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Jiseung/Noyeokgae: paper weaving

by Aimee Lee • 1,422,466 views

The process of cording and weaving hanji (Korean handmade paper) by a master weaver, Na Seo Hwan. He is a 3rd-generation master who learned from his father, who learned from his grandfather. He has...

Fabuloso, y es de papel?
Wow-much respect for this person sharing his craft!
wow genius I respect labour man & labour day
che tipo di carta
amazing wow wow and more wow
That's really cool! After it's twisted it doesn't even look like paper anymore!
What kind of paper is he using?
necesitamos que nos de mas detalles de la tecnica, son hermosos los trabajos!
Ohhh! Very-very beauty! Thank you so much!! Super hand made!!!
Just wow. I did not know you could do that with papaer.
Muy bonito este trabajo realizado con papel, también es muy laborioso, pero lamentablemente esta en otro idioma, y eso lo hace más difícil. 
This is really Technical!
very impressive..
Fabby! i love them and theyre far too nice to be used as chamber pots (!)
Jane Bar Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
kokoleft Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
This is absolutely beautiful work - fascinating!
i think its a special kind of paper
how does he weave the paper? trying to get it but cant. does anyone know?
Maybe its the paper itself. What kind are you using? is it the same?
Priya G Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
"recycling" is the key for the recent era. you are a precious person for the earth. thank you for your great work.
한국인이시군요. 새끼줄 꼬는 거! 반갑네요.^^
What a wonderful craftsman! What a wonderful craft! Thanks for sharing.
I know... and just what I need...another freakin' craft!!! ;D Is it similiar to toilet paper??? (not to sound too ignorant)
woaooo fantastic realy fantastic
well that is just cool, finally I see a video that puts to use skills i have but never knew a practical use for. I've been doing that rolling thing for years with string and hair and wigs. I'm going to have to make something useful now :3
Hi Aimee, do you have any particular sticky rice recipe you can share? will the sticky rice be enough for impermeability? or do you have another home made lacquer with natural ingredients? I know it's a long shot but I thought I'd ask...Thanks for your excellent video!!! And special thanks for sharing this knowledge!
This is awesome... I wouldn't mind learning this one too!
challenge accepted. jk ._. way too hard
It's hard to explain w/words but if I get visuals organized, I'll share them online. As for paper, you have to use strong handmade paper made from long-fibered plants. Machine-made paper is too weak and will fall apart with this method.
Thank you for sharing that. That man is a treasure. Just amazing the talent for that. I can easily see why is a Master at this craft.
That is beautiful. I bet it requires a great deal of patience to make it. I am very impressed.
прикольно, куууул!!!
i cant believe it was paper!!! amazing craft!
wauw hoe maak je dat toch allemaal heb je daar soms een patroon van voor zulke mooie dingen allemaal te mee te maken.
Just gorgeous. I want to learn how to do this.
Wow! So cool! Lovely craft, amazingly talented. Thank you for sharing!
아-- 멋집니다. 창호지 입니까? 햇살가리는 커다란 창의 둥글모자는 어떨까요? 가장자리에 술도 달고요. 구멍 숭숭난 여름가방도 좋겠고요. 가방안에 자그만 동전주머니나 열쇠주머니 따로 달고 말이어요. 색도 넣을 수 있으려나요? 파아란 하늘에 뭉게구름 동동 떠다니는--- 아 덥다. 하하하 잘 봤습니다
Wow. That was amazing. Thanks for sharing.
@pacmanslave hmm... yeah but i mean the wood that's still wood ... or something ... XD
perfect project for someone with ocd.
Absolutely fantastic! and beautiful too Anne
wow i have a lot of the pots in my house and now i now it is paper ... and not wood ... ><,
I never seen this craft before I like to know how it is done many thanks for this video
Thanks for the comment! Roughly two months, though working full-time still requires some time off so that hands can rest; it's very hard on the body.
This is incredible! Such a craftsman and the patience to do it! Simply mind boggling...
The video went way, way, way toooooooooo fast for me. Lost interest on the 3rd try. SLOW IT DOWN - PLEEZ
Gorgeous, just fantastic, wish I could learn . Beautiful baskets.
Me too. Growing up, I learned how to spin my own thread and make my own paper. I think this craft would compliment my current skill in crochet, knitting and macrome.
He makes the cords look really easy to weave, but it's virtually impossible!
Can you please tell me how do you start making the basket and is there another kind of paper I can use besides hand made ? Thank you great job!!
what kind of paper is he using?
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