The Six Girls You'll Date in College

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What? In college? This looks like the dating life of some shallow middle school kid. His dates aren't failing because of the girls, he's failing because clearly he has about the same idea of what relationships are as some kid who recently hit puberty, saw porn, and now that's his concept of women as a whole are. This isn't something you figure out after college, this is something you should be figuring out about halfway into high school, and I seriously hope no one was able to relate to this.
+Keane How old are you, sir? 
+Guitar Guy hkjny ku J I want to watch the girl were she is fat and sings
Vaccines don't cause Autism.
I'm using all your likes against you fuckers. MUHAHAHA
CollegeHumor Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
I didn't mess up with the perfect one. I married her instead...10 years ago.
the name "ihatemyusername" was taken...
FUCK I'm the friend
+BlueBerryFairy1 I don't know. I know a guy who married his "Friend." She was instantly attracted to him but he was never to her. They became friends and didn't start dating until about 2 years later. About 6 years later they got married. Now 10+ years later, he wants out of the marriage. He married her because he felt comfortable with her and loved her but only as a friend in an affectionate way but NOT in a romantic, sexual way as a husband should feel about his wife; his wife was and still is and always has been sexually attracted to him though. He kept trying to feel romantic and sexual feelings towards her the whole time thinking he would grow into those feelings... he never did. Now he can't fake it anymore and wants out. I think he settled for her in the first place because he was shy, insecure, didn't date much and he felt he didn't have many choices/couldn't do better, and the woman, his wife, in question was and is confident and knew what she wanted and she wanted him. While he always had doubts. So being the "Friend" is not always the best idea.
+MsMessenger1 If you only see each other or one as friends, yes but if you find someone who is friend and lover in one, I mean
I think it's harder for boys to find a girl, than it is for a girl to find a boy. I don't know, thoughts?
+Jenna Lacroix I have to disagree with the whole it sounds Mysogynistic thing because he said if it was to save his life not because shes a women and really he was jut pointing out that you shouldn't do everything for women on dates and stuff. In truth hes not a mysogynist but just believes some social laws are unfair.
+Jenna Lacroix :Let me put my perspective on this... There is a huge difference between chauvinism and chivalry. Chauvinism is treating women a certain way because you believe they need to be, and chivalry is treating women a certain way out of respect. Paying for a women's meal, coffee, or movie ticket is basically saying, ''Thanks for your time, I really enjoyed it!''
The Six Girls I'll Date in College: 1. N/A 2. N/A 3. N/A 4. N/A 5. N/A 6. N/A
+Silver [insert filthy frank saying yeeeaaaasss]
Glad my husband thought it was ok to f%&# his hoody XD. We still game together and his friends come over to hang out and game with us too. Basically get to just be a bunch of friends hanging out all the time.
Do you have a sister who also plays game? totallynotcreepy
This video is inaccurate, the one who goes to church WOULDNT have sex AT ALL, lol
no actually shes acting at church trust me ive had at least 9 of them
LOL!! Church girls are usually the ones that get pregnant by the age of 16. Why do you think the south US states, where it is the most religious has the highest teen pregnancy rates?
Haaaa who dates in college? Am I right guys? ...guys?
+J Lew You must be in business or some of that stuff then :D 
In college I hardly dated anyone. I was too busy working a full time job and going to school full time paying my tuition. Bitches got no love for the self starting guys, who bust our asses and are tight with our money.
Maybe day got no luv foe ya cuz you call dem bitchez?
You said it yourself "I was too busy." Do you think anyone would date someone who doesn't give time for them? Hell no. Maybe those women are just like you, they don't have time as well.  You blaming them for not noticing you, while you yourself are BUSY, then you called them bitches. clap clap I can see why your'e single. 
Id fuck my hoodie, there are worse things to have sex with.
+Gretz Raud You're a fake account also ;_; I WANT THE REAL GRETZ RAUD!! (kidding :3)
I'm 19 I have never dated a girl :c in my LIFE  still virgin :p
+J Lew that trick work all the time lool
+J Lew lol or pull out a bouquet of flowers 
I'm the one who didn't fit into one of six horribly contrived female fuck toy stereotypes.
Just curious. Do you receive and give blowjobs?
dated an ex whore for a year and a half, promising she changed and learned her lessons the hard way, she treated me bad but i didnt care, ended up cheating on me, now she wants me back.. girls are weird 
+cybertree man, id rather find a nice & better girl. & yeah, i realized shes a big attention seeker. all girls ive been with always asked me if im okay, if i already ate something etc you know that kind of stuff, and she never did in those almost 2 years..im not sure if i want to do that. but thanks, 
Fuck her right in the pussy! Then toss her out like a bad habit.
This should be called "The Six Girls You'll Date in College... if you are a liberal arts student" STEM students don't have time for that.
+basri gritnhoh9včr4učdčjćehčthćrćx
A Creepy realization for anyonw into My Little Pony Rainbow Dash- The Athletic One Pinkie Pie- The One Who Likes to Party Buttershy - The Church Girl or as I like to say the "innocent one who's a freak underneath" Rarity- The Hot dumb girl (or stuck up bitch) Apple Jack- The Friend (who you shouldn't fxck cause it'll just be akward) Twilight Sparkle - The Perfect One (and Flash Century Steals her away from you) How did you fxck that one up? Meh, she was too good and book smart for you anyways. The six Ponies you'll ride in college.
Sorry I don't fuck ponies. Ever see "2 Guys 1 Horse"? That's why.
You don't fxck ponies, you ride them. lol Like a Dothraki rides his stallion. (Game of Thrones reference)
1 out of 7 guys pee in the gym shower. I am that one. 
Achaemenes// There's more than 14 people in this comment section, so it just means 12 other people here don't pee in the gym.
Duuuuuuuh Goku your not ashamed of anything. Like we didnt know already. You always swim without clothes.
Im 23 and still looking for the first one ill date
Go to a gym to get bitches
I hate how Osama Bin Laden isnt in this video... is anyone with me?
he must be using Internet Explorer
Actually it's probably AOL.
DARRELL D Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
The Six Girls You'll Date in College Lol never went 😝
wow. college humor has a habit of generalizing and stereotyping women again. bravo 
+TacticalError84 Unsuccessful marriages must make people bitter, accumulate pent up anger which they are unable to express, and have a lot of unnecessary time on their hands. I-i m-mean fuck u nigga uz needa stop talkin ish fo no reazon bruh and take yoh chevy tahoe and gtfo imo pussy
Uh oh, the PC (politically correct) police is out en force with this one.
i'am a 94 year old virgin, help me!!!
bruh if your 94 and u decide to finnally hook up make sure you have a life alert necklace
I married the chruch girl
Tell us some stories about those suppressed sexual urges, bro. Is it true?
They forgot about the one you grew up with, wanted to marry but was killed by some drunk driver asshole and you spend the rest of your life trying to get over
then it would be six girl in your life 
Cool story, bro. Tell it again.
men have always considered women as sex objects, but women are way smarter than that, they consider men as dickheads.
I've only dated my hand so far
But then again I've never been to college
ha-ha. its funny because all women are the same and you can only use them for sex. lol. 
+Tim Hall Hey great job. That tool can be used for Bob and his war against GooglePLus. I'm copying right now.
Could this be translated into six guys you'll date in college (or university for us english)? because i'm at uni now and i'm curious as to what sort of people would be in those sorts of places...especially because everyone on my course, including me, are girls. :)
i am athletic one that like to party and i am a brunette i am not sleep deprived nor money and yes i like to stay single because its fun that way
+Shama Parveen  youre wrong, i dont know why youre arguing. By the way, is it because of your religion that you dont want a relationship?
+hab1b1 oh great another retard
I never went to college. I missed out. Is college really like this?? Perhaps I should go now. Im 33 though. Will I get laid??alot?
If the girls I dated in college looked like these chicks, I would have never left. 
Seriously just purposefully fail your classes so you can forever stay in college and sucking up that financial aid while banging broads. ;)
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I feel as if I'd only bother to date 2/3 of these people. it's not an appearance thing neither im just not into sports, stupid people, or religion.
I am 2 years into college and I haven't dated any, so 6 relationships in my remaining 2 doesn't seem possible. 
the gamer girls are usually 90% of the time not very cute....if they are then they barely ever play games and if they do play games alot and they are really cute.....wake up cuz u must be dreaming
I'll take the hoodie, as long as she doesn't really play video games, man those people are lame; and by lame I mean a person unable to walk normally due to injury or illness. 
This is so fucking depressing
XD I'm probably closer to the hoodie girl than any of the others XXD
Who in their right mind would wanna fuck their hoodie? 
Beneath there are a ton of comments discussing how it's so much easier to be a woman because guys are supposed to ask etc. blah blah blah.  Sure, guys are supposed to make their interest known first. If you're the kind of guy that women feel comfortable talking to, there is really not much pursuit that needs to happen. They will make it happen. The reason guys below feel so shitty about it altogether is because they see women as a prize to be achieved, rather than a process of unfolding.The prize is an outcome, whereas the unfolding is a process that you both explore. Women know when you're chasing the outcome or the process, so just relax and let them come to you.
The girls I dated in college were all young and dumb sluts. Then again most people in college are. Thats just life
more like the 6 girls that i wont ever date
there's no crazy like real repressed crazy lololololol 
More like the girls you'll date in highschool. lol. You nerds prob never got laid then, and finally grew up in college. Lol college is about relationships I feel, and actually starting your life off. Not goofing around, partying, getting all the STI's that are passed in a College setting lol. Disgusting, some people need their mommies still to remind them to wear protection or take a shower after. Look for the mature chicks, and stay away from the campus whores Ahaha.
Unless you take engineering
Loving the attention seeking "I WON'T DATE ANYBODY BECAUSE I AM UGLY :(((((" scrublords here, fishing for (and succeeding in receiving) countless compliments.  "DW BBY I TINK UR BUTIFUL" "U CN ALWAYS TALK 2 ME IF U NED HELP" Nobody else tired of attention seeking cringemakers? ...LIKE IF YOU AGREE LEL
I didn't date in college, but i dated these 6 types AFTER college; what a ride was. Ladies and gentlemen, dating is a fine way to learn more about yourself and what it is you want in your life, but truth be told, your perfect half will show up completely unexpected at the drop of a hat.
Why did you disable comments for the new "The Six..." video about the co-workers? Oh wait, let me guess! Because the new one sucks, and you know it... Why did you use a child as a narrator instead of the guy from this video??
so im gonna finally date a girl ?
Yeah I've never dated in college. :( There were 6 girls that I liked (but never asked out) who were similar to those in the video though lol.
This video seems like the life of a man whore (either that or somehow extremely lucky and exceedingly confident!)
"You messed things up because you were too afraid to mess things up." The story of my life
I didn't date any girls in College...Nor have I dated any as an Army Officer, so I guess it's not college's fault.  That doesn't make it any less frustrating, though.
I tried dating this girl who was what I thought my "hoodie," but when I made my move and asked her out she blew me off like some head cheerleader would do and immediately decided that she hated me. To this day, the girl will not so much as tweet me. Didn't help that she was the first girl I ever had the nuts to ask out, too. Oh well, you'll spend most of your time in high school and college being rejected by girls. You really don't start dating anybody you should stick with, until you're like 25 or maybe even 30. 
though I'm still in high school...the same rejection from the girl I had a crush on for quite a long time...Cheerio :D
What about the one that fucked most of the guys in college? Cause that was me ................................................. yeah it was my first time and a big motherfucking mistake
I didn't understand the Church Girl part, someone explain that to me.
Is this guy still in the newer videos? I haven't seen him
but who in their right mind would want to fuck their hoodie??
Прям история отношений JD из Клиники 
Tim Pedersen Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
The Six Girls You'll Date in College: http://youtu.be/HIPJrrQlxzY
I'm pretty sure I'd F*** my hoodie.... If I was lonely enough. 
what is this real? = isnt it normal to have 4-hour sex - most times i didnt even finished
+carultch lol if your erection last more than four hours call more hoes
Doesn't this guy look like Ahren Stringer from the Amity Affliction?
Jokes on you CollegeHumor, I'll never date anyone OR go to college! :(
Why is the dumb hot one blonde i am blonde and being called hot is sorta a compliment but all of the women is this video is brunette and only the dumb one is blonde
A smart blonde, a brunette, and Santa Claus all jump off a building at the same time.  Who hits the ground first?
ha ha, getting dates in college yep, we all sure did that yep
Every time i tried to ask a girl out spaghetti fell out of my pocket :(
am i the only one who'd happily fuck their hoodie? 
I have been for nearly 6 years, you become enslaved by your own sense of loyalty, guilt and empathy and it slowly erodes your soul.
+Shavenhamster Try having none of those three things, it's done wonders for me.
Who the hell has time to date in university or college? I'm working too so I barely find time for myself. I cherish the few days I get to be lazy and watch movies and eat junk food and relax by myself. Having a stable relationship right now seems borderline impossible.
Stable relationship is an oxymoron.
haha definitely seems that way right now
your hand your oher hand your sock your pillow your own mouth your sleeping roommate
You are a sick fcuk.
1.Rainbow Dash, 2.Pinkie Pie, 3.Fluttershy, 4.Rarity, 5.Applejack, 6.Twilight Sparkle. /)
She's actually so perfect that she isn't perfect, as perfection, especially in a relationship, can create more than a few issues.
this is bullshit. i've been in college for 2 years now and there two type of girls. the ones that parties and fucking frat guys. and the one who's in the library on a friday night. the party one have a better look. but the ones in the library are the easiest to start a conversation with.
lmao 1:32  James Dean with Wolverine claws
Mate, My hoodie is sexy as FUCK!!!
زني المحارم
+DrKamal Nasr My hoodie is not a family member ok? I bought it from a shop.. 
ollie niz Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
The Six Girls You'll Date in College: http://youtu.be/HIPJrrQlxzY
What exactly does it mean everywhere lese +ollie niz ?
Never really 'dated' in college. Got a gf freshman year, lasted until senior year. Dated a girl in my lab, we moved out for grad school and broke up after a year. Now in grad school and have a fairly new gf, and none of them really fit into any of these stereotypes. Maybe my current is similar to the friend, but that's about it.
naw dude, most people do not fit stereotypes. that's why they're stereotypes.. They are not true. But society convinces people that they are true.  Pretty much people a brainwashed to believe in things that are not true and then when confronted with the truth are told to totally ignore it. I mean like 300 years ago you were burned at the stake for not listening and choosing not to ignore the truth. IT was worse if you spread the truth. This has a lot to do with everything. This is a fun list of stereotypes. The women I dated in college did not fit into any of these. But I am very picky and very discerning when it comes to dating, friends, and relationships. When I see something is not right or is not going to work out, I pull out quickly.
It's comedy. Don't think so hard.
So true! I dated all of them, But I think a few others are missing. 7) Stalker  8) Capital B  9) Shy/Psychopaths. Just my opinion.
10.) Islamic fundamentalist
is it bad that im the friend. >:3
Some guys like the friend <3
6 girls? college is gonna be awesome..
Like omG....this soo true...lmao
I'm definitely the christian girl but I never had sex before, and I don't think i ever will until i'm married. Now before you start commenting about saying that I'm stupid for believing in God. And that I should go eff myself or kill myself. Please just try and respect my religion and if don't believe in him you don't have to, just please respect me and my religion. Also yes I did finish college so i have had a college experience and not have taken drugs, alcohol, or had sex.
I recommend alcohol to you my friend.
And I'm definitely the male counterpart. The kinky stuff looks fun but I've abstained due to my beliefs. I have fun telling people I'm a virgin. I'm 28 now, so they usually think I'm lying.
you all are saying bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NO MONEY,NO HONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So i plan to join the Navy.AND I PAST ASVAB.
Why would you join the navy if you got a decent score on the ASVAB?
+about37ninjas i want a great experience in my life,and it's not bad to be the one of Navy.
The last girl in the video who hands him a folder looks an awful like the first girl in the video, the athletic one.  Anyone else notice this?
I thought she looked like Stacey Dash.
what's with people and their idiotic retarded notions  about being with a girl before they're even born ? I'm in my late 20's and I don't see any need to date or do anything with anyone and neither any of you should rush into it.. if you happened to be with a girl as a first what would it really change ? people will still be doing their thing.. if any of you that are grown and still think you should do this cause some of your moron\slut friend's will think of you less or some kardashian bimbo on TV tells you too. you should definitely know better by now.. I never really had trouble talking to women (as a matter of a fact they pretty much come to me for some unknown reason lol) not being with one doesn't change wether i talk to them or not in the least and I neither live in a basement or eat fucking cheetos all day.. there are more important things than sleeping with someone to give it such a moronic priority people.. GROW UP! 
I was watching a movie the other day where people in the future were all retarded (down syndrome level) it makes me wonder if it'll be that accurate down the line  lol.. but seriously it makes me upset to see all you people thinking you should do what the media tells you to.. imma show you an example: back then I'm gonna say maybe 20 or 30 years ago people used to make fun of nerds and throw them in trash cans etc.. now being a nerd to you all is "cool" possibly cause the media tells you too, if kim k starts wearing a plastic bag and modeling it at red carpets would you wear one on the street ? is this the example we want for our kids ? do what TV tells you and take ridiculous pictures of yourselfs ? I think just like the nerds were mocked and now celebrated all of you are the next 'nerds' to be mocked by the following generation how sad.. >.<
Just a question from Europe. How old are people in the states when they go to college? 
usually, college is the next step after high school so most will be between 18 and 24 but it isn't uncommon for people to go to college later in life.
Haha I'd probably get the six of them all at the same time with my French accent.
You won't get any with that attitude.
You may only get the dumb hot one....without the hot part.
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The Six Girls You'll Date in College: http://youtu.be/HIPJrrQlxzY
GOOD MORNING GOLGO 4649 (´╰╯`)♬*゜
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