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MW3: Scar Thermal MOAB W/ 40 Gunstreak

by FearCrads • 74,134 views

Enjoy the video guys. Might do another later! Mike

should i use portable rader or flash bangs?
Can someone please tell me what moab stands for?
Make this a series Getting MOABs with thermal scopes on guns Would be interesting
He calls himself a decent player.. he getsmoabs every day.. thats not decent, thats BEAST!!!
Have you never Moab Fails ? :D
m16 moab.. genuinely impossible.
Sounds like your laptop is a Toshiba.
why dont you use portable radar when you are going for moabs? just wondering
my friend is on youtube, the shydney, he takes 15 hours to render a 10 min vid!!
Get an underbarrel shotgun MOAB.
i gt a moab once then i got infected and died by it
I started the game 19-0 & I was like oooo shit Im so close to my first MOAB & then I got killed -__- probably the closest I will get to a MOAB
3:03 anyone but me getting the feeling that mike really didnt like the CM901 thermal ?
hey lets see some gameplay with odd killstreaks
@vulturetim789 me too man, i was laughin my head off
is it just me or do all the commentators for mw3 use color blind assist?
@ishamnitzelito You can't cause you can't get more ammo with it
DECENT !? Mike your f*ckin tank at the game !!!!!! :)
"I was trying to die but I ended up getting a 40 gun streak", I feel so sorry for you.
I'd really like you to make a video raping with the GC36.. it's a really good weapon make a comentary plz !
You are the true defenicion of a try hard. The thermal scope is amazing, next time use a bad gun
@DizyVipr I know the controllers are different, but I'm thinking a skilled player like FearCrads would get used to the PS3 pretty quick. And please most competitive gaming is played on Xbox (or PC) and everyone knows that PS3 is more nooby. I'm not saying it's a bad thing. Xbox people are just try-hards.
Sorry for the spam plz can u watch my video guys as I am finding it really hard to get a good amount of subs like and views thanks
When I get bored at work I like to go through your old videos that I haven't seen and give em a Like. 1 day I'll get every video.
sorry we dont know how to make videos. if we did we would be on our own channels :)
@nowak234.. What does that even mean??
Roses are red lemons are sour. Open ur legs and give me an hour. Kissing is a habbit. Fucking is a game. Guys get all the pleasure. Girls get all the pain.
You should get an Apple Mac computer... It may be expensive but it will be worth it. After a couple of years of using a Windows PC, it will start to slow down, whereas a Mac will not.
That would be so cool to play with you
@xOutsidersXx Wings Of Redemption got a riot shield Nuke in MW2.
Marksman is a really good perk to use when your using anything, but especially if you are using thermal, because it then helps you with the assassin noobs that are out there, I found this out when I was trying to get the thermal kills for UMP 45.
you should do a pistol only moab but the pistol cant be akimbo. ( wanted to make something that is like super impossible like riot shield )
hope you get attacked y a bunch of angry dictionaries
It's not hard to get a moab with an acr or p90? fuck off.
You are not decent your a god a this game
use some lmg's. Some of the better weapons in the game.
Wheres frustration friday? ! Cant wait! :-)
cm901 isnt the worst gun ever the worst gun ever is riot sheild with thermal scope
I am still try-harding for my first MOAB and you already got above thousand.
Now it only sounds like a hair dryer.
When you said you're a decent player, it was the biggest understatement I've heard in a loooooong time.
@MyEddie99 i think akimbo skorpion's works much better than KSG-12 or G36 Thermal.
use the thermal mk14, it is alot of fun, kinda like a better RSASS
@vulturetim789 i hate when that happens! that happened to me like literally 11 times D:
is 40 ur highest killstreak right now?
Thermal noob , i know you good but i hate people who uses thermal : zero recoil , ultra stability , more "focus" too
@JoBjealous yeah its a good game-play overall but I would like to see him use more challenging weapons and perks
What is your overall favorite gun. Mighta missed in another video, but just tell us again.
I get really frustated when I am on a moab streak or a really good vid I can upload for youtube and a few dick campers ruin my game.
@The123dannyd assassin doesnt make you a dick little buddy. i know youre under 18 because you say 'wat' and get pleasure from putting others down, especially by saying dick
I got a moab with cm901 thermal...
fmg9 akimbo moab scorpian akimbo moab cmon fearcrads try it at least upload you trying it itl still be awesome
mike plz stop saying ur decent at the game it pisses me off..... YOUR A FREAK, and probs the best playa if eva seen
I love thermal scoping . good video Mike
FearCrads I have a question for you... Why the hell arent you a machinma director?
Would you be able to Moab with primary and secondary gun
you can play mw3 on a laptop?thought it was only on pc
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