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PLATONIC Episode #1 - Friends With Benefits

by TheFineBros • 1,417,131 views

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this should be made in to a movie!
@TheBallKeeper i think she looks very pretty, i'm sure you've had moments in life where you've not looked your best but thats no reason for people to get angry about it :| and just so you know, theres no such thing as normal, everyones bound to have their flooks ;D
There are guys that just wanna hang with girls generally they are gay.
bitches be oh wait thats taken...
@zoewilleatyou The Fine Bros. were talking said that they were in talks of moving it to the small screen (TV lol.) If it doesn't work out as planned, they're gonna keep producing episodes on YouTube. This show would make big bucks, as long as they find the right networks.
that looks like the girl fro the big bang theory O.o
Ugh omg I hate it when people ask me if I am dating my guy friends it's so fricken annoying
Ahaha! She's insane. I think that's why I like this so much.
Hey FineBro!, It's been a while. How about a new series?
LOL adfmovie references "you're dead to me"
secret girlfriends thumbs up if u kno wut im talkin bout?
She's such a bich, forcing himn o have sex wih her, then yelling at him for doing it
@ohhbrackett10 correcting other person gramma just makes you look stupid, not other person
Still trying to get this to TV or make a feature out of it. For YouTube series be sure to check out our MyMusic channel.
AHHH HHAAA Where's the episode with Raf?
@LovedByLoss It seems like girls can never get along lol
haha, trisha makes me laugh for some reason.
what happened to the 'and not question it' part?
I love the idea she came up with >:D
if you dont find some one who you enjoy having sex with and who enjoys having sex with you. the relationship will not work out. Of course there is other components but sex is very important.
I would say: I want whatever you want. If she says she still wants you can go on, if she now suddenly claims she doesn't want you can easely say you didn't want either anyway :P!
The video puased/ stopped at 2:17
the message very loosely reminds me of oleanna. lol, very funny guys
I have this happening in real life.. It sucks
Props to that guy for lasting that long...I mean...shit I would've done it after she did the tongue thing
Sad thing is, most bitches are like this. Crazy.
3:16 "You trying to stick it in me" haha hilarious gestures!!
=))))))) the tongue movements are hilarious
@cyberbio17 I hate when people get in the top comments for pointing that out
show the the car insurance thing where the dog chase cats
Why does the chick say "so James, bet you wondering why I cam here?" And then says :Friends can't have benefits, Jimmy? Lines Fail!
I love this series. Please tell me there will be a second season.
@ohhbrackett10 doubt you would have strenght or skill enought to do that
im addicted to finebros videos.o.o
hey there sweet stuff.... big brown eyes.... LOL
I have MANY guy friends. (Seriously other girls DONT seem to like me!) But in all my expiriences (these past two years) only 6 of them have been interested in me or tried to date me.
@aSilverofsanity that's societies typical view of a teen. You don't have to go by that.
the blonde reminds me a lot about the girl from forgetting Sarah Marshall
I already have no faith in this character.
keep tapping at the number 3:16
"They just want to fuck you girl!" lol!
hmm i hate this girl evertime that i see this video
4:17 I don't remember seeing that in an episode...Or am I just totally not observant? XD
Wait...isn't she the "secret girlfriend" from Secret Girlfriend?
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