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Dead Rising 2: Walkthrough - Part 1 - Intro - Let's Play (DR2 Gameplay/Commentary)

by theRadBrad • 705,729 views

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record - Walkthrough Part 1 | Click Here to Watch: Dead Rising 2 Case West - Part 1...

For some reason i dont like First person shooters but i LOVE Zombie games or Games like Assasins Creed Dead risng Dead island Batman Archam Asylum Well basically any non First person shooter
+JT27 Cx dead island is first person.... xD
+mintie twinz​ lol yeah i realized that. Im dumb but atleast you can use weapons not just guns
Who else is back here just to see brads first videos?
Nice comment man!
2014. Anyone.... Hello.
3046,ANYONE .... HELLO??!!?
Brad's voice sounds so different... :o
i think this was his first vid
(Has unhappy voice) you guys have no idea how happy I am to play this game
"He has chainsaws on the sides, I am yet to see that" when we see two profiles, one level 4 and one level 5 :P
I'm here from the future, 2015 to be exact, and I can hardly recognize you. Four years and going strong, keep it up!
I'm fom the further future! 2018! And Brad...Sadly dies on September the 25th 2017 :( We have a thing for youtube called. Dislike Bombs. Whih could kill you. Naruto has become the king of dislikes and sent a Dislike bomb at Brad. We'll miss you Brad.... J0ke J0ke
Not sure what you people are talking about, he sounds pretty much the same...
His voice was deeper in old videos now it's higher
Oh man, this. this. this brings back memories.  I found his channel when he first started playing this game. I watched every episode. Only recently did I find out that this was his first let's play.
Does this game support steam?
PFFFFT Leon is a f*cking cheater yo had to win Leon f*cking cheated
HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Seeing into the future, I believe that this guy will achieve great things and have 3,909,452 subscribers by the 8 of January 2015. I have spoken.
Of course they took Las Vegas. Las Vegas has people dying on drugs all fuckin' time.
Im gonna watch dead rising 3 after this
Cool brad you are the Best
I. Love. Your. Videos. I bet you get this ALOT, but the more love the better right? :3
its funny how 4 years ago he totally sounds like a different person
This my man man rad Brad this is one of my favorite games of all time
damn at 4:18 he was spot on!! lol. and u sound waaaaaay different then now. although that could be because this was 4 years prior......
+Ethan Prince yeah it does. more than now. and he's more quieter. the Brad now talks a lot. but not in a bad way 
4:10 "Why do I have a feeling he's gonna be one of the last people I'm gonna have to beat in this game." = not so subtle foreshadowing.
Holy shit Brad, you sound so weird.
Holy fuck he sounds different lol.
He sounded so different in 2010!!
Anyone else see the bite mark on the little girl's arm?
my man the radbrad  cool wed attack
(DRAKE IS DEAD) haha i didn't like his music much anyways..
Fuck Brad you sound so different
Like if future brad sent you
Oh your voice has changed so much from then to today Hahahahah..
Pity you never stayed as chill as you were back then, it was great to hear an intro without you begging for likes
He sound's so different cuz of the mic
Hey brad love all your videos
is this agood game?anyone knows?for pc?
yes,it's a good game. it's avaliable on pc!
I never ever seen u play dr2!
I never thought about comparing the game show to the movie the running man with Arnold Shwartzanegger
What console is that!?
Xbox 360 but the game came out for all consoles
Blast from the Past. Just finished watching Angryponcho play through Dead Rising 1 and wanted to watch someone play Dead RIsing 2. And look who is playing it non other than The Rad Brad!!!! 
You sound so different from your recent vids, it's kinda freaky xD
It worked my time machine worked
CRUNCH... I'm a Stegosaurus
This is so old Brad now u have 2 mil subs on this vid u had 5 k
You can also make drinks with vodka whiskey hamburgers and beer but do NOT DRINK THE BLACK DRINK!!!!!!!!!!
What's with the accent now in 2014
He moved to the south where i live
has anyone notice that those two people in the TV look just like Jesse and jeana from prank vs. prank?
I have been a subscriber since this very first video and I got to say fuuccckkk!! Ur voice has changed man hahaha And its awsome to see that u have past the 3 million subscribers you are the best youtuber to to with walkthroughs and you are my personal favourite youtuber you're content is so awsome and you're vids have gotten me through some tough times. Hope u carry on doing what you're doing and keep bringing us amazing content keep it up man u deserve everything u have achieved. #bradtheman
Is this is first  video
I love that is was 420 in this video lol
Fut- you know what, No. Not gonna say it.
This guys voice is a deeper version of maxmoefoes voice O.o
Exept Brad isn't Australian
What type of Xbox 360 is he using I have one that has lighter graphics and darker music
i loved this game especially co-op
OMG YASSSS Me and my uncle played this all the time!
He sounds different from now and before
How old are you Brad?
I think when he started to become a famous youtuber he was really shy but now he is a bad ass best youtuber ever
27 in body, 12 in heart and soul
brad's voice changed during all this years :D
haha evolution man from dead rising 2 and now  dead rising 3 !
This game wwas quite bad the way i didn't like it. it was so boring.
His voice sounds weird Probably because he is younger I'm probably Just used to the new Brad
oh dat old dashboard brah. didnt see it in a good while.
first vidio i ever saw from you brad!
sounds more southern in these vids
Oh Gosh Brad Sounds Different When He Was Younger
ermm this was only 3 years ago... Not 30 
Is this his first playthrough? And he sounds really different back then
I remember when brad was just a starter now he's famous on YouTube.
wow! brad you sounded shy and your voice was lower in 2010 im not calling you a little kid btw just to let u know
Brad. You are right you do have to fight him as the end boss
Damn such a voice change jesus
Friend request me if you wanna play dr 2 with me my psn is willyrosas
lol young brad sounds like hes from like Kentucky then future brad sounds like well a lot different
What the fu- What's wrong with his voice?
Man you sound soooo different XD
This is a very bloody/violent game!
love this games whid zombies your the best on you tube
i have played and finished dead rising in 2 and a half days so i can't wait to see if this is any better
TheRadBrad i just wanted to go back to your old videos and see how your voice is different your voice is really different you just posted "The Amazing spider man 2" and i saw that and then i saw this your voice is different xD thats all i wanted to say :D.
You want to be my friend
Hey Brad your voice sounds different how old is this video
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