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MASSIVE Blackriver/Flatface Unboxing!

by bradymccann • 339,837 views

PLEASE READ! THERE IS A MINI AT THE END OF THE VIDEO! Please check it out! Thanks for watching! This is my biggest fingerboard unboxing... so please like, comment, and favourite! LIKE me on...

FOR EVERYONE ASKING this was around $480 including everything (shipping and all)
wow a ramp cost the same price as an actual skateboard wtf
You are the best fingerboarder ever bro how do you do that
people actually pay $40 for tiny little see through wheels
sick dude how much was double stair set and does it come with the  kink ledge and rail
Just to let you know you bought all this just so you cuold give up later just make your own crap you really dont need to buy eny thing.
I haven't given up, I just don't fingerboard as often and especially make videos. I'm not a kid with a boat-load of time anymore! :p and no one can just make these ramps, they are definitely worth the money. Thanks
Well I finver board too but I make my own ramps and if a mess up I mess up and I do it better next time but I think you went I a little bit over board oh and those bushings I ordered the same bushings are they soft or hard .
I subscribed btw that's cool
yeah man! haha love your stuff!
Dirty harry, whens that new scene coming out?
Wow I wish I had that kind of money
I saved for like a year man, you can too! It's not that much money :)
If you haven't sure to check out our web shop:)
are you guys sponsering
Amazing but also you look like napolian dinamte
Oh Thais a lots of new stuff !
how much did that all cost
Name of camera please ? :)
It's a Darude Sandstorm pro series >:D
voocs tem whats sapp add la 11 974879536
dam lol looks so sleek to skate on ... cant even afford a kicker lol
WOOOOAAAAHH don't sound too happy there lad!
Yo no tengo fingerboards ninguno :( quedria tener un fingerboards con uno me conformo
i can't do any trick i jest go on it
shipping ramps is like 40$ to Canada ;(
Nice one there I have one jut like that and it is from the same make
your a spoyled kid that must  of cost 2,000 at least :(
I didnt know they sell bushing
Your so good and how much was all of that
how do you ask for special sticker? pleaase answer asap
There is a comment section when you purchase your items, put it there, nicely! ;)
may i please have the finger boarder guide? i really need it
Reanimated rematch they have tiny bearings that take hours to make shut up
i can imagine the fun ur havin on that
this is fuckin sick
That's sick your awesome bro do u do give always
check out my channel :)
Damn fingerboarding has really upgraded from the plastic stuff lol awesome sick ass switch flips down the double set I want a wooden finger board but they r so expensive if I found one for 15-20 I'd buy it but I see they costing as much as an actual deck lol an I'd rather just spend the money on my real skateboard then a fingerboard but everyone's got their own hobbies cool stuff tho man nice tricks too
I'm not trying to advertise, but broken knuckle fingerboards are like $12
and they are shitty if you do a lot of tricks cause they are so easy to brake
how much did it cost??!!!
thats soooooooo cool
this had to cost like 400 bucks
how much money was every thing??
Reanimated rematch i used to hate on fingerboarding cz i skate and thats all i do but once i got a fingerboard im obsessed with it and have a bunch of ramps and are constanly having fun like i was on my real skate board and tried to treflip this 6 stair and broke my anke and i had nothing to do so i fingerboarded its fun and passes time
anyone who disliked is just jealous they can't get it. great unboxing man. keep it up
You remind me of Keaton from emblem 3
how much for that hubba
How much for all of it? Might want to buy
you just got +1 subscriber!
were did u find dump trucks i can never find them
flatfacefingerboards . com
Awesome vid!!! SUBBED
That's sick your awesome bro do u do give always
Awesome wish I could order all that
Hello Youtube,         I'm looking for Fingerboard Challenges for my Future Video's. The "Kickflip Fs Grind Challenge" has been completed. Currently i'm working on the requested challenge of The "Treflip Fs Grind Challenge". The Person who Provided the challenge will be Receiving Credit in the Video. Now my Question for all of you is What Challenge do wanna see me do? Leave it as a Comment on my Kickflip Challenge Video and you'll be given a Shout Out within the Video Displayed your challenge! Single trick's are more likely to be chosen since i'm doing a top 10 Challenged Tricks Video next. However, any challenge will be considered!  Thank you for taking the time to read this and make sure you subscribe to my channel and check out all my other content.
Get the fuck out u cunt
@david les. Why don't you go watch a real skateboard video instead of "toys"
with all of this, can you do a give-away?? like a ramp that you dont use??
HAHA. so did I!!!! I remember you from a few years ago. You did the news for Sizlerlol. he still owes me for the ramps i sent him. Remember Caseyramps?lol. Cnat make decks and ramps anymore casue i moved out, and dont have any power tools.
13:50 sick trick bruh Hard to trick into blunt for me That grip tape is rough lookin Need me some of that
Back again... I was thinking of maybe getting a double set since I recently got a kink ledge. But I can't bring myself to use up a week's paycheck, haha..
I Didn't Know Napoleon Dynamite Fingerboarded!
Well over a couple years he is adult, so he is throwing this in the garbage.
i'm so excited to get my blackriver stuff at christmas!!
i recomend ordering from aphlikshun fingerboards. their ramps are sick and more than half the price of brr
yea he picked it up after dying his hair and moving to canada
I love to fuingerboard but I only have techdecks and im pretty good
it must be fun to have so much stuff......LOL
Awesome video!!! sweet ramps and ur really good
I liked and sub and now I left a comment
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