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Minecraft: Quad Mountain Survival w/Nova Ep.44 - HELLO SNOW GOLEM

by UberHaxorNova • 375,402 views

Leave a like FOR QUAD EFFIN MOUNTAIN Map:...

can someone tell me what episode the tornado came in plz?
I know it's an old video but there was a HUGE monument of gold and another chest with dimond blocks,TNT and other stuff in this mountain and it was farther down in this mountain that u missed
I know this post is a response to a 2 year old video but still....the light creeper at 5:26 destroyed the light block....that might have helped his monument problem.  Not like that was common knowledge though...never really considered glowstone blocks as lightsources that that type of creeper could affect
I think that when nova was mining there was a tornado and took Dr. Pepper away
i spend my minecraft time underground and guess how many diamonds i have 60 diamonds, but then i died and i didn't know where my shit was.
WHERE!? He's gone AWOL!
Dr. Pepper: The best of all the turtles. He survived a tornado, earth creeper, had a party, went with nova on many mining missions, and learned to use the teleporter on his own. He will be missed...
just wait, dr pepper is going to end up like stankass, Randomly reapearing later in the series
Ah, I am truly incorrect. I apologize for my misinformation, I wish you a beautiful day
He did just bring him through the teleporter, abandon him to a tornado, and leave him on his own for several days.
Do we ever actually find out where dr pepper is!?!
sir can u shut the fuck up already stop !@#$%ing commenting
"Lory in The House" - Disney CHannel
actually, each block of gold (block, not ore) gives you 9 golden ingots, which gives you nuggets. you use ingots to make armor. therefore, you do the math. gold also isn't able to take as much damage.
The next thing i want to see is a Fire Golem.
Dr. Pepper is gone now. You will be missed...
I wonder what Sly would do if he saw Nova killing hippos
oh srry i was thinking about the tools. gold tools are slightly better then iron but they break fast. not the armor. Sorry. Oh and you prob think im a noob but im not, just clarifying
You left Dr. Pepper outside! What do you think was going to happen!? You also crested a tornado so he probably floating in the ocean!!!
T-Dog entry # 374 Master Nova is getting suspicious about doctor Pepper "running away" but we all know hes going to get some monument creepers Pepper has joined T-eam
My name is Lori. I guess I'm a snow golem now...
I get super pissed every time he makes gold armor when he has a bunch of iron. >:(
What if I dislike Hershel's land and don't watch it? I don't know that. Who's the smartass now?
You....havent made any sense in these past 2 comments...first its a its Sp00n who isnt even related to this video...and calling someone a stupid retard isnt being mad/offensive on your part? Im done. If you intentionally wanted to confuse the hell out of me, you succeeded 100%. Learn to make sense, learn to expect a response for calling someone a retard over the dumbest shit, and most importantly, learn to just not be an idiot.
You do realize that to get to the end portal in this map, you have to go into the nether first and then another portal already put there by the creator, takes you to the end portal....right?
A fire work went off right before he aid "what was that noise"
I was wondering if you understood sarcasm, I even capped it to make it easier for you. Clearly it was for naught. You sure you have pro skillz in minecraft? Since i would consider an aether portal to be a third type of portal, even though a mod is required, but of course thats just me. Oh im sorry i should probably just say portal since everyone and their mother knows what i mean by simply saying portal even though there are 3 different locations a "portal" could lead to pending on the materials
June, 19 , 2012 Turtle Dr.peper has gone missing on the mission to destroy one of the moutains hopefully he will be found
he actually thought notch made the mods. he responded saying he was unfamiliar with minecraft and that was just what he thought.
Nova has alot more Iron than Gold but makes Gold Armor. Genius.
@Chalice Bartley will u just stfu? In every video your fighting with somebody!
Sir, look at the timestamp. This was made months ago. I have already been told MANY times of my ignorance. So kindly fuck off
Don't worry t-dog some of us still love you x
no the mods are created by different mincraft players.nova is using a bunch of different mods made by a bunch of other MC players
Dr. Pepper got sucked up in that tornado that passed right where he was standing.
I know Sp00n is smarter than me, also you are the one mad dude. Not like i am swearing.
I paused the video at 8:06 and came back to Nova beating obsidian with a torch and then meat.
Not really. Gay Tony is a character of GTA IV: Ballad of Gay Tony dlc, and the music that James sometimes adds to the jump is from the dlc too. Not sure how he thought of it though :P
dr.pepper diary day 44: nova is not comming for me and its getting boring to wait for him...2 minutes latter.thats it im jumping in this random lava pool... godbye nova.Dr.pepper jumbs in the lava
Hey the bitch master is back. Well by golly sorry for my ignorance minecraft pro sir, i didnt realize NO ONE IN THE ENTIRE FUCKING MINECRAFT UNIVERSE hasnt ever said the words "nether portal" in the same sentence before to clarify what type of portal since of course there is no other type of portal WHATSOEVER in Minecraft. It seems about 19,000 other people are retards as well since thats how many hits youtube puts out regarding the words "Nether Portal" the same sentence! Holyshitomfg!
that mummy hitting you could not have been more perfectly timed....right when you put your helmet on you got hurt....the helmet is cursed!
It was sarcasm, smartass. I commented about it because Lori isn't a common name, like Steve or James or Alex. Nova happened to name the golems Lori, for some reason. There you go. (By the way, I don't just have a name. EVERYONE does.)
i'd say paulsoaresjr is the best, but nova is second best. in my opinion at least
Why doctor pepper!?! Why not T-Dog!?!
I'm aware you aren't o.o' I was saying you should stop giving into the guy who 'is' a troll. Because he clearly is.
Honestly, it's in your best interest that you just stop giving into the troll >_> It's the only way to beat them.
You haven't seen me have you, idiots these damn days!
Loris boyfriend is a snow,creeper,hes coming to get you nova!
because he is a dumbass dr pepper probaly just went off with the turtle that he told him to fuck until he got back
Dr Pepper Diary entry: 2hours...4...a day...Wheres Master Nova? This whore turtle he left me left...There are creepers everywhere and im scared... I feel myself slowing going insane, my mind turning on itself. Wait, whats that light...Nova? No, its lava... I feel my brain slowly inverting upon itself... The only way to stop the pain is to jump. Good bye Nova..
No it's not, gold is 10 times crappier. Look it up on the will if you don't believe me.
I think Dr.Pepper wandered around that little island and the water carried him into the lava pit, Burned alive. R.I.P Dr.Pepper
He was being a shit lord and he still is, so fuck off!
actuly gold is faster than diamond but breaks fast
well you need to stop getting the last word if it is enough
nope.. im a big black man that u dont wanna mess with son
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