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BrySi the Machinima Guy - Call of Duty Black Ops Rap Song - feat Tejb!

by Machinima • 6,314,074 views Click here to watch Snipers Are Wussies - Halo Reach Montage (Musical Machinima) Call of Duty: Black Ops: Rap Song! (Musical Machinima) First off, special...

Black Ops 1 is the best COD of all time... One of the best games of all time at that. 
damn d69d , you're so badass :o
Like this comment if black ops is the best
I miss the old cods :(
like your own comments !
all the call of duty games i played call of duty  black ops is the best one this game bring back so many memories 
OMG I was just thinking that. The game reminds me of good old days when I was younger and life was easy
Very good but didn't top mw2
Man, I miss these days sooooo much ;(
Well done you spastic it's like 2 years newer than black ops. And COD isn't a game series where you look for good graphics. Go on battlefield pc for the good shit
Black Ops 1, best COD The last CODs have all been crap Awesome song btw
damn I remember playing cod on the GameCube
Hey people, BO2 is the game that you dont want to have, it was the worst COD ever. BO1 was better than that junk.
Black ops is the best one I went pro on it
Call of doody... Doody means poo. It does. Haha! This is when COD was still good :)
This song is my childhood
Like if bo1 has best maps!
I play the old cods and This my rock
Ah, I remember when this got me so pumped for the release of Black Ops.
They should Remake this on next gen
This is the best vid ever
Ya wanna know what i love about COD quickscopin and 360 other people that when watch kill cam say WOOOOOWWW TTHIIS GUY IS A PRO
Which CoD was that with Nazi Zombies?
You dont I said to another guy :)
Amazing setting and great campaign, Good multiplayer, THE BEST ZOMBIES ^_^ my fav CoD
The song was beast it make me wanna play black ops
oh you're the king of xboxlive?... well umm I'm the king of psn HA
Ahh those good old times gotta say Call of duty Black Ops kids are BIg cocks sing it with me if u hate them aswell
Black ops 1 is the best cod ever made 
Dear Brysi I have a question, what is your username on cod, I just watch one of your songs called cod black ops and one of the final kills said DJVahn, so is that you?
Dude he's fucking Brysi
His not brysi is the second 2dude look at his other videos
bo3 guys give a like if you would like to see it. :]
i like this song it cool
To royce zeng) thats because it s sequal
4 years later it still sounds like he is saying black cocks
1:41 LOL the guy actually try running up to him to knife or something
this song brings back so many memories haha
 think cod is way better im not a fan of halo
game was fun until kids though it was fun to mod it and ruin it
Black Ops The Best Game Ever♥
This will forever be my favorite CoD game
this song needs a bass boost i might do something about this
im playing my wii im gonna play multiplayer for the wii
2:40 "watch out above because I be flying them drones" um..........drones are unmanned aircraft
They still need to be controlled
This was my first song I ever heard from Brysi back in October 2010 what was you first ever song that u heard or seen from Brysi
Miss you MW2 I remember listening to it pre release of black ops and feeling quite sad :(
Let's bring this community back . Thinks have changed a lot but don't let it change you or who you really are. #BringBackCoD
Asowme rap!!!!!!!!!!
Ahhhh the memories :(
U must be fuking that guy that posted the same thing cuz u looking like a follower
Call of duty I mean call of shits du it 4call of du shit shits
Straight up the best brysi song ever
Nah, his best is his old Halo 3 songs like Snip3Down
honestly great song but when the people in the background say black ops it souds like there saying black cocks
Call of duty black cocks !
Ah BO1 the game that killed CoD for me ty cod bo
Sounds Like "Call Of Duty, Soft Nuts." :L
Brisy mate add me zap123bms on ure plastasion plx
Il00 brazzers video legal Yyyyyyyyyyy
To the face to the face
call of duty black ops!
Second best cod ever made First was a tie with world at war and mw3
Bf4 has better graphics
all cod games will me missed
I started playing cod from this song
actually i think halo reach is better than cod
the 1st best cod ever envented i like my butt
the times before Brysi betrayed us for BF...
I love zombies on bo1 its awesome
These two make an awesome team
I listin this song before 3 yers omg i love callofduty black ops !!!!!!!!!!
You can't jump from the 60s to 2025
Well guess what THEY DID
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