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The Dark Knight Rises Official Movie Trailer Christian Bale, Batman Movie (2012) HD

by MOVIES Coming Soon • 33,741,366 views

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reasons why this movie sucks compared to tdk and bb. 1.every batman fan would agree that the first half of the movie is equal to the other films but the second half is shit. 2.the movie in the second half becomes no longer a batman movie but an escape from new york movie,it doesnt work at all. 3.why the fuck does batman come out in daytime in the second half. 4.why does bane origin story have to change.which was better: badass guy who was the only person to escape from the pit,trained by ras al ghul but was to extreme for him or person who helps a child escape and turns into a love sick puppy. 5.why in the second is the word nuclear thrown around cough*cliche*cough,and why  do the government and the president and the army have to get involved,i come to watch batman not fuckin transformers 6.even though bane is badass in the film he goes out like a bitch. 8.the ending was to predictable and just shuts everything. 9. wheras tdk and bb were a great adaption of the long halloween this film shows a complete lack of appreciation for the comics,apart from the knee snap 10.batman has no real development in gadgets or knowledge,he's not even a detective 10.christopher nolan makes the film to big and bites off more than he can chew.  i think every true batman fan would agree with me?
Amazing film, epic trilogy, Crhistohpher Nolan and Bale the best
One of the Best Movies Ever made!!!
Great movie to end an amazing trilogy!
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I don't care what the haters think, The Dark Knight Rises is the greatest comic book movie of all time!!!!! The Dark Knight is great too
There is a conflict perspective to be seen in the batman movie clip trailer. Cat woman warns Bruce Wayne of a time that will come when the rich will no longer stand above the poor. While Bruce lives a life a luxury with all his fancy parties and indulgences he (and many of the rich in the real world today) forget about the smaller people who make up 99% of this world and are the reason the world is where it is today. 99% can easily over throw the 1% by sheer mass in numbers and cause a social change. Just like Baine rallied at the proletarians of Gothem to help him fight his war.
Bane betrayed his own revolution, he never wanted equality or justice. He wanted Gotham to tear itself apart, citizen turning on citizens. He wanted Gotham to become a cesspit of crime and desperation, and then for it to be annihilated.  Bane used the existing problems on inequality to turn people against each other. Inequality is obviously a true problem, but Bane was never a hero of the masses. He cynically used the 99% with the aim of killing 100%.
+jordanrb1996 The fight scene at the beginning of The Dark Knight was a good fight scene. It was rough, gritty and realistic. This fight scene was pathetic. Batman fought like a pussy. I know he''s supposed too. But if they were going for the whole "Bane cannot be defeated vibe" they should have had Bane actually beat the shit out of him. Batman got a few hits in, while Bane stood there like a dildo. Please read my above comments on how the scene could have done better.
Love this movie! It's one of my favorites.
Theres always going to be haters but we all know they are mostly retarded.
perhaps but not as much as nolan fanboys.
a horrible ending to a piece of shit trilogy. wb, the biggest fools ever. instead of building an expandable universe they indulged in this stupidity. nolan and wb make nothing but hipster garbage.
+kain91939 shut the fuck up you piece of shit
this trailer gives me epic
By the way, I don't get why everyone is tearing their heads off about Ben Affleck as Batman. Fanboys were hating on Heath Ledger before he played the Joker, and look how that turned out. I think we should give him a chance.
+Wulf I agree, I think Bale is the best actor of his generation(even over Leo) but he wasn't the best Batman. Michael Keaton was. All of Nolans 3 films were better than any other batman movie even the 1989 one, and Bale put in 3 solid performances, but he didn't have that spark, I think his acting was surprisingly wooden and more cheesy than anything, not just his Batman voice but also his fake American Bruce Wayne voice. The performances weren't great, but then again, its not like you could get an oscar for playing batman so it wasn't really the kind of role to have a great performance. 
+Connor Clarke I'm expecting a meatier Bruce Wayne/Batman role in this new DCU since it's supposedly based off the dark knight returns.  Here's hoping for a Batman oscar win!
Die Lilane Katze Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
...und am Ende von "Dark Knight Rises" stirbt Batman/Bruce Wayne. Find ich gut, dann gibt es wenigstens nicht noch so einen miesen Film. Was war noch schlecht ? -Catwoman wird zu wenig Beachtung geschenkt -kein Antagonist im Stil vom Joker -der Joker war verrückt, Scarecrow war verrückt, Bane hat zu viel Testosteron, die Stimme von Darth Vader und einen dämlichen Maulkorb -der Film hat nur am Ende irgendwelche Emotionen -dafür, dass Talia eine Antagonistin ist, wurde ihr zu wenig Beachtung geschenkt -statt düsteren Szenen und Dialogen wird auf Prügeln gestzt -das Privatleben von Bruce Wayne findet keine Beachtung -der flache Humor war beim Joker noch lustig und hier nur dämlich -es sind keine Bleistifte verschwunden -der Film war länger als die anderen beiden, aber gefühlt kürzer
this is a shit movie they should have went with The Riddler and Hugh Laurie or Dicaprio or E. Norton would have been amazing as The Riddler.
dark knight rises 3/10 dark knight 10/10
I just want to say, I liked this movie. I know that there were some plot holes in it, but I love this series of films, and I thought that with the plot holes aside, that it was a good end to the trilogy.
sucks to be a person who hates this movie
To all haters... go back your mommas vaginas and STFU!!!!!!!!! jesus christ i'm going into RAGE everytime i see a hate comment. go fuck yourself haters.....!!!!!#%&¤#¤#E"¤R%T& 
as good as any. there was lot to take it inn, in the movie!
I don't care how many inconsistencies or plot holes are in this movie. This was amazing and a fitting end to a great trilogy. Can't understand why people thought the ending of this movie was and dream.
Avengers is going to knock this franchise off its feet
I wish they didn't show the stadium exploding in the trailer. Gave away the surprise
Seen it twice, the trailer still gives me goosebumps. 
Boon1333, knight rises was awesome dumbass this film is a masterpiece I don't care what u haters say ,if u don't like it don't watch bb & tdk.
Not better than the Dark Knight 
Starring: The cast of Inception
this crap is on the michael bay level.
wish the dark knight part 2 happened :(
Notice how this trailer didn't show any of the first fight between Batman and Bane?
Well who really wants to see batman a back broken
+Advanced Prime well, they didn't have to show us that part of the fight lol  
James Ray Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
The Dark Knight Rises Official Movie Trailer Christian Bale, Batman Movi...:
Decent movie but it's not half the movie the Dark Knight was (or even Batman Begins for that matter).
The movie could've been better, but lacked a lot of character development. Honestly, Tom Hardy is an amazing actor, and I think as Bane could've been more big and really good like Heath Ledger's Joker. Nothing will top out his performance like his, but Bane, I wanted more of his story and he would've stole the show for me. And Alfred, and Commissioner Gordon. Fuck the rest.
самый великий фильм про супер-героев. Всегда пересмотриваю с восторгом 
Isaiah Woods Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube: I remember when I saw this it awsome . Can't wait till batman vs superman dawn of justice.
Most overrated movie in history?
That would be frozen , twilight etc...
Hands down, this is by far one of the best trailers ever made, especially the parts 1:04-1:20 and 1:35-1:55
Don't say bullshit guys, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises are the best batman movies (from faaaar), and two of the best movies of all time.
Who is here after Batman V Superman :D
This movie was sick theaters were packed when it came out
What the name of the soundtrack with the crowd echo? That is epic.
a masterpiece of shit and now nostalgic garbage.
The Joker should've been in this movie. Yes, I know Heath Ledger died, but the Joker still should've been in the movie.
I think batman is gonna die un this film... (Don't spoil in the replies plz)
All I'm saying is batman gets broken
he also gets his broken back fixed by some random guy and he does it by punching his back. lol yeah, VERY realistic.
Words can't describe how great this movie was
Nah comment me when some new movie whit joker and batman come out 
Pourquoi Batman fascine-t-il autant ? Il est de tous les Super-héros celui qui a le mental le plus fort. Il peut tout combattre, physiquement et psychiquement grâce à cette force. Il nous aide à trouver du courage en nous pour nous confronter à nos peurs et à nos défis dans la vie.
Behind The Lord of the Rings The Dark Knight trilogy is the best ever
Great Movie! Christian Bale is an amazing actor.
Bane went out like a bitch but overall loved the 3 films
Christian Bale will come back mark my words. Look what happened to Matt Damon since he left Bourne Sequels, his movies were shit and weren't creating enough splash in movie theaters. Now I'm hearing that he's coming back for more Bourne movies. This will happen with Bale and his upcoming movies. Just saw his movie trailer Exodus. Looks awful. 
I like this style of trailer. Like the last Harry Potters
first 2 films were awsome.. this one was shit and boring
you are fuckin stupid
Don't get me wrong, I loved the movie. but,my honest opinion? They butchered Bane Okay? he's suppose to be a back breaking powerhouse drug addict, not whatever he is now.  Now if they made the villain; Hush that's plot i could get. Bruce Wayne's psychopathic look-alike, with a personal vendetta...Hell, even Slade have a twist 'he still alive' kind of ending start off a prologue for a Nightwing movie. but, aside from that...all in all pretty awesome movie.  
Someone tell me the ending music
Its the main theme song for the movie
Darude - Sandstorm
This Batman series has a remarkable similarity with Mass Effect. It's really awesome overall, the end is just a bit off. Maybe they should've went with a new series.
Even with the people saying this was the worst in the Trilogy, No One Can argue these Trailers were AMAZING!
This trailer is probably better than the actual movie itself.
Wow. From watching this trailer I can understand why this film was so hyped. People were almost expecting TDK all over again. Sadly, all this hype let to it's inevitable downfall....
Why he did not made a Mr.Freeze four part D:
I'm in Love with this fantastic movie. One of the best I ever seen. But this is the end of Batman... and yeah...I miss it so much... Best superhero (And R.I.P Heath Ledger the one and only Joker) 
the trailer doesn't do the movie justice
It's a sad thing when the trailer of the movie is better than the actual movie -_-
I wonder how will Bane eat............
I dont think he can lol
otimos trailes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great trailer, to bad the movie didn't live up.
Cant wait for Batman 4
you'll have to wait a lot. maybe couple centuryes
soooo is batman dead or what please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if Ben Afleck plays Batman, we can say yes!
what about the joker? he's still alive right?
Amazing film! Great conclusion to Nolans adaptation to Batman. Heath Ledger (I think and hope) is saying "Wow! That's a fantastic work right there!"
Can someone tell me what happened to the original batman and how did robin transform into the new batman, also what happened to batgirl?
Arkham series better than this......
Still gives me chills❤
there is a storm coming, but rise anyway!!!
One of the best movies I've ever seen! I loved it!
This is not American! I'm tired of all these Brits playing Americans!
Batman movie is the best movie of all time
What's the song called when there all chanting?
just look up the ost. :)
They ruined scene on stadium, they put hall scene in trailer(big mistake putting hall scene). Sometimes is good to watch movie without seeing trailer or anything what showing on movie.
wait so is joseph Gordon levitt the next batman???? ... because that's what it seemed the end of the movie.
I don't think it means he is 'Robin' per say, just a Robin type role. 
+Peter Clark I'd love JGL as Nightwing. He would make a perfect Nightwing.
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