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How To Spot A Pothead

by nigahiga • 9,727,892 views

Instructional video on how to spot a pothead... Clearly this video is serious and not sarcastic at all -_- Subscribe to these wonderful people: JRA (Tommy)

We can't live in freedom if nature is illegal
marijuana isnt nature
I can kinda see why people disliked this
All drugs, even meth, should be legal. Educate people, don't imprison them. The government doesn't even have the right to federally regulate drugs. Aside from that, drugs and guns don't kill people or commit crimes. That would be people. Arrest people for things like public intoxication, which is illegal, poor driving, assault, theft, etc. Don't arrest them for wanting to put stuff into their body. Hilarious video, BTW. Loved the part with the drunk guys in the back.
DRUGGIE ALERT you know I think I will just let myself out the door
Itz da dr go dat wahy man , peece
Marijuana isn't better than any other drugs out there. Marijuana kills brain cells, reduces reaction time and IQ which is obviously bad and has more of a physical effect rather than cigerrates. Every drug is different, so things like cigerrates or alcohol is not any better. Drugs period are stupid, if they want to keep marijuana illegal it'd only air to make every other drug illegal. That or legalize them all.
"Marijuana kills brain cells, reduces reaction time and IQ" Whoa, easy there. We need some citations here. Why would I just take your word for it? 
You, my friend, are a fucking retard.
I injected 666 mariguanas, now I'm gay.
weed shouldn't be legal, it should be de-criminalized 
Considering the amount of morons protesting the use of marijuana in the comments.. I'm a little on the fence (there really should be something like italics specifically used for sarcasm in text). Pot should be legal... and taxed.. and regulated.. Just like any other substance we put into our bodies.
+Taun-Chi Gaming Just like you assumed we are all morons? Just because we/they don't agree with you? I didn't say something because you're for pot, I said something because you said all the people protesting pot are morons. Just because you're a self proclaimed "genius" doesn't mean you know everything thing.
+Trevor Greenawalt I know plenty of thing things... lmao
very inaccurate stoner acting, I'm stoned right now
1:08 alcoholics fighting in the background but the guy smoking weed gets arrested lolol
The policeman should've arrested them too!
Not surprisingly, people suck at checking descriptions.
Mary Jane was my first girl
the reason the most governments don't allow you tube marijuana like you would tobacco or alcohol is because it would slow down society. Think about it. Imagine walking outside and seeing people utterly stoned on the streets, making teenagers more eager to do it, everyone else is, right? And marijuana is pretty much safe for over 21s but it can cause Schizophrenia in under 18s very easily  
Weed is illegal because its to hard to tax and the revenue the police departments makes from people who have weed in their car is a lot. It also allows the department to "get new toys" cars & money can legally be tied to the drug use/ selling and than token away
Excuse me but do you have a light for me Leprechaun pipe? I like a good smoke from me Leprechaun pipe for it be good weed indeed to smoke weed & remember friends a friend with weed is a friend indeed.
My brother was killed in 1998 by a pothead who shot him for his money.  He was tied to the crime when he took the money to buy marijuana from undercover cops that found the gun that killed my brother.   Since then, I have alerted police to probably 20-30 arrests and I'm proud to do my part.  Illegal + Ignorance = YOU GO TO JAIL. And no, I don't care if your family depends on you to support them.  You smoke marijuana, you go to jail because you chose drugs over your family.  SMOKE THAT!
Look, I'm sorry you're brother died. Nobody is going to argue and say that what happened there is a good thing, because it obviously isn't. However, you clearly don't understand that what you're doing (getting people arrested) actually makes you more ignorant than those poor souls who you ratted out. Yes, everyone understands that weed is illegal here in the US, and, thus, you're responsible for consequences if caught. However, you stated that you started ratting people out after the incident with your brother; this is where your ignorance lies. By doing this, you're basically just assuming all "potheads" are the same vicious, ignorant criminals as the guy who killed your brother. Nobody is the same; everything affects people differently. Just because one person does something stupid and wrong doesn't mean that everyone else who has a similar lifestyle (smoking weed) should be punished. Think about it, if the law system actually worked this way, then nothing would be legal, because there's always going to be stupid people who do stupid things. Also, the last part of your comment contradicts itself lol. If someone smokes weed and also supports his/her family, then he/she did not choose drugs over family, that person chose to do both.
I ddnt write.this lol pro pot wtf
Am I the only one who was thinking about how they made that Taylor Swift call look so real? .-.
This vid is putting down all the true stoners like myself. I dont listen to any of the music named and actually find this vid offensive to a civilized person like myself. Yes you have the dick heads who abuse cannabis but not a users do so putting all cannabis users down is straight up wrong
Just make the it legal so we dont have to hear all the bullshit claims from both side. Its not gonna kill you and its not gonna cure cancer. Its just a fucking drug some people enjoy others dont. 
wait so if this video is sarcastic are you telling us that we should all be potheads
+Greer Jones He wants you to do pot, jesus learn your place.
Here's a fun fact, all violent crime has gone down here in Colorado since pot was legalized for recreational use. Don't believe Nancy Grace or the idiots at Fox "News"
whahahhahahahhaa in the netherlands it's legal, best shit ever!
''Notice the messy hair and the smiling illegaly.'' xD
Im a pothead I listen to snoopdog...... Smoke weed everyday song
+OGkush i do. i downloaded it favourited i love the song
If drugs cause you to be unable to think clearly, like school, then the same laws that apply to alcohol should apply to drugs with similar effects. No more and no less punishment for encroaching on these laws is necessary. That is all.
But I listens to Taylor Swift........because I like her songs..............but I also kinda like green and I wear green...but I'm to young and I never am I pothead?I feel bad for Tommy as well. :(
WHY DO PEOPLE CARRY ON IN COMMENTS SAYING THE DRUGS SHOULD BE LEGAL THEY SHOULD NOT cause what is good in drugs think about it how does drugs help you??
+Bruce Wayne OK that's cocaine not marijuana
try some and find out.
Make a parkour video
Ima pothead bro. Smoke weed everyday bout that lol dirk Molly an Wiz baby
how fucking baked are these guys?
Honestly speaking, weed is less harmful for people than tobacco. Many people have died, received permanent damaged, or gain diseases. While weed mainly causes paranoia. I dont know what the damage is if u smoke it constantly, so I'm not saying that it's a completely safe drug. But it has been used as medicine (effective medicine), so I really don't understand why tobacco is legal since it has done damage for so many centuries. But even if it was offered to me, I wouldnt smoke it, though. Never done drugs and never will (lest my parents beat me for the rest of my life).
LOL I like the part when D-trix was running with a pot on his head 😂
Pot is so bad guyz I did it wonce and now I'm a pot hed and I'm adictid to meth now becuz it's the gatway druhg. Itz so bad 4 u be cuz if u do it then u r a bad persin becuz u smokd a plant n ate all the cheezits and I got lazy. But alcohol is good 4 u becuz only 16 thousand pepol a year dy from drunk crashez but itz ok becuz theyr not potheds and also like 30 thouzand pepol dy from alcohol poizining a year but itz way better dan weed becuz I have swag
+Somerandomdude4.2526 XDDDD I thought it was obvious I was being sarcastic. Apparently not. hahah I'm trolling man.
ppl taking this shiet literal haha
+DA BIG OLE PEENIS sooooo. R u gonna fuck yourself in da booty hole once it is legal cause its hppning in the near future
1:15, didn't do anything? Wrong, you smoked marijuana, which was illegal
+Alec Denver Where do you live, buddy? Chicago?
weed is literally fine if you smoke it only sometimes it's not bad for you at all, noones died from it or even got to the point of being in hospital
My favorite color is green... so I'm a pothead? 
Ithink so david :)  puff puff pass
"marawanna is wurse den sigerets1!1!111!1" >cigarettes kill >weed doesn't
This was posted on 4 - 20 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hey I'm not a pot head and I like green
+PrinceBlizLoL dude chill i like green to and ama girl and am not a pot head o,o
+dr. pony pal only one answer, and it IS POTHEAD!
I have a plant WITH A BUCKET. c:
Didn't Obama smoke weed in his youth years? Isn't he the president? who says pot ruins your life??? Weed has nothing to do with whether you're successful or not. YOU are in charge of that. I swear, people in the comments below are fucking ignorant morons.
Why do you argue about this? If you don't smoke it then stay away from videos and treads talking about it! And if you do smoke it then keep it to yourself. I smoke pot but I don't talk about it with my friends that aren't involved in it, I keep to myself when I smoke or with my friends that do smoke and when we do it we are inside so why do you people care if we so called ''Potheads'' do smoke it? If we get arrested and get a fine then that is our problem not yours! And just because you smoke pot doesn't mean that you smoke it all the time! If it were legal society wouldn't change! Alcohol is legal but everybody isn't drunk all the time, the ones that are have problems and needs help. And if it were legal it would save the government money to invest in to more rehabs so people can get rid of their addiction to heavier drugs or to alcohol. This is just my opinion everybody is entitled to their own opinion so don't flame and cry about this comment. Pease!
I have that same exact bowl that is used at 1:36
Weed isilegal 2 words for that that isfunny
i love green thats mean !!! ='X
Or because theirs nothing wrong with weed.
You are what's wrong with this world, who the fuck reports people for smoking weed
am i the only one seeing a member 0:23 of the dance crew "Quest Crew" from the Americas Best Dance Crew season 2? :D i dont know the name though but he looks familiar :D
My favorite color is green😐
it's always funny to see people sayin weed is be
Just leave the people who smoke weed alone dame we don't do no harm we just want it ligalized so we can smoke it without getting night sticks up our ass's if your against it ok than you ain't ever gotta smoke it anyways so why you gotta be so hostal we just don't wanna get locked up for a stupid reason .
Stoners live stoners die fuck the world lets get high its a plant it grows in the ground if god didn't like it, it wouldn't be around so drink 101 and smoke a bowl so party hard and rock n roll to all you preps who think your cool fuck you bitches STONERS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!
Ahem, if I said it once, I'll say it again: Weed ISILEGAL So cut it out!
Ohh yeah...weed is bad, it gives you cancer and you family dies from it somehow, your pet, dog and brick too, so do heroin before its to late. Save yourself and humanity, help jesus to build a space ship by donating money and he will stop this pot/weed madness once and for all! "Better dead then pothead." - They dont deserve to smile.
It's ridiculous how we're all subjects to various restrictions on what we do with ourselves. Every human should have the full right to their own body, it's the ultimate form of independence. Such restrictions are just plain offensive. 
We need to make it harder for people to say take some drugs and force it down other people, while i agree some drugs should be legal, any drugs that aree too dangerous to consume even once or causes exsssive criminal behaiviour. Should be illegalised
Society-regarding, the two sides of this are safety and utter freedom. In our society, you can't have both. There are always going to exist conflicts of different interests, that's how it works. Still, to restrict what one puts in their mouth is offensive to me. 
because there so wrong about the plant
i wear green :) so now nigahiga, u have  1less subscriber to your youtube channel! shesh i no like u anymore now
This is all so true. 
By pothead I thought you meant harry potter fans. XD
anyone else notice that by defending potheads in a way, Ryan basically admitted he's a pothead
Lol smiling illegally
I smoke salmon so I could eat smoked salmon for dinner
Haha, green is my favourite colour
This video it too real
1:23 he spells win wrong and it says Nguyen, which is referring to DONG NGUYEN THE CREATOR OF FLAPPY BIRD.
the joke w/ win or Nguyen is an old joke... this joke I have heard it in the 90s... he is referring to all Vietnamese people who last name is Nguyen
Dong Nguyen hmm.. Whats an other word for Dong, Crotch. Crotch Nguyen. Seperate Ngu yen to nug Yen. Turn Yen around Ney, Ney is for horses and Gun... i give up
I'm your typical stoner man in the group and I am happy about that xD
Weed should be legal for alot of reasons, It's a really good treatment for Cancer and other great things, Also the states that legalized weed have less crime rate than america.
will i explode if its legal in my state?
Did anyone else notice that spell check was still spelled incorrectly afterwards?
I think it was being sarcastic
the funny thing is that its legalized in colorado
Its legal in 13 states and in 2015 texas might be the next. I  would love to see all of America go green.
I smoke pot, does that make me a pot head?
+Christopher Camp  I know, I was trying to be stupid
Guys, Weed ISILEGAL, so cut it out, like the video said.  
video gets even better if you set it at .5 speed
By pothead I thought you meant harry potter fans. XD
well I wear green so am I a pothead?
No, I think several of the requirements have to be fulfilled.
At 2:36 you can still see a brief glimpse of Tommy after he exploded kneeling down.
Oh no I listen to Taylor Swift! going to blow up :O. xD
Can someone explain the Taylor Swift joke to me?
the call from taylor swift was definently a break up call
how dare u diss bob marley
Why Taylor Swift :-: damn
Analyin the sarcasm😂
nguyen is 2 of my friend's last name,  hehehe -_- <_>
If you look closely you can see the boombox is actually a fake. You can see it has a wire.
You can't be serious its an oven.
5,899 potheads don't understand what the hell just happened in the video
side effect of exploding
Follow me on instagram @blvntsandroses___ (Three underscores) 😘
You spelt "making" wrong at the start of the video.
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