Dhadak Dhadak - Song - Bunty Aur Babli

by YRF • 440,423 views

Release Date: 27 May 2005 Genre: Romantic Comedy Run Time: 164 Mins Starring: Abhishek Bachchan, Rani Mukerji, Amitabh Bachchan, Special Appearance: Aishwarya Rai Lyrics: Gulzar Music:...

YRF Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
YRF Evergreen Ever found love in a twisty and an unexpected way like Bunty and Babli?
Foot tapping n lovely words.
East or West UP is Best !
aadha adhura gaana ,rani part is missing
Himaruya -san just lit my day. 
Tulika Yadav Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
YRF Evergreen Ever found love in a twisty and an unexpected way like Bunty and Babli?
Bambam Singh Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
YRF Evergreen Ever found love in a twisty and an unexpected way like Bunty and Babli?
John John Mavelikkara Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
YRF Evergreen Ever found love in a twisty and an unexpected way like Bunty and Babli?
Haha! Ozil aurait du aussi jeter la casquette à C.Ronaldo. Mais le fan qui la casquette à Ozil, il a de la chance !
omg !!! i love this movie !!! my first hindi movie i love bollywood i wish that someday i can say i was in india i love india !!!!
This song makes me happy,but makes me cry coz this is hoe ifeel about where i live.
you are incredibly terrific make oneself further so
Mamu Engine pe dance kar rahe ho...ek galti aur patri pe girte....( i know it is fake)
He looks like Rajneesh from Love Guru <3 Btw, here 'cause of Hetalia as well :P
*Is here because of Hima-sensei like many others* XD
omg my first one too... lol i love bollywood music so much...
this is only half the song - the actual is over 6mins long!
he used this song at the halloween event to introduce the new character, India.
India looks so colourful and beautiful
I wish Himaruya would animate the Hetalia lot dancing to this...
hum samandar ke andhar chale !!! best verse
this is so weird who is hima papa or whatever???
@ativas72 Hima-sensei-papa-san is an affectionate(?) way for the fans to call the author
you're welcome ^_^ Just yesterday I finished reading ALL OF IT. I will not say any spoilers...except for the fact that it was awesome <3
que ritmo tan pegajoso!!!!! ^^
chand se hokar sadak jati hai (awesome imagination, i love the lyrics of this songs).
hetarchives(.)net translated ALL of Hidekaz's stuff for us non-Japanese fans <3 so if you go on there, you'll be able to read all of his stuff
@Katrinakumar7 Stupid song stupid movie thank god i didnt waste my time or money on it. Bachchans are ugly money hungry zero talent bitches.
Rani is Bengali....not punjabi so stop always lying
Hetalia es coolio. And this will go great with India's arrival whenever they make him part of hetalia.
I love this song! thanks for uploading! :D
I went to see this movie, it was great, the samosas were hot and crunchy and i ate 2 and then we had wada pav, and then we ate poooribhaji and had 2 glass of cold chaas, by the time we finished the movie was over...by the way wat the movie about.
no esta subtitulado per se ve bueno
@YoTengoEsperar The video is at the end of this post: himaruya[dot]blog61[dot]fc2[dot]com[slash]blog-entry-991[dot]html
@Rohit84up What do you mean it is not a stupid song and is not a stupid movie. What do you know about the Bachchans just don't be jeous of them ok and they are not bitches.
I kind of imagined Himaruya dancing like that at 2:23 WIth all the hetalia characters in the BG. WTFLOOL
At first I thought he was saying "Dalek! Dalek!" .... Dr.Who fans will get this. *awkward feeling*
It's so catchy!! Hima-papa you rock1
great udit is the best play back singer of bollywood none other copare with him after rafi kishore
@legal501 i respect ur feeling.I understand but i want to feel free.and be happy.
Himaruya-sensei you're so troll and cute at the same time! XD
0:42 to 0:45 Napoleon Dynamite remake scene holla
love u rani mukherjee your songs is sooooooo cool and you are looking nice!!!
Химаруя сан оо" а ниче так музычка >D
you can watch the whole movie on veoh.com you have to downlaod the veoh thingy first, i did and it works
lmfao everyone here is hetalia related woot . . . this should be the new hetalia dance . . .
@ativas72 ah you see... There's this anime named Axis Powers Hetalia that is about country'ss characterization (the characters of the series are countries)... the author Hideakiz Himaruya put a link to this song in his blog as a break to the new year Hetalia event he was creating... because is very popular everybody was following the event and thus they arrived here and started invading the video...I arrived here because of hetalia too but coming back to listen because the song is too awesome
lol everybody is here because of hetalia... I was linked here because of hetalia too but the music is very good!
jabbardast song from jabbardast film main ne yeh ga rahi thi chaar-paanch hetalia janne se pehle.
I can't believe half of the comments are from Himaruya-sensei's fans XD Also, I now love this song because of his blog. *dances in front of friends*
So cute.... like Himaruya himself <333 haha, who else has a Hetalia fantard username? ;)
Hima-sensi sent me here. XDDD!!!
even though im as american as possible this is one of my favorite movies from bollywood! its almost as good as tom dick and harry
indeed! I saw some fanart with him and Prussia.. I approve....
many months later here I am again... oh god I just cant have enough of this song~~
How the hell Hima-sensei found this? Anyway, I like this kind of music xD
Just something about Udit's voice that I love.
@iWillPwnYhu: Don't forget the characters from his other series! xD
de la peli de todas esta es la cancion que mas me gusta!! ♥
I'm here because of Hima as well ;___; Hima-papa I love you :D
haha half a dollar bill, gotta try that sometime ;D
udit sang the song without any flaws lol
im only watching this video since there is a video of a lebanese girl singing this song...and she is damn right....well shot song
Himaruya-sensei (papa) brought me here, aru...x3
I love how everyone are here because Hima-papa XD we love you Hima-sensei <3
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