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What's the message behind the song...anyone?
Zares Addis Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Zoran Silleshi Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
ayzoh egziabher eko hulun ayeto gemeto neew negeru
Unfotunately both leaders are bad horses. Bad background I guess. God will save his people on his own time. Never give up. Love to Tedy
That is the problem when some people forget or do not know histroy about this song.
I love the music. Let me say this though, it isn't right to paint DEAR colonel Mengistu in such way. As if he was evil. Mengistu was a humble and polite leader. On the other hand, Melese stupid Zenawi was evil. So bad that he left this world with a disgraced name.
let's stop cursing eachother and do something about it..with our money,power and knowledge. All young Ethiopian fleed to different country cause of today's situation.
What´s the meaning of this song? Is it a political criticism?
Ethiopians, please learn how to love and try harder to understand that all humankind are not prefect. we all do have weak side...
good for u, bro. u sound like ignorant who is unable to distinguish Amahara / jews
Do you know why tedy song this music? you completely miss the original purpose of the music
the comments below are not what i think the artist intended this song to be. Not everything hard to understand is about politics. try to see the artistic value with the real event described in the song
This song is surely aganist the regime EPLF. Those who say" one god, one peaple, one ethiopia" are probably correct On that only one ethiopia exists. the term "one people" can lead to one language and one culture. this again leads to etnos nationalsm wich can open sivil war like in Rwanda. Even if i hate EPLF i support " unity in diversity". we can find a way to leave together if we believe in our differences with in culture, language and ethnicity.
Mengestu was diffrent than zenzawi crime minister (melese) Mr Wyane rapeing Ethiopian resource,sold Ethiopian Landweyane elite become rich and rich 95 % weyane elite own villa houses and properties over45000weyane authorities become millioners the opposite mengestu regime were waste of time with war as killing machine because of too much "Ager wedad" now the life style of Ethiopian to the Bottom list of African! Leba Weyane!!
Hi, ethiopan peope one love $ one hert pleas!!!
what does this song means?. I love his songs and I do not know I do not what they mean.
Birhanu & friends are willing to sell thier SOUL to the devil! to be KINGs & save Amhara-POWER : Nega working 'w' Shabya, OLF & others; he said it him self "HE will work 'w' the DEVIL-but hopes to make sure he dose not become one!" NOW they made agreements 'w' OLF- Oromo & Amharic to be the official language when they WIN their WAR? DO the ppl need more WAR ? What abut what DERG & HAILE did-Pc? But police over reaction 6 years a go CRY-me a river FOR LIFE? 1-GOD-1-PPL-1-ETHO PeAcE.
fuck mengistu,i hope one day he will be excuted by great Ethiopian people!
this is unhuman thing and people around the world just sett back and watch our we human or animale i have seen better animale then us
what Mengistu has to do with TPLF killing ? Thankx for sharing.
AMORA-prison interview video(before his execution by DERG 1990) shows that the POWER Hungry (at any cost ) Addis& Eri Diaspora-Elites- are LIARs.! EPRDF- is for ONE Ethiopia:: he Said -'w' out fear- EPLF didn't believe in separate Eritea! but if the ppl VOTE knowing our history? & WE are unable to Convince them WE are family & we are stronger together;-Then that is democracy for NOW! but it will not last.! TIME Change thighs! then ppl Change their view/VOTE 1-GOD-1-ppl-1-Ethiopia:
tedy u so great we loves u all ethiopian people
I don't think Tedy meant it this way :-(
fagot, Mengistu killed people too. dumbass mutherfacker.
OneWalkingStick ? maind your languge or else you don't have to worry what Mengistu did to what or who?
Whatever, just shutup and enjoy the song
If that is the case, I think it is going to be a miserable end for your life!
as long as black JEWs exist there will be no peace ya Evil amaraha would never let people live in peace
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