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Game Glitches - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 92

by Cinemassacre • 4,349,589 views

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the worst glitch is the whole sonic the hedgehog 2006 game
+Waluigifan glitched* Damn autocorrect.
"I am going to lay the fuck-smack on you, glitch gremlin!" James Rolfe
PS4 is better than xbox one
+Thunderbolt 1000 Siren Productions Ok, i can respect that, i never liked the Xbox,But i never played with a Xbox One, Why? Well it has American only servers. Im not American. Than the sistem is useless for me.
+Doom Guy ™ I got a 5 year old black 360 that still works so I never had the Xbox one... yet. I pretty much like all Microsoft products
Don't you just love the original Pac-Man ghosts? I love SHA OS, SPAAA Y, BAS1FUK and POKAY.
I would say beating a glitched game like megaman is quite an acomplishment. Shame it was not till Xbox 360 and PS3 we got trophies and achievements. Beating megaman when its glitched is worth at least a gold trophie or 500 point achievement. Edit: I have a glitch, Just Cause on Xbox 360. Stand on the side of an extremly steap hill, call in a gyro coppter air drop. Wait till it lands try to make sure that the side of the gyro you get out off is facing the hill, get in the gyro then get out again, if done right when you get out you will fall out the map and when this happened to me, I unlocked around 5 or 6 achievements for just falling threw the map and dont worrie just load a save state and everything will be back to normal.
+DanTheMan1985ful Even if you don't think they matter, most people do.  It's because getting an acheivement sents a surge of dopamine through our body, wwhich pleases us. This pleasure makes us want to play the game more, which also helps the devoloper. If you don't think that matters at all, they also serve as bragging rights.
+DanTheMan1985ful Wait a second pretty much all modern gaming platforms have achievements.  Are you a Wii fanboy or something? 
I love that your Nintendo looks like a toaster do your games ever get over done? I don't like them to dark
super mario world for the snes and super mario 64 are the two most broken mario games ever made. however the glitches in super mario world are rather useless as they have to be invoked by the player and take a bit to set up. as super mario 64 has a few glitches that let you bee the game with no stares although most speed runs of that game use 16 and also you can beet the game in a half an hour. the legend of zelda ocerina of time you can beet in 15 min by beeting the decu tree and killing your self right as you enter the blue tellaporter and get worped to the gannon tower level. turok wont let you beet the game in multi player and a link to the past you can glitch threw the walls in the castle and walt to the end of the game. It takes about 10 min
Why did this discussion go from games that can be broken easily to grammar?
Ironically, the 'solution' of blowing on cartridges actually made the problem worse, since the moisture in the player's breath can corrode the pins inside.
+Ozterkvlt Our breath still contains moisture all the same, and that moisture does cause slow, eventual corrosion, so pick up a science book and stop being an ass on youtube.
Even my laptom runs N64 games smoothly. You don't want to play GTA V on it.
Best game glitch ever: Oblivion duplication glitch
I remember finding that on my own way back, I was shooting at the target in the arena training room and I tried to switch arrows and accidentally dropped them while shooting. Good times.... Later that day I got the poisoned apples, much fun
Yeah, but that one was made on purpose, rather than being an issue with the game. I still loved that glitch though, as I would always duplicate an amulet worth 1000 gold and sell 50 of them.
then theres the mother of all game glitches sonic 06, not just a game, its a glitch!
+Santa22 Crying about a game 8 years old constantly makes you look sort of pathetic kiddo.
+Al0neStillAlive well for one thing, i dont even have the game anymore and im glad about that. second im just pointing out that the game has a lot of glitches. and third your pathetic for hating on me because i pointed out glitches in a game.
Isaac T Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago · Shared to Steam
What's the worst game glitch you have ever encountered?
(Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction, PS3) Falling under the floor with nothing to do except glide and transform. I usually quit to menu and reload my save file.
The glitch of 2013-now is the Xbox 1
I once experienced a glitch of god-like proportions. It was a Spyro Game, two or three, I can't remember. I think it was three, Year of the Dragon. It was an ice level, that much I remember. I was gliding to some area or something (This was a long time ago) and in mid air I froze. Suddenly I was hearing voices from the game. They were so random, I thought I was actually hearing after life entities that were somehow also characters from the game. As in the characters from the game, but they were god-like entities in real life. I was freaked out and I just sat there for a good while, but only because I was hoping the game would unfreeze. Now that I think about it, it might have just been glitched out of control and citing random dialogue from in the game.
Why do you put your NES games in a Toaster?
+BonziBUDDY 9geg?... I have no idea what that is :P
Ah, I found a glitch in Ocarina of Time.  It was by accident, but equally as hilarious.  I tried to jump a fence with Epona, but I was at the wrong angle.  Epona jumped and landed on top of the fence.  I could not get off of it.  Another glitch happened while I was playing Spirit Tracks.  I was down to half a heart, and got hit by the boss.  I picked up a health heart at the exact same time as the death animation, and, while the standing animation for link was still going, the game was unplayable.  
The entire game True Crime: New York City was one big game glitch The game was full of various glitches... :( It should been called True Crime: Glitch Gremlin City instead ...
I can't believe I played (and was addicted) to that game as a kid... The glitches eventually took hold and fucked the game up. Haven't played it since.
Fallout 3 on Xbox 360 was full of glitches. I hear that New Vegas was the same but I have it on PC (and it's been updated through Steam).
You know I feel the Glitch Gremlin is the Nerd's greatest enemy. He's got the whole leprechaun thing going with the charming faux-Irish accent going, he has the limitless powers of the glitch,unlike past enemies of the Nerd he can't be physically attacked, and he actually won! YOU CAN'T STOP THE ULTIMATE ARSEHOLE, THE GLITCH GREMLIN!
I have officially died watching this.
My trick for killing this was sticking a 9V battery between the cart and top of the consol. It worked like 90% of the time.
I'm sorry... what? You know what. I dont want to know. 
It's amazing all you can see in one morning. I've been up for like an hour only and I've already come across 4 other thread like this one.
Does the Glitch Gremlin appear in the nerd movie. I hope so.
Actually he does, but if you blink you'll miss it. He makes an appearance at los vegas.
Namco Homapao made some of the best home console ganes ever!
i got stuck in  the wall while trying to do -1 level xD (but i did it after i reset) 
Was I the only one who thought Game Gremlin was twerking on the thumbnail?
The Earth Defense Force games are a perfectly good example of modern day game glitches. They're full of them!
in all honesty the glitch gremlin was such a bad addition to this episode.
Like if the Nerd taught you to clean NES carts.
Who Played Glitch Gremlin?
Okay I watched this video again. And yet agian I thought it was Firefox glitching out. Fooled me twice.
+Brian Sommers Correction: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I am an idiot" 
XD lol. shame on me is more catchier though.
Screw the Glitch Gremlin. He's the fucker that stopped my Tekken 3 disc from working!
Is it even possible for a Blue Moon to occur as early as the 13th?
Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric's the city of the Glitch Gremlins ._.
No one knew Knuckles could flip and gain altitude definitely.
Next up is a fight X 28 = lmao
This video proves that we live in a Matrix.
I hit a glitch in skyrim dawnguard where as a vampire lord the clipping failed to work and I actually could fly anywhere(as it should have been anyway).
In Elder Scrolls Oblivion everything randomly started turning blue with vertical lines going everywhere. Fast traveling to a random location fixed it though. Also, in WWE Day of Reckoning on GameCube the referee literally started attacking me and my opponent! The AI in that game in general was pretty bad, but was much improved in the sequel.
These video's rule!!!!! Just stumbled on them today, and can't stop watching. I would love to see his entire collection in person. I would lose my mind.....
I thought the beginning glitch was my tablet o.o
like if you almost always forget that the opening is glitched too. XD
i actually thought somthing was wrong with my computer during the intro XD
Oh look at that, apparently the Glitch Gremlin is actually married. 
The glitch gremlin is an interesting character, one of the funnier characters created in the web series.
GLITCHES coming soon to a game near you
I love the glitches in Assassin's Creed. Getting stuck in walls, falling through the ship, and my favourite, swimming forever under Rome
Hey Nerd,Come to my house someday. My phone number is 715-964-5002
I remember playing tf2 when I discovered a funny glitch. Looks like spy wanted to be a crab
wait is his snes a toaster? that must be the funniest thing i have ever seen
VFX can't be worse. Oh wait... GLITCH!
James y u no talk about missingno in Pokemon red and blue
The other worst glitch is the whole Skate 3 game.
3:09 Thats the best part... the way he cocks his head to the side right after... I cant help but giggle.
"I love these POW blocks, they wipe all living creatures in sight" - AVGN
Castle Crush Glitch in Donkey Kong Country 2 is the most damaging glitch i know.
Clubber fuck gets me every time
One time New Super Mario Bros DS glitched for me where Bowser Jr jumped off the stage during the boss fight and I was forced to restart the level.
That happened to me too!
I died laughing at the Rocky game glitches part. That was all kinds of messed up.
It was awesome i love wàtching angry video game nerd It is the champion
the re-release of san andreas on the 360 was nothing but a huge glitch fest. It was hard finding anything that worked right in that game
That's not the worst of it. The removal of chests deeply disturbs me, but if your playing on a rooted android device then you can easily install cheats and mods! Search "Cleo mod android" and you'll see how.
whats the nes hes using that looks like a toaster
I'm sorry, but that's not how you blow on an NES cartridge. I would blow on those things until it whistled...and everybody I knew did the same.
I just realized something. The music from Cheetah Men is the music in Syobyn Action (I think that's what it's called) A.K.A, Cat Mario
Everytime get a glitch. I all way said glitch gremlin strikes again.
14:15 Thank you, I just met my nightmares for the next two weeks.
I loved glitching Halo 3!
you know I work in a retro game store, Windex is one of the worst things you can use to clean NES pins
Well, then what SHOULD we use then?
Pacman was orignally played on atari
Glitch gremlin is an awesome character
One of the best AVGN vids! Love this one!
The Game Gremlin is married.
Game Glitches - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 92
Woah this episode was so cool, he had glitches. Sometimes I wish my mom was james
my favourite glitches are ones that let you do ridiculous shit like beating zelda swordless 
i'm not even going to dignify that with a further response
Its ironic that this episode is called Game Glitches, and I've recently experienced a glitch in a computer mouse I bought recently, where it becomes unresponsive sometimes.
I'd call that a hardware defect as opposed to a glitch.
i usually clean games by taking a bit of water, swishing it a bit, and letting it dry.
+Sid Noway This will damage the connections. It won't help at all in the long run.
Did anyone else notice that the blue ghost in Pac-Man was named "Bas1fuk". Bas1fuck, wow
Too much zoom on the beer, its water lol nerds dont drink booze?
He does, but do you want the Nerd to be drunk?
Super Mario Minus World is NOT a Glitch!! They MEANT for it to be there.
Hate to bother but what's the music that plays at 0:23
If you choose the middle pipe you'll go to world 5
Blowing into the cartridge. Some say it has nothing to do with the game running... for some strange reason seemed to work back then.
it was actually the pulling and putting the cartridge back into the console, see the original NES was designed to look like a VCR so Americans wouldn't think of Atari and the Video Game Crash of 1983, but it became a flaw because it was hard to reach the connecters in the console so it wouldn't connect with the cartridge, the NES V2 fixed this.
Wait, your NES is a toaster?
That's the best thing I've ever seen.
No mike tyson looks like bonnie from 5 nights at freddys 2
What console is this??? It looks like a Toaster Hahahaha
+Window Licker I guess so, but you still have to take apart an nes, and move those components into the toaster.
I love glitches. Even trough they cause deaths, they are so fun like you are playing around and there is a glitch. You can laugh at them glitches cause sometimes it is more funny to watch your character spaz out everywhere, than be angry and rage quit.
I give, what is the music playing during the opening with glitched pacman from 0:24 to 1:06
+Dan Pavli Look up Blaster Master (NES) Music
I thank you good sir
Ah, I like my games medium rare!
In super mario use the game genie and put in yeaaaa
That song was from dracula ( game boy )
Actually no. It was from the NES version (though both games had the same general music by Jeroen Tel.)
Is the Glitch Gremlin an Irish stereotype?
The actor is Irish-ish. So what, I say!
They're after me Lucky Charms!
Mr McMau Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
A gamers worst enemy. Glitces
Right next to lagging in games.
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