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WTF Is... - Mount and Blade : With Fire and Sword ?

by TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit • 507,910 views TotalBiscuit takes a look at the 3rd in the medieval action RPG/combat simulator series, Mount and Blade by Talesworlds...

22:00 it's funny how you blame the fact you got wasted in that battle on the enemy having guns,  you just waltzed straight into the middle of them with a horse like a noob and they pulled out their swords and melleed you lol, what did you expect to happen?
I always hated it when I'm trying to play a medieval game and they add guns, cannons, etc. Completely ruins the environment. One of my biggest peeves with Warband was that there's not enough detail in troop control. You should be able to order formations, get bonuses for a flanking cavalry charge, etc. Did they improve those things in this expansion?
tb: see i don't like this idea of guns doing this much damage and taking you out of the fight almost immediatley. me: then maybe you shouldn't CHARGE at then with only a pistol in open ground
The reason this game is awesome is because of the fact it takes place in 17th century Europe, which isn't very common in video games besides a scattered few pirate games and such I really hope Game companies would realize the potential for periods such as the thirty years wars, English Civil War, the wars of religion. or the Deluge  
reason to get first game: mods
+aperturesciencegames How the hell am I supposed to know? They don't appear, I just suspected that the reason why he was being salty was because of that "YEAH BUT ITS A GLITCHY UNWORKING MESS" thing.
+Sir Remindo his comment said "ITS BEEN UPDATED BITCH" 
the auto resolve thinks that 200 sarranid recruits could easily win against 100 khergit lancers (they can't)
hell no, sarranids suck
Mount and blade warband is one of the greatest games ever made. It is just so deep and so addictive and offers some much value. Its amazing that its made by an indie company
HEY! a WTF video with comments still enabled :D!
+Holy Cheese Sorry to bring up an old comment thread, but Reddit still works for that. Each time TB comes out with a video, the /r/cynicalbrit subreddit will have a specific thread for that video, so you can talk about the video still.
+Remikih Yeaah ik, but still thanks for the comment
I can recommend M&B:Warband over this. At least that is my preference. Guns are too overpowered.
Come on - Total Buiscuit - don't be a wuss, just because you can't single handedly charge and kill an entire army armed with muskets... Gunpowder makes this game much more interesting. Using grenades against massed opponents in a siege, for instance :) 
"just because you can't single handedly charge and kill an entire army armed with muskets" Wow lol
dang tb, you sure came a long way.  kudos man.
Love this series - and Fire and Sword is much more interesting than the "fantasy" version from Warband. And renaissance Eastern Europe is a very interesting setting. I'm hoping this might be my new "historical" strategy game after Total War let me down with Rome II.
Isn't TB usually good at games
I play first person.
The damage was insanely high in the odler ones aswells, ive seen headshots do over 300 damage and spears do ALOT of damage when charging. Also can reach in the easy 150, 180 damage
if you say anything bad about fire and sword i will hang you by your intestines!
hey, someone saw it! i feel proud
+Kody Prunella but he always says at least one thing that`s why he`s the CYNICAL brit (plz not i have no idea what that means except probably something along the lines of sarcastic haterish person in a nicer way)
Dying super quickly like around 21:00 did happen in Warband and the original, but only when you were up against Khergit horsemen with spears. A good stab with a spear at full charging speed was a guaranteed kill. Then again, spears are only good when charging in the first place, so they're balanced in their own way.
Actually it is Warband that's on Android.
My Polish friend said to me about some film With Fire and Sword from his country and when i saw history of that game i see it is based on that film. 
Tip for the guns, use a shield.
If you want to use a gun and a shield at the same time pistols are your friend!
Why the hell are people arguing and comparing the Mount&Blade serie to the Elder Scrolls serie? They are nothing alike exept for the fact that they are both RPG's and the personal combat system is pretty similar.  Might as well compare Portal to the Tomb Raider games because they are both puzzle games.
Normally I'm not judgemental with games. I give them time, I look deep into them. But when a serf with a shootystick headshots me from half a map away I get pissed. I keep playing. When it repeats itself, I get angry. When a herd of plebeians with boomsticks murder my heavily-trained warriors despite only a fraction of their countless shots don't miss...I quit. I'm sorry. Get Warband.
this is a really bad wtf is, becouse you suck at this game you dont know even 20% of it XD
You can be a count or king in Mount and Blade : With Fire and Sword
I found this game to be not fun at all for some reason the ai's guns fire a lot better than the guns in most modern shooters somehow
I have all the 3 games and my personal favorite is warband its a upgraded version of the original game the thing i hated about fire and sword was that you could mostly only use mercenary it lost the big unit upgrade system from warband an the original did have
Not that you'd normally want to pay more, but that this latest M&B is cheaper than the original one from 2008... well, it is telling. Either the game itself is not up to snuff or it solely did not pan out as they had hoped. Guns actually do seem interesting... if you want to wipe out large chunks of armies, it would seem the way about it here is not to charge in headlong but to get a proper good rifle, invest primarily in firearms and pick foes off from a distance as you ride a horse and keep away from danger. Much like the mongols of old, 'cept with a gun. Someone mentioned grenades during crowded siege events, that ought to be fun.
If someone would want a mount and blade game i would recommend getting warband and not with fire and sword.  The guns arent that interesting and the game has taken out deatures from warband. Such as starting your own kingdom.  Warband is just better in almost every part.
It's essentially a mod overhaul. Charging full price could easily piss people off.
This is on Android now.
the deserter captain was called seymen lol
its 3rd or 1st person btw 
OH MY GOSH! OHMY GOSH! OMGGGG!!!!!!!! LITHUANIA!!!!! It's so awesome that it is in an EPIC GAME LIKE THIS!!! even though we are such a small country (well duh, our monarch was a douchebag -_-) YAYAYAY! CHEES FOR LITHUANIA! ^^
Are you going to be doing a thingy video on Mount and Blade: Bannerlord?
Used to be a total war fan,then I plaed Mount and Blade(at all of them) added some mods and never went back,this game is just amazing
Actually guns exist in the original as well, there's just no way to get them or at least the skill in firearms exists. My favorite mod for the original, Sword of Damocles, had a few units with guns and that blended really well, but I guess that most units having guns would definitely change the gameplay.
Totalbiscuit: >admittedly wears worst armour ever > EVERYTHING IS TOO POWERFUL WTF
@8:20 I believe you can play in first person.
give me da serial code cries cries CRRIIIESSSS rlly i bought it and it no giv me online fuuu -cry
This is russian map and russian towns
It's not only expanding the game by a new weaponry. It also uses a Polish literature called "with Fire and Sword" as a background story. It's a book based on the Polish history, so plese don't be so ignorant about it.
I think guns add another dimension of strategy. It isn't really as bad as people might think as you can't just shoot continuously. You have to be sort of close to get the one shot kill and they take forever to reload, so it isn't really that imbalanced.
m&b warband looked better than this
In Warband, you can marry a lady or a lord. Here, they took that feature away. Not only that, they made becoming king even more difficult.
lol you can change to first person using r
Is he using any mods? The menus look a little different, as well as the icons, and the sound (gunfire, mostly) sounds different as well... 0_o
+Crystal Honecker Hmmm, not that terrible for my first try. Also (now I'm not in troll mode anymore), how am I common-folk, and with a sad and pathetic life? I actually have had a good one, possibly better then yours. I have an expensive gaming computer, lots of friends (which were the one who put me up to trolling you), money (I'm actually serious). How do I have a sad and pathetic life? Trolls do things for a laugh (some are plain mean though), I've been bored these coupled of days because there haven't been any games I haven't been bored with (if you could share some it would be much obliged although you probably won't ^^), and I decided to cheer myself up messing with you and it worked I laughed when I read this comment of yours you though I was common-folk and slack-jawed. Ah, thank you for lightening my days for that I thank you. Now I guess I'll watch some VintageBeef or Quill18. If you want to keep making me laugh then thanks. Now back to trolling mode, also haven't you noticed I've been overusing parenthesis this whole comment (dunno why). You see in my many days as a game programmer I have used and made sound applications and some pickup different sounds due to the technology that they are made. Now the developers of the game included different cursors and stuff for the game in order to be different, heck the UI is paler then before. So please stop making yourself look like a retard.
+Crystal Honecker I used to ague on youtube, now I don't. I know now  that people will aways think they are right and you are wrong, and vise-versa.
the one thing i didnt like about this game is that for players the guns are like FUCKING SNIPERS
+BJkreulach You can be Imprisoned for Internet Piracy. The owner of Piratebay has had Legal Troubles for years. Anton Vickerman, creator of website surfthechannel, had been sentenced to four years in prison in the U.K for hosting illegal copies of films and TV programmes. Do some research and please Educate yourself next time instead of spouting off Rhetorical nonsense..
its not just first person -_- just press R
Makes me wonder what happened, he seemed to like this game, now acts like Torn banner studios has paid him to advertise chivalry 'medieval' warfare and tell that it's the best medieval 'simulator'..Yeah right.
Yeah, from my experience in Warband you did NOT mess with deserters or it was game over for you, buddy... They are always super well equipped from their time in the army, so unless you have better stuff than them or simply more brute force, it's lights out for you and your men!
+Trash you do know you can get this game for free LEGALLY BY EXPLOITING GLITCHES
Why would you, support the developers of this awesome game. 
What's that? Oh thanks for recommending me With Fire and Sword over Warband!
The gun system as I see it here reminds me a bit of the Brytenwalda mod when you deal with Welsh or other missile-based enemies. Whenever you come close they're like "Attacking us? Cool, here, have a few million javelins to the the face" and avoiding the downpour of those is kind of the difference between you getting completely owned, or you and your army mopping them up without much effort after they run out of ammo.
"...Please present yourself for a beating..." xDDD I love your style TB. I buy no game without first looking at your channel and some reviews. Thank you
and allainces are only in some mods
Hey the damage is real how would you like a bullet in your leg?
IIts the Turksish Town !
With Fire (guns) and sword (swords) xD  It's such a terrible name. Haha!
I think the guns are balanced vs. bows because bows can fire really fast, but do little damage, whereas guns take a while to reload, but do serious damage.
and i use cheats for exp
you can get plate armour it just costs loads
The gun system is very realistic though
Any balance problem? Being incapcited by a bullet smashing your leg is an issue? Well, stick with space marine, especially if you describe this setting as "medieval"...
there is going to be a new mount and blade called mount and blade bannerlord
guns really aren't so game breaking, you just can't run directly at them thinking jesus will come down and redirect bullets, you need to flank while at the horseback as cavarly is supposed to, especially in that era..! and circle a little instead ride in straight line (ingame)
Fire and Sword is just way to luck based, A single guy with a gun can kill you and take you prisoner if you're unlucky. I don't like how BS it can be even at the 1/4th damage, that you suddenly die.
mate, that's not luck, its realism, maybe you shouldn't get shot and stop blaming the game
+coady1708 i too only go out with my shotgun when I got to the pub 
If only Mount & Blade: Warband didn't have those terrible AI issues causing the AI Kings to indict their nobles for treason ever 30 damn seconds... I never even encountered a good mod solution to that, most "Fixes" disabled the ability outright, which is no fix in my opinion. Here's to hoping M&B2: Bannerlord doesn't suffer from such a game-breaking issue. At the very least, we're back to medieval setting.
You are the first guy i see complaining about this maybe you are not playing with patches
I have a save of 200+ days and that has never been a problem for me, maybe you have a corrupt version of the game?
arrow fights are so cool, i think i enjoy the game, and more other game just because of the bow abd arrow sistem :D
I've 1300 houers ingame on mount and blade, i would suggest everyone to get mount and blade napoleonic wars! it's the beste dlc i've ever played, the community is big and you caneasely find a regiment and joine in on the fun!
If I wanted to buy a Mount & Blade game, should I buy this or Warband??
With Fire and Sword has more features out of the box, but what you see is basically what you get, since as before pretty much no one has bothered to mod for it. It also vastly limits what you can do with your character since melee focus is basically worthless, where as a int/cha character will be extremely powerful and your PC shouldn't be anywhere near the action anyway due to how easily it is to get 1 shotted for most of the game, since they only need 9 str to use any gun which is automatically at full strength (still takes proficiency to hit anything, but that's easily farmed during sieges). Guns and bows are king in this game. With bows actually being the strongest weapons of all. Guns are nice in that they don't require any skill aside from a small amount of str to actually carry the weapon and are immediately powerful, but bows utterly blow them away by the end, same as Crossbows in Warband since WF&S guns are just Crossbows with greater range/less accuracy. Massive rate of fire, best bow has 2x the damage of the best gun after taking into account 10 power draw, near perfect accuracy, similar effective range, more then 2x the ammo per inventory slot can shoot fully backwards on a horse, instead of almost like with a carabine but with MUCH MUCH more damage and accuracy.
Well after reading these replies, im glad I got warband
they should make a newone
+daniel keely and bannerlord is the sequel
+Flyman321123 Paradox is the PUBLISHER, not DEVELOPER. Plus, Paradox does NOT own Mount&Bade anymore, and the WotR took an inspiration cough copy from M&B... plus, M&B is much more successful.
I got Warband during the sale for 10 bucks, and had 35 cents left in my wallet. I Ended up selling a load of stuff on the Steam market until I had the 2.49$ necessary to get this game while it was on sale. I basically got this game for free. Praise be to the Steam Summer Sales!
people are comparing this game to elder scrolls games and i'm just waiting for Some Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord news.....
Get Warband before With Fire and Sword, it's easier for new players.
its thalers here and 4 looters vs 200 men.... well you have been captured!?!?!?! wth how the looters are superman!!
Nope, Warband is boring and the combat is unresponsive. Not nearly as bad as this one though.
Wow, who gives a fuck, except you guys. That's incredible! Millions of people use Pirate Bay everyday! So let's compare: about 5-7 guys against me, and millions of us against you. Fuck off, loser.
Warband. If you like guns, get the napoleonic wars multiplayer dlc for it. And yes you can be a drummer boy, or a hornist, or a standard bearer, or artillerist. Or an officer with a working spyglass.
is napolionic wars worht buying do people still play it
You can be imprisoned by suing you for theft. And also, piratebay is loosing money to protect those pirateers, like yourself, and is lowering their barrier thus making your downloads visible. Yes, the Federal Agents are busy 'cause it's fairly easy to fine all the pirates around the world
people who care about graphics should paly this game to understand that it's all about the content not the graphics
Skyrim Copied A lot of stuff from mount and blade Horse combat was touted as a huge thing in the DLCs.. mount and blade did it first and better.. spears was another.. again mount and blade did it first.. The mount and blade series should get alot more attention than it gets.
Really? Mount and blade did horse combat first... Mount and blade did spears first... Try medieval Europe (I know they existed before that). Stop being like those people that say everything is a copy of minecraft.
In my opinion it is really hard to Play. It feels like a less stable Version of Warband. But I do not regret the purchase. ^^
The games are still here, so the money is still being made. You cannot obviously see that.
More like a billion people who would agree with him, a few million with you.
At first I played this game to death, then about halfway through the Polish campaign the bugs began to come out. I succeeded in conquering the Khanate's cities, but I failed to capture all the generals and suddenly they all vanished from the map, keeping me from finishing the rebellion. I want to find the guys responsible for testing this game because there are so many bugs besides what I just said,
this sucks it pretty much naplolic wars
download the off the the internet just search mount and balde warband mods.
If you wear the best armour in the game you can take 2-3 hits from the best musket and bullets to the chest and believe it or not, 2 hits to the face from a decent musket also.
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