek help for all that hate and rage, dear. xoxox
take your teabag philosphy to cuba...The united states hates you .
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