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"Fallen Kingdom" - A Minecraft Parody of Coldplay's Viva la Vida (Music Video)

by CaptainSparklez • 87,050,380 views

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I remember when I used to play Minecraft everyday. I was so confused, always had to look up how to make things on the wiki. I remember being too scared to leave my house at night for the fear of monsters. I remember looking up Herobrine, who he was and what he does. I remember watching YouTube videos about how to make amazing houses. I remember always being excited for an update. I remember first getting into the game and being brand new at it. Now it's not the same. It's the same feeling as beating a game once and then going back and replaying it, and quite frankly, it sucks.
The real good ol days were when mountain chunks wouldn't spawn correctly, and floating chunks existed. No sprinting, only some mobs Like the zombie, skeleton, and creeper. We ate food to regain health. Ahh good times.
This is the best Minecraft parody in my opinion :P
+ZombieWarsSMT Yes it was and is the best! 😀
+KraftingHD 2.0 I agree, and I think it deserves more views than TNT.
I remember when I first saw this video.... This is what encouraged me to play Minecraft =D
My Minecraft Username is CTWKstudios, But It used To be pinkypie202. DON'T ASK ME WHY. XD
It just occurred to the king the same character from TNT and Revenge and this is all one big story?  I realized in TNT, it was a new world and the guy had ambitions of building a kingdom and ruling over the land.  He killed creepers and creepers in turn would steal his stuff.  Then in Revenge, "oh no it's you again!" and "the creeper's trying to steal our stuff again"...and in the end, he crafts a diamond Helmet, Chest Plate, and Sword and slayed all of the creepers.  Then here in Fallen Kingdom, the creeper in the cage feared the king, and the king has a diamond Helm, Chest Plate, and Sword on the armor stand, accompanied by the line "the sword that once forced evil mobs to yield".  Then of course, there's Take Back The Night which is a direct sequel to Fallen Kingdom, but in reality is it all one big story?! 
Yeah it does seem like that...
After all this time, i still question why the fuck did he do nothing about his daughter and wife being eaten alive?
Plus his son didn't died, but becamed a badass fighter
it a son... and he lived
How can this have 83 million views when there's only 7 million people on earth!?!?! :O Can someone explain that for me?
uhhh probably because you are a dumb prick you stupid noob
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+small camel SO you are just spamming and being stupid okay fine with me!
Is it me or does this song sound like Coldplay - Viva a Vida?
Do you need glasses? Go to Specsavers please.
Its a parody of Viva La Vida and imo both sound fantastic :)
Why do people hate this video (16K dislikes? What? Why?!)? This is awesome! You can totally see the effort and time that went into this!  The song is well written, perfectly jives with the music (unlike other parodies). It actually has a story! The story is fluid, you can totally understand what is happening in the video. The graphics, oh the graphics... The graphics are beautiful. You can see the emotions, the lighting reflects the mood, the limbs are not bendy (like some of the other Minecraft animations), and physics actually applies here! The singer(TryHardNinja) is really good! And the set was magnificent! The builders(FyreUK) did an AMAZING job! There is no reason for this video to be disliked... :( ...Sometimes I don't understand you people... :/ 
(to the original comment) I think it may be ppl who think that the ppl who made this video ripped off Coldplay and also ppl who hate minecraft in general  and hate the idea of things being minecraft-ized, I also have a similar feeling with other videos as well when it comes to ppl disliking, why would you dislike a video of the Great Mighty Poo's song? I mean SRSLY WHY?! I see what your point was and it saddens me a bit to see videos like this get dislikes when they really dont deserve them
in dorm listening to this song while writing in my notebook
I cried It was so sad at the end :(
         Now a lot of people suggest that the 4 CaptainSparklez Minecraft songs (TNT, Revenge, Fallen Kingdom and Take Back The Night) are connected. Now we can confirm this for Fallen Kingdom and Take Back The Night but we can not for the other 2 but there is still information to suggest that TNT and Revenge fit in also.                   Let's Start with TNT. Within the first 20 or 30 seconds of the song it mentions the fact that The Player had dreams of building a Huge Kingdom. Another thing that I would like you to keep in mind is that in this he fearlessly slays all creepers and hostile mobs.          On to Revenge. In Revenge it is shown that he is having trouble with creepers but by the end he was able to slay them fearlessly. Another thing is the 3 things he crafts to go fight The Creepers A Diamond Sword, A Diamond Helmet and a Diamond Chestplate.         Now to rap this all up with Fallen Kingdom. In Fallen Kingdom there is a scene where they are telling stories about a fearless player defeating Creepers and who does that whole Kingdom look up to, The King, So who else would be they be telling stories about. In another scene you see a creeper in a cage and as The King approaches The Creeper cowers backward almost as if they are afraid of him for some reason but why would that be, to them he is just a regular player or is he maybe he has some reputation with The Creepers. My final piece of evidence is you see that when he goes to put on his Armor all he has is a Diamond Sword, A Diamond Helmet and A Diamond ChestPlate but that is peculiar why would a King only have those items for armor. Maybe they have some sort of sentimental value.          Thank you For Reading This. If you are asking me where Minecraft Style fits don't bother trying to find out I watched it over and over and there are no connections.                     
Darak Macy Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
"Fallen Kingdom" Like I said, ''Fate is sad"
Minecraft is ruined. Not by Microsoft who won't do anything to it at all, not by the updates because its adding more and more depth and content into the game. No, minecraft was ruined by its popularity. It's impossible to call this game an indie game nowadays, where it's the only thing ever 6-11 year old talks about while wearing their creeper hoodie and diamond backpack complete with a chicken hat. Minecraft has whored itself out in some many ways that it ruined what makes it special. In short, Mojang didn't do anything, they just made a great game that the fans turned into a cluster fuck fad that should have died out long ago but is still being supported by the little kiddies on their iPads. Minecraft used to be something special now it's the thing every mom dad and child knows about, it became such a consumer whore magnet I'm surprised DISNEY didn't buy it
+Fist Ace Those were mods, completely extra to the core experience of playing minecraft.
Yeah, everything becomes shit once they get popular! (Sarcasm overload)
lets start a story In a galaxy far far far away
But the superman ripoff was the best movie ever and
i always wonder whos singing?
Tryhard he vsings all caps vids if you ever heard jordan sing you would be like... Wtf
Life got so suspended by a thread. Why was it that I wasn't dead?
as i read that comment that part played in the video. xD
This is from my opinion but since minecraft is sort of losing it's touch maybe roblox might be gaining more due to some stuff their adding such as how minecraft gained popularity, this was my opinion I can care less if people argue against me I won't bother to support my claim.
I played minecraft since 1.8 (the beta) and it just doesn't have the same draw that it used to have. So many good servers were taken down because mass populated minigame servers that got old after 5 minutes are so popular. That's probably why I just went on a 10-15 player server for 4 hours and had the most fun i've had on MC in a solid year
I just noticed that Herobrine hit the TNT with an axe, like it happened in TNT
16,277 dislikes because of the trolls on Viva la Vida who say Coldplay copied CaptainSparklez
waait that doesn't make sense xD
Why did CaptainSparklez Copy The Original Song..... Now The Original Song is Filled With Kids Saying Cold Play Coped. Kids Get A Green Mushrooms You Peaces Of Shit. Do The Sh-rooms And Maybe You Will Fucking Live A Life.Oh And By The Way Parody Means Remix For All The Little Kids Trying To Troll About How They Copied It When This Song Came out on 2012 and The Real One Came Out In 08.... 
+Kage Neuner NOt sure if your being a troll or an idiot
Still the best Minecraft parody ❤️ Like if u agree :)
Knowing the sequel to this, rewatching this now is so cool!
wth?I thout I saw Jerome dead as a knight when the king ran with the qween
this came out on my birthday April 1 yeah
Wow, he took another amazing song and turned it into a shitty Minecraft song
+Ashton Truscott Shows that he is a disrespectful person who can't even try to at least elaborate his opinion and just stars to pathetically called us "faggots"
did anyone else notice that when the king is taking his wife away that the stone gaurd has the diamod helm and so does the king XD wow so much OCD 
also the armour rack switches from  right side of door 2 left side but still great  
yeah its a great song but with us with OCD not AS great lol
The reson is because its how i feel in school i get bullied and i only have 4 friends
This is some dumb shit
4:07 WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?! So the king isn't dead?
No,no,no. He lands in a river or pond or whatever.
Who the fuck puts a lever that opens the castle gate outside the castle gate?
CaptainSparklez I love all of Minecraft Songs and I know every single one by heart, maybe I'll make a video of me singing all of em? no copyright okay
Minecraft was way better during the old good days
So the father is still alive? Why don't they make another music video Where he and his son FINALY meet?
I just now relized, that the Ninja that attacked,  was Herobrine 2:05
The King, his wife and daughter, the assassin in the charcoal cloak :)) coincidence?
its not an assasin its herobrine
um, do you watch Mianite season 2 ?
How the hell did he survive that fall at the end!?!?!?
You can't see it but in the behind the scenes they explained that there was a pond like below where he jumped. And he landed in the water surviving.
+Budderedupbro They can't respawn. Remember, they're all in a hardcore world.
I like how video is titled because of all the controversy..
this was the best i use to all ways lisen to this song when i was little
So why is he leaving his kid and wife behind? :x
Tim Johnson Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
I love this video!!!
Holy crap over 80 MILLION VIEWS!!!!!!!!
Nice song I'm 9 I'm here son it would be better if there was 3rd of it but nice song
isnt this a parody of shake it off? buy cold play?
Not sure if stupid or just troll.......
Does it bother anyone else that he ran from his family? I get he was somewhat separated and had no defense, but I would hate that the last thing that kid and woman saw was the king abandoning them and running for his own life... what cowardice
Well KING die or Queen King And Son
Ssundee encouraged me to play minecraft
+rodrigo jimenez this is captainsparklez's not Ssundee
This is the most sad parody in the world im actuelly crying right now.
Lol i remember watching this in 2012 good times
Wow! when I first subscribed he only just released TNT and now,dam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ya me to my videos are boring I can't do game videos have you seen markiplier he is funny to me I watch him every day and I'm 9
BRITTNEY NEGRON Shared on Google+ · 1 hour ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
People who think there is 7 million people on earth ate idiots there is actually more than 6 billion almost 7 billion
The people who do that are either so dumb they don't know about the earth's population, or they are trolls.
my theory is that the kid in this video the queen is holding survived and is the kid in take back the night
lol nvm thats obivous its so cool how you put them toghether though
87,000,000 views...nice
gabrijel strenja Shared on Google+ · 4 weeks ago
Pjesma je dobra.
whats the actual song called that this came from?
Please read the description next time
extremeFPS Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Like if you enjoyed this post. And follow me on google plus or Facebook
I didn't make this video but like if you enjoyed. And follow me on google plus.
any who...... i love this parody!!!! i mean the real song is pretty good in all...... but, this I MEAN this is just AMAZING!!!!!
Hey! I heard that Coldplay stole this song from you. Don't worry.. I've reported that video. YouTube should get it down in a few weeks or so. :) hope I helped.
Either you're a troll or an idiot.
did anyone notice that the chicken bowed to "the king?"
nice captainsparklez
Dang,  I remember this classic song
its an old fucking parody and its good   goddamn i dont even know why you have to ask
+ByClaasic It's not that old, actually. If 2012 is old for you, then 6 year olds are grandpas to you. Old would be 1900 to 2000. This isn't old for shit.
If he jumped off the castle, wouldn't he have died?
there was a water hole at the bottom he fell into watch the making of fallen kingdom  it shows where its day for that scene and you can clearly see the water hole
That's great !!
How Did The King Manage To Survive The Fall?
Oh wow I didn't even notice that was water
Yeah it's really dark it took me a while to see it too! :p
How the fuck has Disney not bought minecraft yet?
Disney doesn't do video games, instead it makes sure that as long as you meet a prince, you can marry him within the month and all will go well. ( YouTube video by channel cracked(yes that is their real name) called problems with Disney I believe).
Mojang has ruined this game by pulling the lever back at the first MineCon. After 1.0, jeb ruined the game with his shitty rpg elements that no one really needs just for the sake of updating the game Notch did a good thing by leaving the capitalist shithole that mojang has become today
do a another video.
Now your sentence corrected: Do another video.
Do you live under a rock? No ones going to post a request on a vid that's 3 years old.
What song? Is the parody made from
+imtrozz Nononono. The song is called: Whores-ReadTheDescription
Fallen Kingdom | Η παρωδία του Viva La vida των Cold Play από τον αγαπητό σε όλους Captain Sparklez. Δείτε το, σας "συγκινεί" λίγο ακόμα και αν δεν ασχολείστε με το Minecraft.
I see what you did there :)
I dont get it if the king fall than why at the end he survived
4:45 anybody notice how the chicken was about to cross the road but stopped, looked around, then turned around and went a different way?
Why did the chicken cross the road? He didn't.
Cool song...! I tried to learn the lyrics
Original is way better.
the earth has 7 BILLION people not million
Someone needs to put this on the radio or on air or something.
It took me so long to realize sparklez used DokuCraft to make this video :0
Dokucraft and Wayukian. Both have been out for a long time, Wayukian being from Beta 1.7, and Dokucraft being from Alpha.
No he has 85, 091, 417
Everyone else already saw this three years ago... 😛
What is the real song called
What's the real song called?
Coldplay - viva la ia
Viva La Vida by Coldplay, amazing
i wish minecraft actually looked like this
+conor hawman Trying to read what you two wrote is hurting my body.
+SithMasterpresents you mush be like 70 i understand everything conor said, what did you not under stand
i can play the piano cover for that song
This song's melody is so beautiful but sad, i teared up
when roblox was cool
The king did not die, h fell into water, watch take back the night that's the next part
omg captainsparklez this is your best video ever make so many more minecraft parodys plz this one was so amazing my fav song know and i am like your greatest fan 
everyone plz watch this its amazing love the use of herobrine
Henry Struck Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
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