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Unknown Creature Washed up on Japan's beach

by Villiam Karasti • 23,096,211 views

This creature was washed up on a shore in japan after the tsunami.

They are scared of a fucking rock?? GeeeZUZ thats pathetic! Stupid useless 23 second video...try having something worth looking at if you're going to post the fucking thing!!
dont post stupid comments next time and go back to whore land
Ive been looking for that, thats my left testicle. I lost that several months ago when i was swimming.
+Rick Rader haha you would know all about hemorrhoids wouldn't ya. 
Bro, You really should let Your junk get looked at.
Interesting. What could it be? 
guys its a fuckin pokeball
O.o I didn't know Pedo watched Pokemon
Gozilla's left testicle.
It is Corel. Mystery solved
is this fake and gay? or what....
sea sponge you idiots -_- not inpressed
Was the Scottish lassie in the video washed up in Japan too, along with her English boyfriend?
I still say it's a Godzilla bugar . But what did it actually turn out to be ? It's been called almost everything , but what is it ? WHAT THE %&<@+! IS IT ??????
People in Japan with Mancunian accents..........priceless !!!
it lasted all of 2 minutes without them trying to eat it? wtf
Or trying To use It as a Pet.
sigh... it's either a very large platygyra or Leptoria phrygia coral... AKA brain coral... it must've been close to 500 years old... and don't correct me about using must've... i'm a astronaut/biologist/cowboy... 
Are you Buckaroo Bonzai?????
Someone pooped big in japan
I was looking for that. That is my left ball and i lost it when i was fighting with my dick when it was hard
subscribe for more 5 second videos...yeah that's gonna happen.
Whatever it is...i bet they"ll make some soup out of it
23,077,773 assholes! ha ha ha..., but not me.
I think I saw this in a cartoon, Fake-e-mon.
Looks like whale blubber.
I saw that same thing I thought it was one of godzillas pubes
if that was ambergris they'd be multi-millionaires by now
A Whale's Gonads??!! :o :))
it can be a piece of a ship like titanic and it also can be a huge piece of a sperm whale
Its a whale old crap!!!
Don't you just love it when people touch unknown things?
It is a Beta Reticulean egg.  They make great omelets.  Scramble, add some Wookie Ookies, a little Romulan Dark Ale (the light is too wimpy), some Batha bits and top with Nuvonian Bat Cheese.  Yeah, it's high in cholesterol but what the hey?  You  only live once and these eggs are rare as Gazzadan teeth (but a whole lot easier to chew).
Thts just brain coral or watever it's called
My god thats the scariest rock ive ever seen
thats one of those airplane septic loads of waste like from Joe Dirt.  
Nice, you found my spaceship! Looks broken tho...
Finnaly after an years of research ive finnaly find the decorated rock i made
If any of you are Dragon Ball Z fans, you know this is Cell and he's gone into hiding.
Редуктор от Апачи.
You guys a stupid it's a fucking dog shit ...
why is everyones first thought that it is fake?
Some shit that failed in ww2
Really, you're by Korea, move out of the country or that chemical bomb will explode
That's where my wife been hiding at all this time
So that's where J Lo's ass went.
its a large coral head which technically is creature.....not unusual or strange though.
Its a new species, It's called Giant Sea Snail. There very rare.
Hey snaps fingers Cool rock. I'm on that side of youtube again
It's just a snail a giant snail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In Japan, I'm surprised they didn't cut it up and eat it.
Lol japan has all sorts of crazy shit
+Joshua Penney  yeah and those people are the minority or weirdos that never fitted in with the society. a normal japanese doesnt care about making anime, hes too worried getting into the best college to either become a doctor or a lawyer
They do not even know the creature,but they are getting too close to it.
Shaky camera phone? Check Rock with slight graphical editing? Check Teens murmuring indecipherable speech and walking around said rock? Check Shitty youtube vid is a go.
All I got to say is that's a peace of shit
That is a egg of sea monster 
6 K likes and 6 K dislikes WTF
How do you scientifically know that is a creature
japao!!! isso é um pokenmom!!
Shitty blurry movie of a washed-up beach umbrella - can't see anything.
Sense it was found by japanese it will be in a sushi restaurant near u soon lol
Looks like a big sea urchin!
i dont know what house music is so no, i wont click. O-O                                                                              
Looks like a piece of machinery more than a living thing. Poster has severe visual impairment.
Is it the Japanese Prime Minister?
why have they got Scottish accents in Japan?
Godzilla turd 💩
How the fck is it a creature i didnt even see it move
Japan? More like Glasgow.
Ambergris? If it was, she'd been minted!
LoL Creature washed up on Japan beach..but there British speaking 
wow nice footage.....
The Bournemouth Incident
Its just a giant snail
WHOA A ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Godzilla right testicle.
"subscribe from more random videos" jog on.
nice its a POKEMON!
Oh that, thats a giant piece of shit
yay the transformers are here its just i thing this one is rusted
fucking real as fuck. Holy shit this one little video changed my whole life.
Why is everything strange founded in japan? Or is it somebody behind everything?
 radio active   alien  
What about it dickless
+bum bam .better keep an eye on my italian mucker.ce
How is that a creature? Looks more like a rock.
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