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Angry Old Mad Man Vs. Skateboarder Fight Loses Temper

by Skateintheday ‚ÄĘ 551,936 views

Never mess with a Red Dragon, Paul Machnau proves this to be more than true when he loses his temper on a guy who threw an elbow at him in mid air. For more Skateboarding Classic Clips EVERY...

My god I feel bad for that old person ūüėĘ
You call shoving someone with your chest against theirs and then grabbing their coat beating someone up, you're deluded.
Respect is earned, not given :)
In alot of these sort of videos, the skaters aren't in the wrong and its just angry chavs, but in this video i think the skater was in the wrong.
It's not 'picking on an old man', people, in fact the skater was a model of restraint here - the senior actually tried to trip him up in mid-air which might well have resulted in a broken neck. Is it 'picking on someone' to make it clear that this isn't acceptable conduct? I mean if he'd actually punched him that would be another story, but way too many 'respectable citizens', particularly of the geriatric age, seem to think it's acceptable to strike out at or try to trip up skateboarders while skating. If people lay hands (or canes) on you first, you have every right to tell them off as forcibly as possible. I mean try punching an actual street thug without provocation and see if you get off with a warning first.
This is why us skaters get a bad rep.
+Wingsfan 1988 You don't even know what a discussion is. Until somebody replies to your single comment, its not a discussion its a comment. Yet you got upset because I replied to said comment, well too fuckin bad, that's how discussions work. And obviously you didn't leave it at that, you came back each time and eventually started spouting insults. So stop pretending you're anything more than an easily angered kid on the internet. The reason I keep coming back is because ITS MY FUCKING THREAD. I started the thread to have a discussion and if you have some sensible input that's fine, But don't expect me to "leave a comment alone" if I believe that comment is flat out wrong. I'm not basing my opinion on assumptions as you say, I'm basing it on the video. Human behavior is predictable, you might learn that as you get older. People can't fight their nature. If they are always a rude asshole they are always a rude asshole. There's no changing. Everything I've said here is the same conclusion that would be reached in a court of law. What happened before the video is irrelevant, because there is no evidence. The only thing that matters is the video. You can think he was a douchebag punk all you want, but in the end, its not illegal to be one. everything he did was lawful and that's all there is to it. You're not gonna change your viewpoint, that's fine, so then you have no business on this thread. Obviously I'm not gonna change my view, it's backed by the law while yours is backed by a fantasy land of conjecture and here say. Unless somebody can show me a law for wherever this was that contradicts basic self defense laws my view stays the same. So I'm not even gonna waste my time with you, get off my thread or be removed.
jesus that kids a douche.... Really? Its cool to pick on an old man? Get a life retard.
"You have to respect us like we respect you" Eeermmm... that skater doesn't know jack shit about respect. You don't do jumps right next to someone's face, unless you don't give a fuck about them getting hurt. Besides that, the old man did not hit him, as the skater was claiming later on, he only protected his body and face by putting his arm slightly sideways to prevent getting scraped by the board. He's an asshole, nothing more, nothing less.
+lasoogneypubes The guy is an asshole for starters by manhandling a man much weaker than he is, only cowards do that and it was totally unnecessary and disrespectful of his elders. It's unfortunate there was no one courageous enough around to beat that kid up for doing that to do that Man and teach him a much needed lesson.
+Nick Von Rechinchitt No the young guys should have just respected the elderly Man's wishes and apologized and left and gone somewhere else. It seems youngs skaters have very anti-social attitudes towards others in my experience.
Yo I'm a skater, and dude that was not cool. Don't get up in people's faces like that and push them around. Especially older people.
Good on them, shame on the people defending the man trying to be a controlling bully, it's obvious he walked over to that spot in search of trouble. And throwing an elbow at somebody using a bike/skateboard/scooter is seriously fucking dangerous.
the kids shouldn't have been trespassing the old man shouldn't have picked a fight with the kid, i see wrong on both sides here 
+Edward Bundy YeaH!!! Fuck censorship .. and fuck Ultron IV. 
Paul I'll fuckin rabbit punch you with rocks you prick. Respect your elders, especially when you're fucking around on their turf.
could fucking kill that kid.
why do this to elders....they barely have enough life to live on earth...why shorten skaters are ASSHOLES!
Paul Machnau went too far, sad to watch.
+DCSk8er529 Dosnt equal out to threatening him like that
+DCSk8er529 He appeared to raise his arm in an act of self defense, most people raise their arms toward their face when the feel there's potential harm coming at their head.
i myself a skater, am ashamed that people have too see this video. 
Old guy acts like more of a man than you do. What a fucking disgrace. Please kill yourself. I'll kick the chair for you. He probably listens to blink 182 and cries when he feels lonely.
Someone mentioned the 182?
+samuel dol  While not a fan of blink 182, its fucking music. Who... the hell... cares. Only children and dipshits think music and musical interests have even a remote importance. EDIT: just wanna say after youtubing some blink 182 songs, think ima a fan, do something about it nerd.
That skater is a prick you can't beat up an old man
That old man is much braver than any of the boys^^
not really but I see your point
+xKrawnikFilled Those kids coulda beat the shit out of him. Hes an asshole, but hes brave. However pushing around an old guy while all your friends watch is straight pussy shit.
This skater is a little cunt. Skinny fuck i'd feed him a dozen punches right in his filthy mouth
The old man shouldnt of tried knockin the skateboarder down while he was skateboardin the skateboarder stood up for his self :)
real tough guy putting your hands on the old guy, if  i was there you would have gotten fucked up really bad.
So what, stupid shit bag? Old people are not special. I hope that you get a bullet to your shit filled head while trying to protect some random geezer. That would be one less piece of crap in this world.
+Bachelo3 You need some serious psychiatric help.  
Fucking old man. 
I don't think either of them were right but when people act like assholes before simply being polite and telling them they can't skate here I see why he's angry. Also the old guy touching him isn't called for the kid could of got seriously injured if the old guy would of got his leg and tripped him. 
What most of you guys dont realize is that the old guy hit the skater in the middle of the trick now if he had come full force while he was ollieing he could have gotten seriously hurt. Thats why he flipped his shit.
Finally, a skater who is not a pussy. :)
Agreed, in all these videos everyone is so lame, this one got guts
+Donnell Maing im sure he would do it to anyone, he didn't seem to stable!
Dude you shouldn't have grubbed him and swung him around like that he's just an old man
Your pretty cool dude. I always wanted the balls to threaten to beat on old people. How old are you? 7 8?
+Oscar Robertson Everyone must face the consequences of his own actions, asshole. Old people are no exception. Go kill yourself.
Why is it that aggresive skaters always get picked on by the wrong people (elders, people with respect and such) while there is other crazy aggresive fucks runnin' around and picking fights with peaceful skaters?
I understand they could have been asked to leave nicley but you font gotta tell sombody you are going to kill them
poor old man, he was so aggressive to him, i feel so bad now!
this one was rude, the skater was a dick head, straight bully
Fuck them kids savage fake niggas
Fucking skate teens wanna fucking put them in prison
Skaters... Im dissapointed, like this comment if you agree
And he does not punch u he uses his reflects to protect himself and if I saw u do that to an elder person I will beat the living shit out of u.
Everybody is badass in the internet, right asshole?
Wow 5th vid in a row of morons with skate boards. Would have grabbed the smartass' board and rearranged his face for him for the threats. No respect losers and you wonder why the usa is becoming a police state, because of punks like you.
Everybody is a badass on the internet, right ass hole?
+Bachelo3 With your attitude you seem to know about it.
Its alright man they just think we are some assholes that don't listen or corporate try to keep ur cool though because sometimes we get to heated in the moment and do shit we regret keep up the beast uploads man subscribe 4 sure
Good. That old prick deserves shot. How long is the younger generation going to put up with these old worthless scum.
You should have smashed that old cock suckers face down into the gravel and stomped on his head repeatedly
give skaters a bad name you fucking idiots
I think he did overreact a bit ;)
Seems the old guy put himself in harms way and the skateboarder took advantage of it....oh well don't put yourself in a situation you can't handle.
skaters look so gay to other people
I feel sorry for the man I think he got no friends...
Am I the only one who started laughing at 1:09?
This is the reason why people get shot, grabbing a defenceless old man like that.  Paul Machnau better watch his back and keep a look out for that man's grandkids or any of his relatives, they will attack him with guns or any type of weapon. the guy need to be more careful or the consequences are, he might end up in the hospital.
U dumb ass. Stop bullying the old man.
Disrespectful skaters should not have been there in the first place... Just more proof that skating makes you go full retard. Skating towards the old guy was wrong in the first place then laying hands on him was assault, the skater should be in jail. If that had been my dad I would have fucked up the skate baby with a crow bar.
Those skaters r retards
its called adrenaline, noone gets mad when hockey players fight, only skaters
your a asshole bro hes a old man push him down wow 
That was the rudest thing ive ever seen in my life
He has No rights to hurt the elderly ans the elderly Have No righhts to Hit the skater
Wait nevermind sprry about that i didnt watch the whole video
+ashden stephens i wpould have done the same thing
This was pretty fucked up, I would be pissed to if someone did that, come on a death threat, "don't you ever touch me when I'm skateboarding, I'll kill you" that's pretty fucked up.
these skaters are so fucking pussies xD
skaters are fucking stupid. how do they have any authority to decide whether he tells them to leave politely or not. the isn't Good Fellas, people do what they can to keep their jobs, and these mother fucks are the worst. i love skateboarding but I hate this shit. fuckin fuck you, you fuckin fuck!  
I completely agree with the skater. What does the old man expect to happen if he punches someone and ruins their fun. The old man could have ask nicely, but instead he decided to punch him. Just because he is old doesn't mean he can do whatever he wants.
yeeeeaaahhh that kids a shit cunt...
I probably would have done the same thing if it wasn't an old man. Because he's a senior citizen all he has to do is tell the police that you put your hands on him and you will go to jail. Im not defending the old man but that is just from a legal standpoint
lol fag skater acts tough when hes with his skating friends lol against an old man LMAO. i would have fucked you up if i was there mr coolio. LOL this has to be the biggest pussy in the world ROFL
Fuck that old cunt, they should've been alot harder on him.
i mean and you pushed down
Both of them are stupid, the old guy should let them skate and the kid is a total faggot for obvious reasons.
This is just mean though. Leave the old guy alone he wasn't even talking shit or anything.
What an idiot! Why would u grab then swing and also threaten an old man!
dude you people are stupid as crap get a life and never do that to an Gentlemen if i see on your channel that you do that again i will find you and beat the $%# out of you 
I would have knocked his old ass out if he touched he, Respect to the skater for keeping his composure, I couldn't do that
Old guy's a douche, but skater dude took it a little too far. 
0:16 why he trying to fuck him up or rape him?
Bunch of fucking bellends!!
Skater creed...I will skate wherever I want and damage all the property I want but I demand you respect my private property even though I don't respect yours. .
Respect us like we respect you....seems legit
should of filed a police report, the skater fag would have been charged with a felony of assaulting the elderly. in jail he acts like a hard ass he will have a very rude awakening
The skater where jerks he didn't even hit him
You guys are fucking faggots thinking your cool because you can pit your hands on an old man you fucking pathetic low lifes.
I feel bad for the old guy
lol he sucks at skateboarding
Finally some real skaters not some pussy there sure was a lot of for a long time these videos of skaters vs ? that made skaters look like a bunch of wussies now this clip shows how to handle your business the old school way 
by grappling an oldman? this is some pussy shit
And you are a huge PUSSY.
At first I was like "stupid old guy just elbowed that dude, what a retard" but seriously the way that one dude went all off on the old guy, like grabbing him and throwing him around and shit was a little much. Not hating on skateboarders (i am one) I just think these guys went a little overboard
Paul Machnau, whoever you are, you're A CHILD. Takes a real small person to man handle an old man and threaten his life, regardless if he "punched" you mid air.   And the excuse "well if you'd have just asked us nicely that your bothering us we would have listened" ... is bullshit  Paul, if your ever in Venice CA. Message me. And my boys will show you how that old man felt.
Everybody is a badass in the internet, right asshole? I wonder who are you in real life, internet tough guy?
That old man was a jerk to swing his elbow at the guy doing a trick in mid air . The skate boarder could have been badly injuries. If this was private property and skate boarders refuse to leave then call the police. Or throw urine bombs at them !
Don't judge all skaters based on those people's actions.
I agree with the skaters respect is given not earned
lol skateboarders are pussies, im so embarrassed for them.
Judging the majority by the minority? I'm a skater and I would never even think of doing this.
People who don't skate see this kind of thing and think skaters are angry. Skating is dangerous. You have to get worked up to make your body do it and so you have a lot of blood pumping around your body.
This kid in particular IS angry. As a skater, you don't harm others with your skating, that only escalates the misconception. This kid could've knocked the old man out or even killed him. Obviously a self-entitled, pretentious little prick. The man did nothing to kid, yet the kid assaulted him on more than one account. I hope he grows up and realizes how stupid this is.
00:25 seconds in,.."uttering death threats",...isn't that a crime? and its all on video,...
thats what all should do to all people who is harrasing skaters!!!!!!
Are you guys allowed to skate board at this place? This looks like private property.
Kid cant skate for shit
wow your so tough picking a fight with a old man, you know very well you would leave if asked because your obviously a group of degenerate cunts with no respect.
Respect is a two way street, stupid piece of crap. Being old is no texcuse for being a jerk.
these kids need a good beating 
Who will do the beating, keyboard warrior? You? Pfft...
The old guy should of came back with a bat. shove it at your ass.
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