My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: The Friendship Express (DVD Trailer)

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Watch More My Little Pony! http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBrrfZs-ew7MGvPsQubDrRepcFBhfWaof Trailer for the DVD release of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: The Friendship Express, out...

lol shoutfactory has been going around and blocking all the episodes on youtube
Because the amount of colors is too damn high as wells as the fact that the main target audience is children yet 40 year old men who may or may not live in their basements seem to worship it as some sort of sub religion.
Yep, that's what you are. You might want to suicide pretty soon.
oh damn sorry i just noticed the wau you spelt colour lol
I have nothing against bronies, but just admit that your watching a cartoon for little girls instead of rambling on that "it's not a kids show."
In my opinion every country is sh*tty, including mine.
i have the dvd and got an autograph by andrea libman XD
Actually, more and more people are becoming bronies... including girls. Which means, in a short while, we may get glirlfriends (Or boyfriends) quicker than haters, Mull over that for a while. Also, if you reply, I won't bother with it, I can't believe I am already wasting my time with you to post this comment. So please, on behalf of all bronies LEAVE!
I believe he meant that he doesn't want to give up his dignity.
no we've all heard it since we were 3 years old, because America has a shitty educational system, in fact we have a lot of shitty (almost)everything it's why people say america is a shitty country, because it really really is in a lot of different sectors.
i watched your video, here's my response: "they post videos online to try to convince themselves that their behavior is ok" (im sure you would know about that) but seriously, whats wrong with posting videos online? were not the only ones who do that. "society looks down on them" i hope your not referring to what fox said. if you are then we are done. period. no one takes those people seriously. "they are losers due to their own incompatence" says the guy who uses power point to make his video.
It's a show made to sell plastic horses to 8 year old girls.
gah~! bad voice overs>!?~!@~!@~?>~!@۞
If you hate MLP so much, then why the fuck are you here?
i dont see how anyone can't like this show. They are just friendly talking animals, showing everybody about friendship. how can anybody dislike this?
OH great. I have ADHD, however I grew out of it like most people should at the age of 14- 15. ADHD doesn't give you a immature outlook on life, it means you are Hyper and you struggle to concentrate. I do not think i am better than you, not at all. This isn't a show that "that consist solely of magic horses running around fucking shit up". It's a show all about the true meaning of friendship. There is also no reason to call me pathetic.
Excellent, can you make it in tomorrow? We will pay you in cash once your shift is over but just remember if you don't come back the next day without permission to stay off, we will track you down and kill you but if you do come in we will welcome you like a brother so see you there!
although, it doesn't change your morals if you just watch 1 just 1 episode and walk away :D! You see it will be an eternal argument over this so it's better to get it over with rather than waste your time typing! :D
I am a brony. I was telling a hater what he was doing to make him see how dumb he was acting. How am I the retarded one?
Morals? Watching My Little Pony is against your morals?
Not just the mane 6, also the background ponies, the CMC, and others! Examples: Dr. Whooves=Brown, Derpy Hooves=Gray, Big Macintosh=Red, Scootaloo=Orange, Sweetie Belle=Light Grayish, and so on.
i would say something, but i would spend hours flaming about something......
for all of your info my little pony is a great product it makes most people happy
I have a crush on fluttershy
Where's my wide screen Blu-Ray though?
and yes I know your trying to piss us off but still...
You hide your real voice on your videos? Bit insecure if you ask logical people Cold hard facts that we are insecure "Wearing T-shirts" sharing funny photos and talking about the show means we are insecure? Strange! Oh yeah and I want to say you are awesome you have a decent channel you probably have loads of friends (not fucking sarcasm im serious) and a great life.. Good luck! - Lesser Grammar
Ha! Freedom of Speech. America is a shitty country. Face it, this country breaks its own laws.
ooohhh, look a guy with an opinion that he uses to make others feel bad.
GOOD FOR YOU! Now leave cause no one gives a shit.
dont worry i will arrange an "accident" o shit did i just say that out loud
thank luna that it isn't a fucking kid doing the narration
ALL MLP/BRONY HATERS, If you dont like MLP then why are u watching this or commenting this? Your gonna waste your time commenting something u hate are u? Of course not. DEAL WITH IT.
I don't HAVE to admit anything. Again, if it makes you happy, and doesn't harm you or anyone else around you, then how is it wrong to like that something?
Yeah, but on your video entitled 10 best characters of all time you have a picture of Jar Jar Binks. I rest my case.
What is the Song in the Backround ?
how does watching a little kids show which is better then the average tv show go against any persons morality
Is this the complete first season?
By today's standards? Absolutely nothing. Toddlers in Tiaras. I rest my case.
I think you're misinterpreting what I'm saying. I never said you shouldn't watch it, I said it was an overly cutesie children's show. That doesn't mean it's bad, but you cannot deny that fact.
"SHIT OF DEATH" that literally made no sense what so ever
I really, really wasn't getting in an argument with them, just asking a question. it's why I haven't replied to what they said to me. also, trust me when I say I have plenty of experience with this, I've done that whole argument thing far more than a few times. (I brought the debate team back to my school).
Everyone is a female before the Y Chromosome kicks in. That's actually the whole reason men have nipples.
Hmm weird. None of my brony friends are autistic, and neither am I. I think the truth of the matter is you're just a lonely attention whore in search of people to acknowledge your pathetic existence.
I hope your not joking because once you enter you don't leave unless we permit it and there are standards you must meet if you want to live and leave.
That doesn't really answer my question. If it makes you happy, and doesn't harm you or anyone else around you, then how is it wrong to like something? I don't really care for gender roles, and I'm comfortable in my masculinity. Also, Lauren Faust wrote the current rendition of the show to be uni-sex, and is written well (in my opinion). However, I hate the previous seasons of the show for the fact that it was written in a way that screams "BUY THE TOYS".
They never changed "The Friendship Express", did they? Like, they never repressed it without the REAL Derpy?
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