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Teen Polar Bear Cam

by CollegeHumor • 285,949 views

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How did me, my dad, and my mom get in the video?
+Elliott Wolcott I think he was that fetish zebra at the end, just look at his profile picture.
Yeah, that's... OMG, there were bears in this video ?! BEARS !!!
Umm lets let them die it's for tge best
Reminds me of Jessi Slaughter
XD The consequences will never be the same!
That's enough YouTube for today.....
I can't bear to read anymore of these jokes...
officially peed myself laughing at the end!
I agree, all the puns make this unBEARable to watch
D: poor bear stripper. She seemed sexy
I wanted to kill you and eat you when you were born hahah
This is unbearable. You've got to be kitten me. These jokes are completely Irelephant.
Congratulation you responded to a comment from over 8 months ago.
bears bears bears bears bears bears huuuuuuuh fucking bears!!!!!!!
I didn't know there were polar bears in Jersey
I suppose you're expecting some unbearable pun
Well you obviously gave enough of a fuck to reply.
agh, i could BEARly stand the video. why did you have to DO this in the comments?
GET IT!? BECAUSE THEY'RE POLAR BEARS! I'll go sit in the corner now...
Haven't seen an arrow to the knee joke in ages :P
these jokes are making me RAWR.
you're fuckin stupid there are polar bears on coke cans
Need more of this! Make more episodes!!!
was gonna make up a smart pun... but then i took an arrow to the knee
lol " whatever I like bear porn." I cracked up
Man, looks like he backtraced it.
these new videos are shit. :(
If that was my dad. He would've beaten the living daylights out of her!
Who came up with the idea for this?
i could go for a beer ... no pun :D
coca cola puts some profit into saving polar bears i think
I wanted to kill and eat you when you were born
That must have been real embearrassing to her.
ikr wanted to drag it out from the dusty cupboard
Diction would lose his freaking mind if he saw this
Does any body NOES where I can find more PUNNY and unBEARable puns?
ZE-BRA wasn't even on that bear, because she was bear naked!
that was actually really depressing and painful to watch
press one for unbearable bear porn..
I guess he couldn't BEAR the thought....
The guy playing the father polar bear was trying way to hard to be Gilbert Gottfried.
This was funny in a completely sick sort of way.
This was hilarious. Despite all the "unbearable" pun.
I like bear porn whole thing was building up to that
My dad walked in on me watching this. You know what? He frikken MOVED.
thumbs up if you were constantly checking the clock to see if time runs faster in polar bear world
naturalists would find this interesting
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